Scenting a road trip: What are your favorites?

road trip beachHowdy, all you lovely Posse folks! We are heading to the beach a bit earlier than usual this summer, so I probably won’t be able to chat in comments as I’ll be in and out of town. But I would love to hear what are your favorite road-trip scents.

As for me, I’ll be driving a lot by myself, so I can wear pretty much what I like. But even so, there won’t be anything too hot and heavy wafting in my car. I think I’ll be packing Bulgari’s Eau Parfumée Au Thé Bleu (so refreshing on a long haul and I love their scented towelettes), as well as Clinique’s Calyx, plus Kai, and a dab of Carnal Flower for dining out and for a sultry night at the beach. Plus test-driving a bit of Diptyque’s new Eau des Sens, an orange-blossom bombshell (maybe?). And perhaps something warmer to counteract the rain that’s supposed to dump on part of this weekend.

So what about you? What fragrances do you wear on a road trip that have you merrily zipping down the blacktop? What do you take along scent-wise when you travel? It’s always fun to discover new fragrances along the way or at your destination, but if you’re in a perfume Deadsville, it’s good to have some old faithfuls to fall back on.

  • furriner says:

    I don’t drive, so driving trips are out. I just got back from a four-day stay in San Juan. I brought decants of Bruno Fazzolari’s Room 231 and Guerlain’s Habit Rouge Dress Code. I ended up wearing the Guerlain more, though my travel mate really liked Room 231!

  • Neva says:

    Interesting choices Ann. You’ve thought of every occasion. I usually take 2 perfumes with me – some cologne or something light for the day and something fancy for the evenings. Recently I was on a short trip in the US and I took with me California Reverie from VC&A Collection Extraordinaire for the day and one of my all-time-favourites – Gucci Rush for the evenings.
    Enjoy your time at the beach and beware of stingrays (we had a brief encounter).

  • HeidiC says:

    Ooooh, Carnal Flower ALWAYS. For summer vacays, I also like taking Atelier’s Orange Sanguine or FM’s Cologne Indelible for their yummy freshness. And I usually can’t go anywhere without a sample of Mitsouko.

    What beach are you at? Hope you have a marvelous and relaxing time!

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    We have returned from 3 days driving around Tasmania again this weekend. Jin wore the original Bottega Veneta and I was in Hermès Vanille Galante. Both really easy going frags that were comfortable and harmonious in the cool of Autumn down here.
    Portia xx

  • rosarita313 says:

    Hi Ann, have a wonderful time! Road trips are my favorite. Since it’s usually just my husband and me, I can wear whatever I like but I prefer something easy going. Right now I am into Dame Perfumery New Musk, it’s lovely on its own or layered with just about anything. I like to take a variety of samples based on weather and destination.

  • CbSutcliffe says:

    I usually put in a few “surprise” samples that came with purchases or ones I haven’t made up my mind about. Sometimes wearing them in different surroundings helps me think about them. I keep a backup solid perfume, usually something tea related since I find those “neutral”, in a small tin in my travel bag to layer over them or wear on its own.

  • Sherri M. says:

    I always take a little Lady Primrose dusting powder and at least one Guerlain decant, usually from L’art et la Matiere series because they are comforting and luxurious (generally our vacations involve the family; I love them but long days with teenagers can be challenging sometimes tho they are getting better! 🙂 ) I love your idea of taking Kai, summery and reliable, not too much in a car.

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    I too, love Calyx, and will consider bringing it along on my next trip. My usual go-anywhere fragrance is Y, in edt form.

  • Pam says:

    I agree with Eldarwen. 2 perfumes for the road. More than that is cumbersome, and besides, when you find something you really NEED, you feel justified in getting it. Because “I only have 2 with me”. Mitsouko is always good for me, and Eau Sauvage is perfect for warm weather. Have fun at the beach, Ann!

  • OMG yes, Calyx! It’s so amazingly fresh.

    As to what I would wear, I’m really into Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea for anywhere hot, and I just found out about Creed’s Virgin Island Water – can’t imagine anything better for a beach!

  • Solntse says:

    I loved carnal flower on a tropical beach vacation. On my road trips I go easy with cologne kind of fragrances, eau de magnolia doesn’t offend anyone in the car.

  • Eldarwen says:

    I haven’t done a whole lot of traveling but for me, it depends on the weather and where I am going. Virginia in late September I was either Sarrasins or vintage no 5. Maybe one day I wore Iris Silver Mister. When I went to Texas, I took only no 19. I thought I was gonna die because I had only 1 perfume with me instead of taking 2. But it depends on what the weather is for your destination. I say go with 2 perfumes.