Tree of Life Beauty Skin Care

Well the season has changed in LA (for the moment.) It’s gone from 100 degree days to rain. Well, not RAIN, but in LA even the lower case r will lead to dire predictions of Storm Watch ’17 from the kids at Action McNews. As a matter of fact this morning (Thursday) I awoke to pouring rain, which was kind of nice, since I didn’t have to drive in it. Sometimes the upside of my job is that my commute is going downstairs.

One of the results of this is that y skin kind of goes a little nuts. I kind of won the genetic crap-shoot in that, despite the fact that I was alway (and still am) not so diligent about applying the SPF 3000, I am relatively unwrinkled. I do however tend to get flaky patches that aren’t because of dryness but over production of cells. Or so I was told by a person at Neiman’s who wanted me to buy about $1500 worth of Dr. Wombats Gooke du Femme skin stripper, hydrator and sealant.

I thought to my self “Self, you can do better!”

So I hit up Amazon and ordered some things from company called Tree of Life. None of the products seem to be over $20 on Amazon and they seem to work as well as things that are far pricier. I’ve been using the retinol moisturizer and a couple of the serums and I can say that I can see a difference. My skin tone has evened out, it’s brighter and the few lines I have are far less noticeable. Just to see what happened I even stopped for a while, and the red flaky patches by my forehead came back. The only caveat I have is that if you are using this stuff you must, MUST use a sunblock outdoors, like Anthelios. But now the ingredients in that are available in sunscreens with much lower price points, so shop around.

As an aside, has anybody else notice how Amazon deliveries have dropped into the suckage category? My last two have been a disaster. The last one was returned as “undeliverable” (because my building has apparently developed an heretofore unheard-of cloaking device) while the previous one was dumped in the lobby. Which doesn’t sound bad, but it was a box filled with waters and such that weigh about as much as I do and I ordered it from Amazon thinking I could just shove it from my front door to the kitchen. If I wanted to lug it up from the lobby I would have driven to Smart & Final and purchased it without waiting days for a strapping young man to decide at the lobby downstairs “eh, this is far enough..” All this and less for a “Prime” membership that costs $100…

So, do you have a favorite skin care line you’d like to share? If so, do so in the comments.

Tree of life is available at Amazon. All of the products I have tried have been purchased by me at the listed price. I have received neither compensation nor free products from this company. So if cheap- a$$ me is telling you I liked it, it’s because I liked it. Image from Amazon.

  • Marianna says:

    I ordered a box of bookmarks from Amazon once. They were marked as delivered but never arrived. I called Amazon and the customer service person advised me to walk around my block and ask the neighbors if any of them have it. That brought up an inner ***** in me, I could not control the sarcasm coming out of my mouth. The quality in my opinion of both delivery and the goods they are selling has gone down significantly

  • naaneuclidean says:

    Oh, goodness. I’m in LA too and since the beginning of September or so there has been a drastic increase in absolute suckage from Amazon for me too! Just last week I had a package have its arrival time delayed three times in one day only to be marked as “undeliverable” at 11pm! And today my new frying pan arrived in a box that was absolutely crumpled and beaten up. Luckily the pan itself wasn’t scratched or dented. It’s strange because up until now I’ve had so few problems, but just recently lots of bad Amazon luck.

    Also, I don’t really have any skincare secrets. I use Walgreens sports sunscreen because it’s the only sunscreen I’ve ever tried that doesn’t break my skin out (and I’ve tried at least two dozen, high and low end). It works, but it leaves my face insanely greasy. Maybe one day I’ll find an improvement?

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I’ve noticed a drop in delivery quality from Amazon since they started their own delivery service. It was starting to drop a little bit a year before but it’s gotten really noticeable. They lost two of my packages! My favorite skin care line is the Skyn Iceland. Specifically the Cloud moisturizer and the glacial wash. They may be a little on the pricey side but a dab will do ya

    • Tom says:

      I noticed it about a year or so ago when they started to use “ontrac”

      skyn iceland, eh? Have to look at that one.

  • Kandice says:

    I have no comments on skincare. I have yet to find the perfect thing for my skin, so maybe I will check out your recommendations. I’ve heard good things about the Walgreen’s product mentioned as well. But OMG I so agree on Amazon! I had one item delivered one night by a woman driving an SUV and wearing a dress. She looked nothing like a delivery driver and as it was 9:30 pm I wouldn’t have even opened the door if it was a man. Then I had something returned as non-deliverable when I live in an apartment complex and all they had to do was take it to the office if I’m not home! Thanks for letting us vent about that. Ha ha!

    • Tom says:

      This time they just said the address didn’t exist. Like (A) they had not been delivering to me for four years here and (B) there weren’t packages from Amazon in the lobby when I went downstairs!

  • Alison L Miller says:

    I LOVE a skin care line from Dr. Loren PIckart in Bellevue, Washington called Skin Biology. Just as we love and obsess about fragrance Dr. Pickart loves and obsesses about copper peptides in skin care products and is constantly working in his lab to invent and improve the line. His published research is available on the web site, Very reasonably priced for what you get, a little goes a long way, you only need one or two products to start and generous samples. I’ve been using them for almost 10 years,

  • Musette says:

    omgYES! on the Amazon suckage. I ordered a little CD player on 1September. As of TODAY it has still not arrived. I suppose that somewhere on ….Jupiter? with its heavier gravity…? this might constitute the 2-day delivery

    I use Walgreens (YES!) Alpha Hydroxy cream on all the icky parts of my face & skin. Works like a charm. I used to use Benefit’s hydroxy lotion but when they d/cont’d it the SA gave me the quiet 411 on the Walgreens. Never looked back.

    Anthelios is mah JAM!


    • Tom says:

      gotta see if we have a Walgreens handy..

      I suppose it’s better than Blue Apron, who just dumps shit by the front door in whatever weather. My neighbor is always having to pluck his out of the bougainvillea. “What’s for dinner tonight, hon?” “Salmon a la botulism!” “Yum!”

  • Tatiana says:

    Well at least your delivery guy walked the package into the lobby. My FedEx ground guy just slows down and chucks the box 20 to 30 feet up the walk way and then drives off. If it makes it to the front door it’s a miracle. This is not speculation from the completely crushed corners, I was home one day and actually witnessed him doing this.
    Aside from the sunblock Dear Husband picks up for me in Tokyo, I haven’t really found skincare I love enough to repurchase.