Mother’s Day

Mothers dayWell, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. My mother has been dead for over two decades, so I will obviously not be shopping, just remembering. I can remember a gift that my siblings and I got together to give her one year: a weekend off. No cleaning, no cooking, no driving us to hither and yon. It was just a pass for an entire weekend to do whatever she pleased. I think it was the best gift we could have given her (Luckily she had taught us how to cook and clean, rationalizing that one day we would be on our own and that knowing how to make a dinner that would not result in food poisoning or how to iron a shirt without setting fire to the place would come in handy) and my brother had his drivers license so we were up to the task.

Some of my friends like to give flowers or candy for Mother’s Day; one I know likes to give her mother perfume, but always makes sure to buy from a department store that has a convenient branch close to her mom, since she inevitably exchanges it for something else (my friend doesn’t mind this; whatever makes mom happy.) One friend of mins has two sones who give her (among other things) a stunning floral arrangement every year. Of course the best gift they give her is by being two of the nicest, kindest and most dedicated people imaginable.

What if anything are you planning on giving your mother on Sunday? If you’re a mother, what was the best Mother’s Day gift you received? Let us know in the comments.

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  • maggiecat says:

    I’ve already gotten my best Mother’s Day gift – my son and his wife sent me the first sonogram of my first grandchild! Said grandchild at this point strongly resembles a cocktail shrimp, but no matter – I’m in love!

    • It’s funny you mention that; spouse and I both commented that our daughter’s first ultrasound picture looked like a shrimp (or a Poppler from Futurama) and grandma/papa said the same thing!

  • mikasminion says:

    No perfume from me this year, but I gave my MIL some Jo Malone stuff for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. For MD she’s getting one of those Capri Blue candles that make your house smell like Anthropologie, some skincare minis, and a lipstick. I usually buy her makeup because we have almost the same coloring and things that work on me work on her.
    My mom will be benefiting from my Anthro visit in the form of those cute cat-print coffee cups that I couldn’t resist (why do people insist on making stuff like that and tempting me with it? There isn’t room in the cabinets for more mugs), and from my visit to the Japanese grocery in the form of a tiny maneki neko and a San-X plushie. She also got a fishing shirt with a UPF rating since she won’t remember to wear sunscreen on her arms and I’m tired of nagging.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

    • Katherine says:

      I love the Capri Blue candles. I bought a diffuser thinking I would like it just as well, but it’s VERY strong. It’s hiding in the coat closet until it calms down.

  • tandaina says:

    My Mom lives across the country but she was out visiting recently and we played with perfume samples. So I had a bottle of one of her favorites shipped to her. She opened it the minute it arrived so she could start wearing it. (Versace Crystal Noir)

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Tom! Hope you’re feeling much better now, getting back to your old self. My mother has been gone for nearly 40 years and we were not close (my grandparents raised me as she had alcohol and drug issues). But I have had some amazing “moms” in my life for which I am ever so grateful and blessed. And I have a beyond-wonderful mother-in-law, who has been my mom for close to 30 years; she is in a nursing home now, doing well in her 90s. We’ll drive down and spend the day with her and take her out to her favorite restaurant. She doesn’t wear perfume anymore and doesn’t need much more “stuff” in a nursing home, so we keep it simple. Have a good weekend and take it easy!