Kathryn August 17, 2016

Here in northern New England the weather hasn't been quite as beastly, but it's been bad enough. Lately temperatures have been in the 90's with high humidity and unhealthy ozone levels. The huge old maple trees that shade my house have been my major source of air conditioning. I'm fortunate to live on a hill so I catch a breeze on the occasions when there is one. Still, there have been days on end when it has been so hot that my brain has just refused to function. I don't know what I'll blame for my mental lapses when the weather improves. I've been making something similar to your gazpacho, but a salad rather than a soup. Mostly chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, a bit of onion and green pepper, some crumbled feta, a splash of olive oil. You're right that tomatoes are acidic enough and need no vinegar. I've been using zaatar and Aleppo pepper flakes to season since that's what the original recipe called for, but think it would be just as good with basil, thyme or parsley and some jalapeños. It's all I've wanted to eat lately. Most days it has been much too hot for perfume, but I've been among the many on MUA who picked up a bottle of Irene Neuwirth when it was forty percent off the clearance price at Barney's Warehouse. They' were just giving it away, right? It's quite pretty and lighthearted and surprisingly nice to wear in this kind of weather.

Ann August 16, 2016

Hi, March! So sorry to hear about the A/C (it always seems to go out at the WORST possible time, yes?), but hope all is now chillin' again in your world. Love your easy gazpacho recipe. I haven't had it in years, since I worked at the paper downtown and always got it at a cool little global cafe. Thanks!

Tatiana August 16, 2016

GT gingerade kombucha is one of my favorites. My daughter sent over two pint jars of homemade kombucha last night. She says if I don't help her drink it there is too much for one person and she won't be able to keep up with her scoby. Or something like that. I'm just grateful for free kombucha. She sent over ginger orange and ginger peach. Haven't had gazpacho in ages, since we last lived in a house without AC here in CA. I like mine with cilantro in it. I get it if it tastes soapy to others, so I just chop it up and set it out as a topping, along with chopped jalepenos from the garden.

Sapphire. August 16, 2016

Woo-hoo! I am so excited! I have really been wanting to try those tea scents. Also love gazpacho, but haven't had any in years. I don't think the Philistines (my sons) would eat it, but it sounds so refreshing.

HeidiC August 16, 2016

Kombucha! What an interesting choice! I wouldn't have thought of that. And I haven't had gazpacho since I lived in Salt Lake City in an apartment without AC -- you're right, it's just the thing. I like mine chunky, with some texture.

cinnamon August 16, 2016

Is that a pic of your tomatoes at top of post? Gorgeous. Strangely, my father had the aircon on during the day when we were in NY but turned it off at night. Made it much more difficult to sleep, even with a big fan. Couldn't convince him to leave it on..I'm with Rosarita313 on showers before bed. And ice tea!!! Tried loads of different sorts during the two weeks, from Snapple at the grocery to fancy stuff from the gourmet market.

rosarita313 August 16, 2016

Oh life without AC, I remember it well, it's how I grew up. For a while I lived in an unairconditioned apartment in Houston (way back in the day when the weather and I were both hot) and that's when I discovered Dr Bronner's peppermint soap. Dilute half and half with water, shower right before bed. It really helped. Thanks for posting your gazpacho recipe, it sounds delicious and just the thing for hot days.

Portia August 16, 2016

Heya March, One of my happiest memories of Ibiza was the store bought gazpacho in a milk carton. Slightly sweet and so delicious. Jin & I were back in Spain this year and couldn't find it anywhere. Completely DEVO! Never even thought to make my own, looks so easy. Thanks, Portia xx

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