Rahele by Neela Vermeire Creations 2016 + GIVEAWAY

Hi there Posse Peeps, As you know Neela Vermeire is one of my buddies. I love her work, we speak fairly regularly on Skype and she sends me advance samples. Well, I got an extra Rahele to give away here on the Perfume Posse today. WOO HOO!

Rahele by Bertrand Duchaufour for Neela Vermeire Creations 2016

rahele-neela-vermeire-creations-fragrantica RaheleFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Osmanthus, woody notes, spices, floral notes, herbal notes, leather, oakmoss

Osmanthus surrounded and lifted by its backing players. Smooth, sophisticated and extremely elegant. Rahele is not a big marching band style of fragrance but a calm, tranquil, elegant and fresh adventure in scent. It has a similar aloof yet cozy feeling that some of the Mona di Orio fragrances have, compelling yet restrained. For anyone who has complained that Neela Vermeire’s Creations are more fragrance than they can handle then this could be your entry point. Same meticulous attention to detail, same smooth transitions and same luxury feel but done in a way that is soothing as well as being commanding. Where most of the NVC range are blockbuster, shining superstars here we have the black velvet sky that holds those stars tenderly and peacefully.

My mate Scott pronounced it his favourite in the Neela range, big call. I know he’ll be first in line to buy it, well right behind me anyway.

Rahele is not available commercially yet but will be on the Neela Vermeire Creations page soon.
Here’s a chance for you to try it first……

Go to Neela Vermeire Creations<<<JUMP and tell me an NVC fragrance and ONE of its notes. NO DOUBLE UPS!
I’ll edit extra notes you put in out so there are enough for everyone.

Good luck everyone. I’ll announce the winner next week.
Portia x


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  • erry says:

    Vanilla in the deep base of Trayee. I love that it doesn’t candy sweet.

  • Zazie says:

    Mohur is my favorite ROSE fragrance. (And I usually don’t even like the rose genre. I think the almond milk does the trick. I love my edp so much I am thinking to give myself the extrait for Xmas. An investment piece, but hey, the cardamom and leathery feel over the smooth milky notes make Mohur the most special rose ever.)
    I love osmanthus, so would be super excited to try a sample of Rahele.

  • SunnyDay says:

    I love the cinnamon in Pichola.

  • Ann says:

    Wonderful (and generous) post, dear! Very nice of you. I love all the NV scents but this one sounds super-nice. And I love your “black velvet sky” description — lovely! Of course, DNEM.

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    Ashoka and birch, ohmygaaaawd… sounds like a perfumed epiphany waiting to happen…!
    So happy to learn of this line, and much thanks for le draw.

  • Fazal says:

    Blackcurrant in Bombay Bling. It was a challenge finding a note that had not been taken before 🙂

  • Iliattin says:

    Lotus note in Ashoka.
    I’m definitely getting Rahele for the osmanthus note alone.

  • Rincoglionita says:

    The tuberose in Pichola, which is one of my “desert island” scents.

  • Skye Moore says:

    Ashoka.. rose!

  • Sal Crow says:

    Mohur…cardamom, in which I bury my nose when I make tea.

  • taffyj says:

    Ashoka — Tonka bean

  • flowergirlbee! says:

    mohur leather…rahele sounds lovely…osmanthus is a fav of mine : )

  • Sylvia Long says:

    Trayee – Love Basil in the top notes. Thank you! I’d love to smell this.

  • Marianna says:

    Rose in Mohur

  • HeidiC says:

    The saffron in Mohur is delicious, and I adore the cinnamon in Pichola that sharpens up all the florals and gives them a bit of bite. The Rahele sounds magnificent — leather and osmanthus and oakmoss? I die!

  • Sapphire says:

    I love the Rose in Mohur EDP. Thanks for the drawing!

  • Paige W says:

    Violet is my favourite flower AND scent, so I’m intrigued and excited to see it in the notes for Mohur!

  • GrandmaGaga says:

    Bombay Bling…tobacco! Thank you for the chance to try Rahele!

  • filomena813 says:

    Mohur Eau de Parfum – a ROSE like no other.

  • Nelle says:

    Bombay Bling Eau de Parfum and one of its notes is Mango and many of its notes sound so sweet!

  • Christine says:

    Ashoka – leather (mentioned above) LOVE and amber

    Thank you! Rahele sounds lovely

  • Neva says:

    Trayee with basil in the top notes sounds most interesting. Thanks for the draw Portia!

  • Sapphire says:

    Rose in Mohur EDP! Thanks for the drawing!

  • Janice says:

    Oudh Palao in Trayee… my first full bottle from NVC. Can’t wait to try this new one

  • katrin says:

    Oak moss in Trayee. Did I only imagine it?

  • Tatiana says:

    Ashoka myrrh. So excited that there is another NVC being released soon!

  • ElizabethC says:

    I love Bombay Bling – love the initial blast of fruit – I thought it was just mango but now I know that it also has lychee! Thank you so much for the drawing!

  • Cindi says:

    What fun to have a friend, who creates ethereal scents! I adore the Trayee fragrance, and its’ note of clove…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  • Deanna says:

    Pichola. Saffron, rose absolut, sandalwood.

  • Ellen M says:

    Cardamon absolute in Mohur. Thanks for the draw.

  • Jirish says:

    Vanilla in Mohur.

  • Tiara says:

    My favorite: Bombay Bling with ylang-ylang Can I just say I also adore her bottles?

  • Alison says:

    Great big orange blossom in Pichola! look forward to Rahele.

  • Annie says:

    Mohur…jasmine accord. You can never go wrong with jasmine.

  • Kandice says:

    Water Hyacinth in Ashoka. Would love to try this new one. Have yet to try any of hers but have been wanting to for a long time. Thanks for the chance, Portia!

  • rosarita313 says:

    Cardamom in Trayee, my favorite! Thanks so much you guys.

  • Bastet says:

    I love all of the NV perfumes, but especially the rose note in Mohur.

  • Claudia S says:

    Sandalwood in Trayee. One of my favorites. Thanks!

  • Gigi says:

    Ylang ylang in Pichola!

  • Hera says:

    My favorite is Mohur edp and I love the rose oud accord in it

  • Tami.H. says:

    Clementine in Pichola. Thanks much for the giveaway!!

  • ChelemBound says:

    Tonka bean in ashoka

  • spring_pansy says:

    Ashoka is my favorite thus far and I was going to say exactly what your first poster, RuthF, said. So I’ll change and say sandalwood. Thanks – love osmanthus and Rahele sounds beautiful.

  • jenbat says:

    Bombay Bling’s Frangipani! All her stuff is so crazy good.

  • Luna Green says:

    Love Trayee and its spicy cinnamon!

  • Lorraine says:

    Trayee. Sandalwood. Love it like crazy.

  • Patty Pong says:

    The myrrh in Trayee…. 🙂

  • Joanna says:

    Patchouli in Trayee!

  • Kathryn says:

    Mohur, edp and extrait as well, both have carrot. Delicious.

  • Connie says:

    Bombay Bling and black currant! 😀

  • Monoatomic says:

    Trayee – my favorite so far – incense. Love osmanthus though…..

  • SHMW says:

    Trayee – Saffron love this perfume so much……….. would love to try Rahele

  • Koyel says:

    MOHUR. BOOM. (One of my absolute favorite scents ever.)

    On another note, Ashoka is a leather bomb on me. It’s listed in the notes (which is surprising! leather in a historical Indian perfume?), but few others seem to get the leather the way I do.

    I want to try Rahele sooooo much 🙂

  • Fleurycat says:

    OMG I’ve been wanting to try Rahele after a sneak sniff at my local perfumerie: the owner only had a teeny tiny vial, so we couldn’t really try it out, but what I smelled was fabulous!

    Mohur is stunning, l love almond milk…..,but something in Rahele sung of happiness! Fingers crossed. I’m hoping this is launched before the holidays so I can put in on a wish list.

  • Sarah says:

    Pichola! Bergamot. Sigh.

  • Parisgirl says:

    Sandalwood in Mohur Extrait. Divine.

  • MaureenC says:

    Tralee- blue ginger from Madagascar. Thank you!

  • Laurels says:

    Bombay Bling and cardamom. My favorite of the first three.

  • Civet says:

    Ganja effects for Trayee!

  • Marvin says:

    Bombay Bling – Mango

  • Nemo says:

    Cardamom in Pichola. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Tena says:

    The orris in Mohur extrait gives it the kick that elevates it above many other flower scents.

  • Pichola and its jasmine and Bombay Bling! Two of my faves!

  • RuthF says:

    Ashoka- fig, love it!!