Oops, remodeling intervened!

IMG_3338I am sooooo sorry.  Yesterday was the big push day for bathroom remodeling – I had the crew that wrangled my bathtub up to the second floor here. Thank God they didn’t know exactly how hard it was going to be or I would have never gotten them talked into it.  But it’s there, and I almost doubled the agreed-to price voluntarily just because it was so freaking hard.

Anyway, it is IN my bathroom, the water gets hooked up to it today, along with the sink goes in and hooked up and some other finishing touches. We are just waiting for the bathroom mirror to be made and the shower door to get here today or tomorrow. Once that’s done, it will be complete.  Because of some waiting on the bathtub to arrive, and a two-day drying time required for the floor heating spackle or whatever it was, we will be at  three weeks total time instead of two weeks, but this guy has amazed.  And I am so happy with everything so far.

Next week – finished bathroom pictures, I promise!  Anyway, I go so wrapped up in that, I completely forgot what day it was until I woke up this morning.  So feel free to talk among yourselves about anything you are looking forward to trying in the next few weeks.  I’m anxious about that Jo Malone Rare Teas thing.  Malone has now gone the route of the big bottles, which in a weird way I prefer to that 30 ml limited edition bottle thing they were doing.

So what are you looking forward to trying this summer, or are you making summer vacation plans?

  • Ann says:

    Yay, Patty!! So happy for you that the tub is in! And very soon you will have the perfect bath of your dreams. Can’t wait to see photos!

  • Maureen says:

    My house has been in a state of total disarray for almost a month. My water heater leaked and ruined floors and walls, so I had to get new one installed , then walls fixed, then walls painted (and got the whole downstairs painted, ceilings and all) then entire new flooring on first floor and new carpet on steps and 2 landings. It was inconvenient, especially when they were working in kitchen, but it looks really nice now. Unfortunately, I want all new everything, and cannot afford it. I did get new LR drapes, and 2 area rugs…that is probably it for a while. Lucky you on a new bathroom…wish I could do that too. I just got a few minis from Yves Rocher for my birthday on May 4th, so I am investigating them right now. Quelque Notes D’Amour is very nice, safe for office , which is good , as I work in an office. Not as nice as Chanel, but very nice for the price. No vacation for me, my daughter was sick in hospital with a blood infection last week, used up a week of my time… she did recover, very scary for awhile. Maybe a day trip in summer. We do love the beach. the only Jo Malone I have tried is Blackberry and Bay sample…that was great for early fall I think.

  • Neva says:

    Great! You really made pictures of the tub being carried to the second floor! I’m happy that everything goes well and you are satisfied with the new team of workers.
    I plan a short trip to Paris this summer so I hope I will be perfume shopping among other things.

  • Patsi133 says:

    Ohhh lovely bath – cant wait to see the finished result! I am presently acquainting myself with Serge Lutens – i hear you all say how could she not have found him till now…. but that’s just how it is. I am loving his work and have only tried maybe 5 of his scents so far and loved each one. I am determined to try some IUNX fragrances this summer. thats all! 🙂

  • eldarwen22 says:

    The remodeling guys are here working on the kitchen here as we speak. Looks like they are starting to do the cabinet stuff. Let’s just say that everything that was in the kitchen is located every where else in the house. So yeah, right now, I am wearing Deneuve to get me through the day. I will be so happy to have a useable kitchen again.

  • mikasminion says:

    Well, that’s a hell of a thing.
    I would have been in a state of nervous collapse and/or getting in everyone’s way. I’m sure I would need a generous dose of Vol de Nuit and about half a bottle of Malbec to recover from the strain; hope you indulged in whatever recovery fluids were necessary. I’m looking forward to photos.

  • furriner says:

    i’m so jealous of your tub!!!!!!!! The tub I have is only 5 foot long and very shallow…. I’m glad you got it installed!!!