Beautycounter Consultant Launch

Hey!  I have loved cosmetics (not JUST fragrance) forever, since the first time I walked into the cosmetics department at Macy’s in Topeka, Kansas at 20.

In the intervening decades, I’ve been a complete product junkie – low end, high end, doesn’t matter!  I have loved a lot of products, and still do.  The last year since my brother died has turned my attention to caring what I put in my body – foods, drinks, supplements.  I’ve been following the Live Dirty, Eat Clean protocol.

Recently it dawned on me that the one thing I had not looked at was the cosmetics/lotions/shampoos I put on me.

That’s where Beautycounter comes in.  They use 80% natural products, and the 20% where they use synthetics, they are safe synthetics.  I was a skeptic at first,  thinking that they won’t be as good as my other products.  Wrong.  These are products I’ve fallen in love with, and they are  safe for me to use.

I am super excited to be a consultant for Beautycounter.  I love cosmetics so much and helping people find the right product for them.  My alleged semi-retirement has opened up the space in my life to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but only with the right brand.

As part of my Beautycounter consultant launch, I’m drawing two winners (choose either a Lip Sheer or Pinch Cream blush in your choice of shade). Every $50 order gets an entry in the drawing. Order $100 worth of products and you’ll get two entries, etc. Click here to get to my website. On the opening page, at the bottom where it says Shop Patty’s Socials, click on Change and then select Beautycounter Launch – Patty.

Drawing will be held 7/19/17! So what cosmetic are you frustrated with finding the right thing?  For me, it was lipstick.  I think it’s because I talk too much or something, but it slides off my lips and into the corners – doesn’t matter if it’s high end or low end.  The Beautycounter lip sheers have been the first lipstick that I can wear that doesn’t just bug me with how it feels or slide off or glop into the corners after 30 minutes.

  • Sylvia Long says:

    I need a moisturizer that won’t break me out. I’m 58 and you’d think I’d be past all that, but nope!
    Good luck on your new business!

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    Congratulations on your new venture! I have recently discovered Beautycounter and I love their products! I also love skin care products and makeup and have tried so many different products and Beautycounter is my new favorite! There is no product that I’ve tried that I don’t love, and I feel good that the products are safe and perform beautifully. I could go on and on about all of the products I’ve tried and love; to sum it up, my skin looks so dewy and fresh and all products feels great on my skin (Dew Skin Tint Moisturizer is amazing for daytime!). I will visit your website and I wish you much success.

    • Patty says:

      You know, hearing that same thing said over and over is what made up my mind, plus getting the great discount as a consultant since I was using so many products! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. it just feels good, and they don’t make crazy claims about it, like will shave 20 years off your face. And it’s simple – great cleanser, moisturizer (and you can fancy it up a little if you want) and the eyeshadows and lipsticks are great shades and not complicated. Love that about them!

  • Constance says:


  • Marianna says:

    Not really cosmetics but finding a good moisturizer with SPF has been a challenge

    • Patty says:

      Hey, Marianna. I know Beautycounter has a product called Dew Skin with a moisturizer. I have not used it myself yet – have it on order – but others who do use it says it is great. Let me know if you want more information on shades or anything.