Cire Trudon Perfume Review

Cire Trudon Perfume launch, from the first second I heard about it, had me all atwitterpated.  I’ve loved Cire Trudon candles and room sprays forever – the complicated scents, the history. They never, ever went anywhere near the normal vanilla cupcake candle every candle company will do at least a little to appease the masses.  And the price tag. And those candles.  I never could resist them.  Every time I smelled one, I would think, can you guys just make perfume already?cire trudon perfume

And they have!!!  Look, look!   I was so excited when I saw these, I tried to order them five times on their site with no luck.  Finally they were available, they all went tipping into my cart and?  They are everything I thought Cire Trudon would do with perfume.  There are five and each one is different and can/should be worn alone, but these all BEG to be combined.  And I did combine them. I combined them until my arms and wrists and fingers begged for mercy.

  • Bruma – galbanum, iris, leather and Haitian vetiver.
  • Deux – green leaves, pine, juniper, ambroxan and cashmeran.
  • Mortel – pepper, incense and benzoin.
  • Olim – clove, benzoin and myrrh.
  • Revolution – cedar, patchouli and cade.

Fave? I can’t pick. The Bruma is such a buttery iris, and the leather is that Cire Trudon leather from their candles – sorta old and worn.    Mortel is such a great incense – really peppery incense. I’m really fond of Mortel paired with Bruma and Olim.  Olim is great with everything, and I think of it being paired with other things and less by itself.  Deux is so green and foresty.  Revolution is earthy and patchouli, and I expect to see Bilbo Baggins hanging from a very large spider’s jaw.  Put Deux and Revolution together and that’s exactly it.

I can’t choose. They did a great job of staying true to their vision. All of these are as far from “fresh” as they could be. They are very much an extension of their candle scent vision. They smell ancient and rich with history.  So happy these were what I was hoping for. If you hate the whole Cire Trudon  thing, then just skip it, you’ll probably not feel differently about the fragrances.  Surprising that the price tag was something approaching reasonable.  Well, when I think about the candle price tag, anyway. $190 for 100 mls. I mean, it’s not cheap, but it’s not the worst price point I’ve seen in the last many years.

They are the perfect roll into fall/winter.  I’m so ready.

Which one do you want to try, or do you hate Cire Trudon’s approach?  I’ll give out a sample set of all five scents to  two commenters drawn at random.


  1. They sound great! Looking forward to trying the perfumes as I can’t burn candles in the house (family member with respiratory issues). Thanks for the draw!

  2. This has made my day!
    i’m a true lover of iris and would love to see what Bruma i like.
    Then again, they all sound wonderful, and what a kind offer from you!

  3. These sound wonderful! The candles are out of my price range but they do sniff beautifully in shops.

  4. I would like to smell them all! I love their candles and scented matches.

  5. They all do sound lovely. The candles are way out of my price range but I saw they offer a coffret of the perfumes and that went right on my wishlist! Thank you for the great review and for the draw!

  6. Ohmygawd, I need to try these. I was just waiting for someone to say they weren’t a huge disappointment.
    I rarely burn candles because of the feline menace and room sprays are great but also off-limits outside of my closet due to super-allergy-kitty. I adore Cire Trudon and honestly don’t know which I want to sample most.

    • LOL. I never know if that’s a good thing or not. I really wanted them to be great and like the candles and was afraid they would be and that they wouldn’t be!

  7. They all sound divine. I love the complexity of their candle scents and the perfumes sound similar.
    Please enter me in the draw.

  8. I have been curious about the candles for a while. Never thought they would have perfume. You really got my interest when you mentioned Revolution. How could I not want to try a perfume that makes you “expect to see Bilbo Baggins hanging from a very large spider’s jaw.” LOL

  9. Yum, I’d love to try them. I’m not familiar with the candles but they sound really delicious.

  10. Olim + Revolution appeal most to me. I think they would be great alone and together. So glad you highlighted these as I would most likely have missed them. 🙂

    • Sorry, sorry. My credit card already took the pain. I saw the coffret on their website, but then I ordered them from a place in Europe and they didn’t seem to have it.

  11. I love a good positive morning read. No need to include me, I’m off to spend the day at First in Fragrance in a couple of weeks. ?

  12. Wow – I haven’t heard of this line and am now wanting to try their candles. Of these fragrances Olim and Mortel sound the most interesting – I love iris and leather together (although not sure what I’d think of the vetiver note). And the Mortel sounds perfect for a cool fall evening. Thanks!

    • They used to have the great big room sprays, and I got the one that is very incensey. I have to figure out which one now. Loved that so much. It’s got enough mustiness in the incense to feel old and full of secrets.

  13. Yes! Am a Cire Trudon lover and think they all sound fabulous. Thanks for the draw!

  14. I like sniffing the candles in stores, but only bought one, during a Rich Lady period. Am wildly curious to sniff their perfume line.

  15. Mortel sounds wonderful, but I’d like to try them all. I’m so glad to hear they’re as good as you expected from Cire Trudon.

  16. They all sound great. I have recently heard about this line but have never sampled any of them. However, from your review, I would also probably not be able to choose one in particular. Thanks for the opportunity to sample all of them.

  17. These sound intriguing. I find myself moving away from simple, clean scents (which I’ve always loved) to more complex, earthier ones lately. Not sure what that’s all about, but it’s making me itch to try these!

  18. I have only tried two of the candles, and I thought the scents were good, but weak. Hopefully the perfume is better. Thank you for the chance to try them! Olim would be the one I’d like the most, then Mortel.

  19. I’m a sucker for an incense perfume, and I’ve never seen these candles (which is too bad, cos they sound like they’d be right up my alley). Would LOVE a chance to sample these babies.

  20. I want to try ALL of these! The two that sound most appealing if I had to choose are Deux and Mortel. Is Deux reminiscent of Fille en Aiguilles at all?

  21. Sounds like you had a great time mixing and matching! Not familiar with this line but the candles sound like they’re to die for. The two I would pick are Deux and Bruma. Thanks for the draw!

  22. Deux and Revolution sound fantastic to me. Green and woody always wins. I like Cire Trudon candles but I only buy them when they’re on sale. Thank you for the drawing.

  23. I have never heard of this house so I Googled it. The history behind it is fascinating. But as much as I love candles, I don’t see myself ever paying that amount for one. Thanks for giving us a chance to try the fragrances. I think my choice would be Deux, but I’m intrigued by the fact you say they aren’t what you’d expect so perhaps there are others I’d like better.

  24. Olim sounds like a delightful Fall/Winter fragrance. As far as the approach of having started with candles first, why not? If I love a scent, I love it irregardless of format. Many of us will often scent our room or linens with a favorite fragrance, so why not the opposite approach. I would love to try these and thank you for the draw.

  25. The perfumes all sound nice. I like Cire Trudon candles, though I’ve never coughed up the $$$ for one. I am happy to see that there is a coffret of all 5 scents. I think that’s what I would want, so I wouldn’t have to decide.

  26. I want to try them all!! Especially the iris. Lifting those candle bell jars is always a must stop for me at barneys. I love their churchey incense…forgetting the name. Ancient is a great word to call them! Thanks for the draw. I’d love to be entered.

  27. The candles are just so good. I’ve purchased only Spiritus Sanctii and Abd El Kader, but I would happily have each and every one they make in my house, if I could (and by that I mean, if I was willing to go without food for a month or six).

  28. Browsing the Cire Trudon website has me itching to sniff EVERYTHING. Pine and juniper are my autumn/winter favourites, so I think Deux will make my soul sing! 🙂

  29. I had no idea these were in the works. Love Cire Trudon. I’ve broken the bank several times purchasing the candles. Bruma sounds just perfect. Well actually they all do. And I’m so tired of summer and looking forward to autumn and winter and the deep rich scents that go with the season.

  30. How interesting! Bruma sounds like it might be my favorite because I love iris, but they all sound like beautiful, spicy things I’d want to try 🙂

  31. i would really love to try bruma..i am totally loving iris at the moment and can’t get enough.i like the sound of deux and olim too and love their candles.

  32. Oof, am I too late? I do want to try Bruma!! I’ve never tried their candles.

  33. Susie Bick loves them so they must epitomise exquisite taste.

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