March August 2, 2016

I'm no help, as my two driver-age kids (19 and 22) do not in fact have licenses :) The second one didn't even bother trying. It works out okay while/if they live in a place like DC with public transport. First kid was a terrible driver and gave up trying.

Pam August 1, 2016

Hi, Ann! Been reading you but haven't posted lately. Already been there done that with the driving. Take a deep breath! And try not to gasp during the training drives. My mother did that to me, and it unnerved me! I think when mine were learning I was wearing White Linen, so I will assume it was calming. Good luck! ?

Tatiana August 1, 2016

Dior Pure Poison and Hermes L'Ambre des Merveilles are comforting to me. Went through the driver's stuff with my daughter. I agree with Tiara. We told her we needed to be able to correct her, in order for her to become a good driver. If she snapped at us or yelled at us we ended the session. She needed at least 50 hours of driving practice to be able to take her road test. She didn't drive either of our cars until she had the 6 hours in with the pro driving instructor. I let DH handle the first few sessions with her as he is extremely calm, no matter what. She was such a good, careful driver for two years. Then she went to university in Texas and now she drives like a speeding mad woman. When we need to drive a shared distance I insist we take her car because I can't stand the thought of her driving my car.

HeidiC August 1, 2016

I am no help. My son is 4, and I can't even imagine the terror of teen driving. Maybe Google will have perfected the self-driving car by the time he's of age? Meanwhile, En Passant, perhaps? Lilac and fresh bread sound very comforting when junior's at the wheel. Be strong.

spring_pansy August 1, 2016

Oh and I was probably wearing Je Reviens, back in the day when I took my test, not what I'd call a calm or bracing scent! I probably wore some type of Eau de Cologne while teaching my kids - not a powerhouse so not distracting, but just bracing enough for me!

spring_pansy August 1, 2016

Ha ha - I made DH help out quite a bit in the beginning - but we survived three boys learning to drive. We used our old Honda Accord w/stickshift as the teaching car, a few dents and dings along the way. My best advice is having a "driving contract" with your child - re driving is a privilege not a right, etc. We made our expectations clear about who could drive, how many could be driven, what kind of repercussions there would be for a driver who made bad decisions, what would happen if there was a dent/ding, and that not calling us if help was needed was by far the worst decision that could be made! My funny story is about me though - I learned to drive in a very small town and had to go to the next larger town over to take my driving test and was quite nervous - a police officer gave the test. I didn't notice that the officer had his window down when I parallel parked, and I accidentally parked next to a sprinkler that got him quite wet. But I still passed my test!

maggiecat August 1, 2016

Thankfully, my son's learning to drive experience is in the past, but it sounds remarkably similar to what y'all are going through... Perhaps a brisk and bracing cologne?

eldarwen22 August 1, 2016

I don't have children, let alone children of driving age, so I can't comment on that. Shalimar or Jicky can be comforting in a lot of situations. Chanel no 19, any concentration you like, can give comfort and a boost of confidence in a lot of situations.

CbSutcliffe August 1, 2016

I'm going through it now too! He did great on the classroom portion, also had 6 hours with the instructor, and made 100% on his written permit exam. My father volunteered to help him work on the required hours behind the wheel - which lead to son's first accident six days after getting his learner's permit. No other cars were involved, neither of them was seriously injured, although the junker car "learner's car" is truly junk now since the frame was bent. Teenage son is now hyperaware and careful which may be a long term blessing. I wear tea scents when we drive together so I can Zen out :^)

Portia August 1, 2016

Hey Ann, Stories like this make me so glad there are no children here. You parents have the patience of saints. At the first gripe I'd be like: "Teach yourself then douche. No you can't use my car." No fragrance could keep me calm. Portia xx

Neva August 1, 2016

Be patient Ann, that's all I can say. I'm in Europe so I went through this when my teenager was a bit older (18) and we usually have 30 hours on the road with the driving instructor, even more if they think it necessary. After she passed the exam, she was a rather good driver for a beginner and I felt very safe when she was driving me in a small car. The stress began when she wanted to borrow my big car every now and then...no perfume could comfort me while I was waiting for her /my car to return home. I'm with Tiara on the strong drink.

Claudia S August 1, 2016

Hang in there, Ann. Been there, done that. Try not to slam on the imaginary brake on the passenger side!

Tiffanie July 31, 2016

I also give a calming vote to anything from Les Couvent des Minimes. I love Eau des Minimes. My family also has a teen on the verge of learning to drive. So far that teen isn't pushing to get behind the wheel, but I can feel it coming. I keep telling myself this is a "necessary life skill", and having "another competent driver" in the house will be "helpful and efficient". Quotes added to denote the shrill and hysterical edge my voice takes on when I say these things aloud. :D

Tiara July 31, 2016

Been there, done that. Oldest was similar, didn't like criticism. Finally had to tell him our job is to instruct and if that feels like criticism to you and you can't handle it, then don't drive. And another thing, you won't be driving our cars until you figure it out. Wasn't long before he was ready with an entirely new attitude. I cannot imagine ANY perfume great enough to handle the stress of being in the car with a new driver. Stiff drink maybe, but not perfume!

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