Beating the late summer blahs

blahs calyxAh, August – the dog days of summer are still going strong here in the Northern Hemisphere. Although I can’t complain too much as here in the southern U.S., we’ve been enjoying a period of on-again, off-again rain showers near daily, and those have been giving us a bit of relief. But I’m still feeling the late summer blahs.

You know, when you’ve enjoyed the season you’re in, but it’s lasted long enough and you’ve had enough (insert weather here) and are ready for something new (such as fall here).

To help keep things refreshing, I’ve been turning to a couple of hot-weather staples to help defeat the blahs, including my newest mainstream love: Aerin Lauder’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle. A few spritzes of this sparkling gem and I automatically feel 10 degrees cooler, fresher and much less sticky. Also, I’ve been playing with a sample of Hiram Green’s Dilettante (love that orange blossom lift) and am thinking about a small decant to see how this baby does sprayed. Clinique’s (formerly Prescriptives) Calyx also has been getting some love; its lively, fruity vibe takes my mind off things and sometimes makes me feel like dancing. Although with my office’s no-scent policy, I’ve been mostly limited to weekends and after-work hours, but I think that’s made me appreciate fragrance even more.

So what about you? What are you wearing to beat the blahs? Or what are you really loving right now?

  • rosarita313 says:

    Hi Ann! Late to the party here. Perfume hasn’t been high on my list this summer, the heat wave did me in and whatever I wear just sweats off so I am enjoying our now cooler temps and examining my collection for early fall. My sister is here for her annual visit taking care of our parents to give me a break and I spent the last week with my best friend who lives in a big city…..she took me lipstick shopping and I bought my first red, stepping out of my comfort zone for sure! Your lipstick posts have had an effect on me 🙂

    • Ann says:

      Hi, dear lady! Nice to see you. Very glad you are able to get a break (very important for mental health) and excited about you going for the red in lipstick. What color/brand did you buy? Whatever it is, I know you look gorgeous in it!

  • HeidiC says:

    I am digging Dilettante! But I’ve been eyeing my cuirs and my decants of Ciel de Gum…

    • HeidiC says:

      Also, I wore my new sample of L’Artisan’s Bucoliques de Provence and then went out mushroom foraging — it was an unwittingly brilliant pairing!

    • Ann says:

      All right-y then, dear Heidi! Another plus for Dilettante. I can’t wait for a cool night to wear my CdG — glad you are enjoying yours. Lucky you to have a sample of that L’Artisan: Do tell us more about it when you get the chance. And did you catch many mushrooms? 🙂

      • HeidiC says:

        The Bucoliques was lovely — it smelled like being out in the rocky countryside on a hot summer day — very warm and dry and herbal. Notes listed are lavender, leather, spices, and iris — I definitely get the lavender and iris, and the “spices” reads more like carnation or something lightly clove-y to me. I don’t really get the leather (alas!) except as maybe a warm, suede undercurrent. It’s very nice, and unisex — I’m going to dab some on my man when he’s not looking.

        I found loads of lobster mushrooms, a fair amount of Chicken of the Woods, and a few chanterelles!

        • Ann says:

          Mmmm… that sounds very nice, Heidi; might have to try it for the fall. And what a nice haul of mushrooms you had there. ‘Shroom hunting would scare me a little bit, though, as it would be my luck to pick a batch of poisonous ones or something. But it sounds like you know what you’re doing. 🙂

  • Musette says:

    Dilettante is lovely, isn’t it? I played with it in the convection oven aka Santa Fe and it held its own quite nicely. After a few gasping-hot weeks we’re in way cooler temps (70s) with even cooler nights. It’s been nice having to sleep under the coverlet! I’ve been in No5 for the bulk of the heat wave, with occasional forays into deParma territory (mostly Magnolia). Today, I’m in 3/4 sleeves (SLEEVES!!!) and vintage Mitsouko edt.


    • Musette says:

      …but I’m not quite ready for Autumn. Not quite. Not until November. Okay? xoxoxoA

    • Ann says:

      Hi, darling — lovely to see you! And happy to see another Dilettante fan; think he’s definitely got a winner on his hands with that one. Of course, I’ve enjoyed all the Hiram Green scents, each lovely and well-done in its own right. Lucky you to have an early taste of fall; not sure I can wait until November but will do my best 😉

  • Tiffanie says:

    It’s fun to think back over the past months and realize I’ve worn four fragrances most often: Eau de Guerlain, Terracotta, Eau des Merveilles, and Chanel Eau de Cologne. All agreeable refreshing scents that work in warm afternoon weather and play nicely with whatever fragrance I may have worn in the morning.

    Yay for FALL. I’m ready.

    • Ann says:

      Nice choices there, Tiffanie! I’m especially partial to the Chanel, but it’s so sad that you can’t buy decants anymore 🙁 Don’t know that I’ll ever be up for buying a FB of it, but maybe a split of it one day as it is sooo lovely.

  • Sherri M. says:

    Hi Ann! I’m also loving that Dilettante! It is really perfect for the warm weather (though, as you said the rain has really cooled it down here). I also have loved and worn a lot of La Danza delle Lillebellule (sp?). Not sure I can describe it well, but it is an apple note over a vanilla musk base, not overly sweet, but sweeter than say, Mure et Musc. They both are very upbeat and help chase away the end-of-summer blues!

    • Ann says:

      Hi, sweet Sherri! Glad to see you’re loving the Dilettante as well. Are you spraying or dabbing? And I must admit that that Lillebelule (sp?) you mentioned sounds very interesting — I do love me some apple in a scent.

  • Heya Ann,
    I feel like I’ve hardly worn ANY of my cool weather frags this year. We really haven’t had much of a winter at all. I’ve been mainly wearing my mid-season beauties and enjoying them a lot.
    Portia xx

    • Ann says:

      Howdy, Portia! There’s a lot to be said for mid-season beauties, but it might be nice to have a good snap of cold weather now and then to break out the warm and cozies (so they don’t feel too neglected, ha!).

  • Neva says:

    Hi Ann, it’s still rather warm here so I’m using my scented body creams/milks: Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Amouage Epic, Clinique Wrappings – depending on my mood. It’s a great way to smell good but not too strong and it lasts very long.

    • Ann says:

      That’s a nice collection of body products to have! And such a nice way to wear your scent. I didn’t even realize that Wrappings came in a body lotion, so will have to go on the hunt for it next time I’m out and about. Thanks!

  • eldarwen says:

    I’ve been trying to break this perfume rut with going through my collection. So far, I rediscovered my decant of Amouage Beloved and splurged on a full bottle. But I have been wearing a lot of Chamade and Lyric. It’s tough having a large collection.

    • Ann says:

      Oh, yay — Beloved! Haven’t thought of that beauty in a while. And lucky you to have a FB. Does it seem to do well in the heat for you? If we get a coolish night, I’m digging up my decant.

  • Caroline says:

    Should give the Aerin Honeysuckle a try, but find the Aerins quite lacking in heft & staying power (and I prefer quieter scents!) Just this week at Nordstrom I gave myself a couple of healthy sprays of Rose de Grasse, and couldn’t detect it 10 mins later. I’ve been fragrance shy in all this heat & humidity, but did recently enjoy Heure Exquise. Can’t wait for fall.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Caroline! I hear you on the staying power of many of these, but with the MH, I’m quite happy to re-spritz as needed. I have not tried the rose Aerin, but will give it a go next time I see it.