July Grab Bag Giveaway!

Cream French Bulldog CoraAll the puppies with their new collars and bows.  I know it’s hard to believe, but about 2 hours after I put them on, those bows were filthy and are now in the wash.

Time for the random sample grab bag drawing, and I’ll be including a ton of new release samples that I’ve gotten, and I’ll even toss in a sample of the new Papillon Dryad and the two new Dusitas – La Douceur de Siam and Le Sillage Blanc.   Drop a comment to be entered, and I’ll draw from commenters for two sample grab bags.


  1. Gorgeous puppies are exactly what I needed to end my day with a smile – thank you! 🙂

  2. Puppies and perfume samples, you made my day!
    I joyfully participate xx

  3. Dryad!!!! Hyperventilating. Huff huff huff huff. I am wearing Salome underneath Cuir Fetiche today. At the office! Wearing paisley. LOL

  4. Aw I think I’m in love with the little black pup sporting the blue bow! Dogs just make this world more sweet.
    Thanks so much for the draw. Been more than a little excited about Dryad, and have yet to try a Dusita!

  5. I had a dream about puppies last night. And now I’m dreaming of perfume samples!

  6. Nice dogs, wish it was possible to enlarge the picture. Also wish I get those samples

  7. I’m sure the puppies enjoyed getting their bows dirty! I would enjoy the samples.

  8. Hi Patty – lovely pups. Please enter me. We’ve just completed our move from CO to WA. Miss my friends.

  9. Puppies!!! Mine is a CONEHEAD due to recent surgery. We could both use Annie and the smell beautiful!

  10. Frickin’ auto correct!!!! >: grrrr. We could both use a new bow and to smell beautiful!

  11. Love your pups! I know you’re a busy mama so thanks for the giveaway time!

  12. Can I get a puppy too? They are beautiful. Thanks for the draw.

  13. I’ve been desperately trying to get my hands on Dryad and failing. Please enter me in the draw!

  14. I love your puppies! Thank you for this drawing!

  15. The puppies are impossibly cute! I’m very curious about Dusita, thanks for the draw!

  16. I love the smell of puppy breath! Thanks for the drawing!

  17. Such precious babies 🙂 And I’m sure they had great fun getting their bows dirty! Would love to try some of these. Thanks for the chance!

  18. That’s a puppy for you. I love dogs and have two myself. Having a dog makes me feel better about life. Enter me in the draw!

  19. Bows in garbage, puppies in lap. Sounds like a winning exchange to me. You are all kinds of lucky Patty with all that adorableness.

  20. I might have squealed with glee at the puppies. I’m just getting into fragrances, so I’m all over the chance to get my nose on anything that I can. Thanks!

  21. Fun! I havent treated myself to samples in forever, Throw my name in.


  22. I’ve been itching to try Dryad too. I’m waiting on a puppy until we move up to the hills permanently on the ten acres we’ve been clearing. In the meantime, we have six (6!) cats which includes one lovely sweet kitten. We’re pretty full-up at the moment. Thank you for the drawing!

  23. I have a pug who is 14 years old. Love her dearly. Would love to try some samples, too! Thanks!

  24. Dying to sniff Dryad, thanks for the draw and the cute puppy pix!

  25. Ooh I’d love to try Dryad. Those puppies are adorable. I absolutely believe that the bows turned filthy almost instantly 🙂

  26. SQUEE!! Puppies AND perfume! Would love to smell Dryad!

  27. Our last dog could keep his bow clean for hours only because he wouldn’t move until it was removed!

  28. I love your puppies….sooooooo cute! I would love to be entered in drawing, have not tried anything new in awhile. Thanks.

  29. Love the puppies. Would love to win as today is my birthday. Thanks for the draw.

  30. I’d love to try something new because I’m in search of a new perfume love. It’s been a while since I fell in love with a new fragrance. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Puppies!

    Please Count Me In I am so behind on even knowing what new releases are out there. Need to catch up on the blogs.

  32. I am DYING to try the new Papillon — Dryad sounds like an old-school Guerlain chypre, with some galbanum and smut. Mmmmm — sign me up!

  33. It’s good you are starting them with bows so early! It’s too late for me — I can’t even get a Santa hat on my furbaby for more than half-a-second.

  34. I love to see photos of your babies! I’m happy to hear the bows ended up in the wash and not eaten by somebody! We did bowties at my boxer boy’s first birthday party and one went missing 🙁 I just heard about Papillon but have not tried the fragrances yet, please enter me in the draw. I’m always enjoying the fragrance journey and olfactory knowledge.

  35. I had no idea that I’d be able to tour the world via scent via samples (God bless Surrender to Chance, too!) until I found your website about a year ago now. It’s like finding out there’s another color in the rainbow. Thank you for following the passion you all put into this site, and for sharing your ‘vision’ of these scents with your readers. All the best, Laura Bynum

  36. What a wonderful way to travel via fragrance samples!

  37. Those puppies sure look like a fun handful!
    I’d love to give some samples a sniff. It’d be exciting to discover a potential “fbw” one!

  38. As a cat person I’d like to enter, thank you. 🙂

  39. Sweet puppies! I put bows on my cats every now and then. The bows tend to stay clean because the kitties usually manage to wiggle out of them within a few minutes. Thanks for the draw!

  40. Adorable photo! Love the look of pure puppy joy on that little face.

  41. Oh my gosh, how cute are the pups! Nothing like unconditional love and joy! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  42. Puppies are so cute! This a great grab bag giveaway, please count me in!

  43. Thanks for the draw & please throw my name in. I think 2 hours is about as long as a bow ever lasted on either of my (human) girls, so that seems like the right lifespan of a bow!

  44. The puppies are adorable!! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  45. Puppies are entirely too cute!! I love all the Papillons… thank you so much for the draw!

  46. Wait, you have puppies? Happiness. I’ll enter the draw, thanks!

  47. Puppies are adorable warm, wiggly, laugh-inducing, playmates, soon to grow into loyal companions. It’s probably to late to enter the draw but just wanted to share love for the pups.

  48. I haven’t had a new perfume in forever! I’d love some samples!

  49. What sweet bows! My dog was too furry for anything cute like that to show up. Thank you for the drawing!

  50. Can’t pass up a chance to try a Dusita! I wish I too were surrounded by a gang of puppies! My cats are very reserved and will not stand for bows.

  51. Beautiful puppies! I hope I am not too late to take part in the giveaway. Would love to sniff something new.

  52. Would love to try these. Curious about Dryad, even though there have been a lot of comparisons to a classic perfume I don’t love — Vol de Nuit. Would also take a puppy.

  53. yay for puppies.i would love to try some new smells : )

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