Off-topic: exercise DVDs and winners

Howdy, Posse folks! Hope everyone is doing well out there and staying warm and dry. First order of business — winners! Turns out I’ll be able to rustle up enough stuff for two winners, and they are: Ellen M and Patti (from Texas). Patti, after my son did the draw, I just happened to look back through the comments, and I see that you are a Falcons’ fan. So I know you’re celebrating being in the upcoming Super Bowl with me and my DH (apologies to all you Packers’ fans out there). I’ll be in touch, ladies!

Anyhoo, going a little off-topic today, but it’s somewhat timely since we are still within the realm of New Year’s resolutions made (and hopefully not broken yet). I have been on a weight-loss campaign now since November and have been walking outside as my main exercise. And on occasion, around our humongous Kroger store, and sometimes even late at night around our entire downstairs to get some extra steps in. However, with the rainy days here of late, the freezing temps sure to come calling again with a vengeance, and the need to step up my exercise game, I’m on the hunt for good, but not- kill-you-challenging fitness DVDs.

I’ve tried several Leslie Sansone walking videos and am enjoying them but would also like to attempt some more dance-y stuff — although not sure my klutzy, two left feet could conquer Zumba, as it might easily knock me onto my keister. (I did do OK at Jazzercise many moons ago though.) Also perhaps even some very gentle beginners’ yoga, although I’m probably the least flexible person on the planet, ha! (Maybe our lovely Posse Patty can weigh in on this as she is an aficionado.) Bottom line, I am still overweight, and have a wonky back and leg/knee, so I do have to be careful and not do anything too strenuous or high impact.

What about you all — what videos do you think are winners? Or are there things at the gym that you enjoy doing? What is your Plan B when you can’t make it to the gym?

BTW, speaking of the gym, I think I might like the elliptical, but need to give it a whirl before I commit. And I feel like I need to lose some more weight before I would feel comfortable working out there.

  • Amber says:

    I like using a combo of walking in my neighborhood, yoga, and strength/weight exercises since I can do all of these at home and not need to go somewhere specific to get the job done. I have a book called–You are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren–which I love! It is all about exercises that use your own body weight so you don’t need a bunch of equipment. Each exercise has beginner and advanced variations so you can start where you are at and go from there. Weight training can ramp up your metabolism and strengthen your bones, so it’s win win!

    • Ann says:

      Amber, that sounds like a perfect mix and one that could be tailor-made for me as well. I really need to get on the strength-weight training wagon, especially since I’ve heard that it can help with saggy skin after weight loss. BTW, now that I think about it, that book sounds familiar. And with my weight I would get a whale of a workout 😉 Thanks!

  • Meliscents says:

    I’ve been working out to an older DVD set called Windsor Pilates. It’s 3 disks, Basic, 20-minute, and Advanced. I’ve always had great results and it gives alternatives to positions if you have a bad back or bad neck. And since it concentrates on your core, it helps strengthen the back.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Meliscents! Is there a lot of floor work on those or just some? I really can’t get down on my knees, and so getting up off the floor would probably require a crane 😉 I did take a Pilates class late last summer using the machines and really enjoyed it, but it was just a bit too pricey for me. But I’m game for some upright work, though — thanks!

  • Neva says:

    Hi Ann, I’m doing my exercises with youtube the last half year. The best thing about it – it’s free and you can choose exactly the type of exercise you want (cardio, strength, stretch), the length ( form 5 minutes to 1,5 hour), the part of the body (abs, arms, thighs…), the level, the style (dance, walk, with or without equipment, yoga, pilates, tabata, various combinations)…everything is possible!!! So far I enjoy Lesley Fightmaster Yoga and workout classes with Popsugar Fitness and Fitness Blender. They are all VERY versatile and free. Soon you’ll find out which trainers you prefer and it gets even more interesting and fun. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    • Ann says:

      Howdy, Neva! You are so right — I know there’s lots of cool stuff on Youtube and I just need to get busy and start exploring. Thanks for giving me some good starting points.

  • kathleen says:

    Heres a couple of dvds: Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones & Chris Freytag 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme. For Yoga I like Kurt Johnson. His dvds are no longer available but he is on Vimeo


    • kathleen says:

      Sorry, I don’t know what that is with my post. I tried to post a link

      • Ann says:

        Hi, dear — not to worry! I have heard of the first two, so need to check them out and also look into the yoga guy. Thanks!

  • solanace says:

    Very interested in everyone’s answers. I’ve been trying workout videos myself, but until now my choices have been pretty unfortunate. Hammallaya’s Bollywood-inpired workouts sounded great, and they do sound great indeed, since Bollywood music is sesational, but man, that was too much stress on my cyatics, knees and feet. Gotta be fit to do all that jumping on one foot while twisting! Then I got Tracy Anderson, which is torture for me because the workout is boring and kinda hurts, and she is all minimalist and, though super nice, omg, super boring – dor me, many people love her. But at least she made me realize I’m not in touch with my abdomen (lol, but it’s true). So I joined a free yoga class, not too far from my place. Loving it, but would still enjoy finding a video that’s fun. Good luck on your search!

    • Ann says:

      Oh, Solanace, I’m sorry to hear that, because I think a Bollywood-type workout would be a blast to do! Guess they’re not into low-impact. I’ll take a peek at Tracy Anderson although my abdomen and I aren’t on the best of terms either, ha! Enjoy your class!

  • Paddy says:

    I’m doing Curvy Yoga online daily. Really love Anna, the developer. You may go on YouTube and start her program at no cost. Love love your blog!!

    • Ann says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Paddy — will give it a look. And welcome; so glad you are enjoying our blog!. It’s just a fun group of folks who love fragrance and then we throw in lots of other odds and ends just for fun.

  • Caroline says:

    Check to see if any local rec centers feature indoor tracks–2 of mine do, one is really low-cost, something like $50/yr for use of the track only, and the other is free. I use those when the weather’s inclement, otherwise prefer the outdoors. See if you like the elliptical, and if you love it you can get one for your basement or den, though I’ve no idea how that cost compares to a gym membership.

    • Ann says:

      Caroline, I would love that! Alas, none of the gyms near me have one. But I may see about a free week membership at one of them (in February-March when the New Year’s resolution crowds die down, ha!) and give the elliptical a whirl. We did have an old treadmill but it ended up being an expensive clothes hanger and eventually gave it away.

  • Fleurycat says:

    Here is my shout out for Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I rediscovered race-walking as an antidote to our rainy, grey, dark Pacific Northwest winters (so glad to come back inside afterwards)! My husband walks also, and we were surprised how much weight we lost. This year though, with ice and snow storms our routines were challenged. I like Zumba and Dance classes for the group spirit and energy. But sometimes I prefer the quietude of my own space and I use Yoga videos. Honestly I’ve been using the same one for too many years, so when a nice checker in Trader Joe’s mentioned that he liked Yoga with Adriane on Yuotube, I looked her up. She is great! For beginners and everyone else. So many sessions to choose from: strengthen and lengthen, refresh, weight loss, tone. Also sessions of differing lengths so you can tailor them to your schedule or mood. She is young, pleasant, healthy, pretty but with a healthy unaffected manner. Give her a try. But keep walking, so good for stretching out the spine and keeping joints flexible. I think Yoga and walking are really complimentary. Happy New Year!

    • Nemo says:

      Seconding Yoga with Adriane! And this is coming from someone who is not flexible or super crazy about yoga. My favorite part is how she has some great shorter videos (less than 15 minutes) for those days when I feel really busy and stressed. It makes it really easy to fit a fun and healthy workout into the day!

    • Koyel says:

      Thirding Yoga with Adriene; she’s lovely! That said, as someone who’s also interested in losing weight, I’m not sure her videos are good for weight loss (not even her Yoga for Weight Loss series). I think they’re a good side-workout alongside something more aerobic, to help keep your body happy and relatively injury-free when you are doing more strenuous workouts.

      • Ann says:

        Great suggestion — thank you ladies for the heads- up! I will check her out on my next day off. Maybe there’s hope yet for an old, creaky gal like me 😉

        • Jen Hutchin says:

          “Saying you are too inflexible for yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath.” Yoga helps day after day. Walk afterwards, thats what I do.

  • Teresa/GrandmaGaga says:

    I love the Leslie Sansone dvd workouts…she’s got quite a few now, some pretty darn challenging. I have lost weight using them daily. Good luck, Ann!

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, Teresa! I did a beginner/20 minute one for awhile and then switched up to a 30-minute walk and it kicked my patootie, let me tell you!