Silences PdT by Yves Tanguy and Jean-Claude Niel for Jacomo 1978

Hey Hey POSSE!!! Let’s take a walk down memory lane today. Silences is one of the old school chypre fragrances that is still available at discounters for an incredibly reasonable price. Back a few years when they started playing with it for the modern audience I bought a bunch of the 25ml travel PdTs and they regularly get a workout. I’ve only used up one full bottle but there are a couple of half bottles lying around and a couple of full.

Silences PdT by Yves Tanguy and Jean-Claude Niel for Jacomo 1978

Silences Jacomo Fragrantica 1Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange blossom, galbanum, bergamot, lemon, green notes, cassia
Heart: Iris, jasmine, narcissus, hyacinth, rose, lily-of-the-valley
Base: Vetiver, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss, cedar, ambrette (musk mallow)

When I think green fragrance CHANEL No 19, Niki de Saint Phalle, Futur and Herba Fresca are always good choices but when I want the driest, greenest green, a green so parched it’s like being in a green desert, then I turn to Silences. Somehow Silences manages to create a green that is dry like a pine needle or a palm leaf. A scent that has more to do with the bitter bark of the rose bush and camellia tree. Austere to the point of arrogance.

Silences Jacomo Nejc Kosir PexelsPDI

Galbanum, ivy, bergamot, vetiver and oakmoss are the star attractions here. They create a shadowed effects if you’ve just walked into the forest from the burning sun. Suddenly the temperature drops 20 degrees and the cessation of superheated sunlight and air instantly makes you feel better.

Ultimately a unisex fragrance, I love its bitter elegance. Can imagine it being the favoured scent ofd those dried up old skeletal society wives as they air kiss the people they hate with all the warmth of air from a fetid crypt. A perfect scent for autumn as the heat of summer leaves the northern hemisphere.

Silences Jacomo Hipp_hipp_hurra!_Konstnärsfest_på_Skagen_-_Peder_Severin_Krøyer WikimediaWikiMedia

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FragranceNet has PdT $10/30ml

How green do you like your perfumes?
Portia xx


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Neva September 16, 2017

I haven't tried Silances since the eighties. I was so afraid of the reformulation but as I read this I feel that it will be my next blind buy. I really love dry green scents, where JC Scherrer is one of my favourites closely followed by Weekend (Patricia de Nicolai).

Pam September 16, 2017

Hi, Portia! Silences is a real favorite of mine. I like it more than No. 19.

Tatiana September 15, 2017

I love green perfumes. I also like woody ones. And combine either of these two things with the word oriental and I'm in heaven. I only have a 5ml splash bottle of this I got on eBay. Sigh. I tend to save it for when I'm really in the mood or I'm reminded I actually own it, like today. Always afraid I'm going to klutzily spill the whole bottle. I'm hoarding as much vintage No.19 as I can get my hands on. Unfortunately, I've also bought a few bogus bottles on eBay, so I tend not to shop there anymore.

Kate E. September 15, 2017

This one has been on my radar for a while now and $10 just convinced me to give it a go!

tiffanie September 14, 2017

Love that painting -- Hip, Hip, Hurra! Silences gets so much love, it seems legendary. I've not tried it but must give it a sniff someday soon. My most-worn green fragrances are usually gentle (Infusion d'Iris), citrus-floral (Parfums DelRae Debut), or herbal (Eau de Guerlain). Time to branch out.

MrsDalloway September 14, 2017

Great review. Silences PDT is very nice. I gave one of my bottles to my mother in law because I don't love it quite enough to have two (prefer no 19, Heure Exquise and Scherrer I) but sometimes Silences is just the thing. And I had two bottles because ut's such a great bargain.

rosarita313 September 14, 2017

I'm a fan of green fragrances, too, Silence is one of my favorites. I like the description of a green desert. I'm all scented up but I'll get Silences out for tomorrow.

DinaC September 14, 2017

Green is my favorite category of scents, and galbanum is my all-time favorite note! Love Silences. My bottle is the edp. Just went and spritzed a bunch on! Mmmmm. Thanks for the reminder Portia.

Mals86 September 14, 2017

Oh Lord I love Silences. Particularly the PdT. (I've worked my 3.3 oz bottle down about half, and there's a slightly-used 4.2 oz bottle in the closet, waiting for its turn. When THAT's gone, I will mourn.) The EdT is, to my mind, a lot drier and a lot more unisex, more vetivery, than the PdT, which presents a lot of rose and iris along with the galbanum and moss. Or maybe it's just MY bottle; you know how vintage stuff can begin to vary with age, but the florals in my bottle just sing to me. There's an eerieness to it, a smooth meditative quality that I love. Silences is one of the scents I associate color with, and it's a bed of olive and deep greens with ribbons of pink and periwinkle blue. For some reason I can't name, I didn't like Futur. It was... brash, maybe? I should try Niki de St. Phalle again.

HeidiC September 14, 2017

Your description of the society wives made me spit-take my coffee! Love it! But Silences sounds like my jam -- I am all about both galbanum (especially ANYTHING made by Germaine Cellier) and chypre. Gonna get my little tushie over to and grab one!

eldarwen22 September 14, 2017

I'm going to have to either get a decant or get a full bottle. Silences sounds up my alley. My favorite green perfume is no 19.

Christos September 14, 2017

This is one of my all time favourites. I never want to be without a bottle of Silences. Elegant, without giving a damn about being likeable. The Tom Ford Very series draws heavily from Silences for inspiration, and I am saying this as a big compliment for Tom Ford

Jennifer S. September 14, 2017

The green family is a favorite of mine and I've a bottle of Niki de Saint Phalle sitting in one of my on line carts waiting patiently! Silences has been on my radar for one of the greens though I've yet to try it. EL Private Collection is one I'm still 'working' on but my favorite is JL Scherrer.