Off to the races: Holiday shopping season in full swing

shopping craziness holiday madness
Hello, dear Posse folks!! Hope all of you who celebrate it had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Ours was very nice, made extra special by the fact that my DH was able to take the whole week off. I had to work for three days but it was so nice to come home to him and my son. So far, I’ve mostly avoided the after-Thanksgiving craziness, but did venture into the big city for a bit of window shopping (but mainly returns) early this weekend before it got too wild. I did have to get my little fix of See’s Chocolates, don’t you know! 🙂

It did seem to me that things weren’t quite as crowded and parking as nuts as in years past, but I was in and out early enough that maybe I dodged witnessing all the hubbub.

I’m in super-budget-conscious mode, so no real spending for me until DH and son let me know exactly what they want. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got, so don’t feel any need for $$$ on myself.

But with the shopping season in full swing, with Black Friday behind us, and Cyber Monday on top of us — what about you?

Are you mostly shopping for gifts for others or have you (or plan to) been treating yourself to any fragrant goodies? Have you seen any great buys or cool gifts with purchase out there in perfumed shopping land? I’ve gotten all the e-mails from Beautyhabit, Luckyscent, etc., but haven’t really paid much attention to what’s being offered. Trying very hard to avoid temptation.

Have a great week and stay warm and safe, everyone!!

  • Musette says:

    Beautyhabit’s Lookbook is terrifyingly gorgeous and it’s all I can do to keep from buying everything in there! I’m in budget mode as well, plus I really don’t want or even need anything. I did order that sparkly No5 body oil from Andy @ N-M and will treat myself with a trip into Chicago to pick it up – other than that, I’m good to go!


  • rosarita313 says:

    I do almost all my shopping online year round and I like to shop beauty doorbusters this time of year, so I picked up a few things at Sephora and Ulta. Shelley Waddington of En Voyage perfumes has an anniversary sale going on right now, 10% off and free shipping in the continental US so i had planned ahead and bought Captured in Amber in extrait which is only $30 to start with but every little bit helps. It’s part of the Souvenir de Chocolate trio, last year I got Cafe Cacao, best chocolate perfume ever imho, so now I can layer the two. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH perfumes has a 20% off sale till January so I am planning to buy a tiny dram of Chinchilla since I finished my sample months ago. But money is tight here too.

  • Kathleen S says:

    I purchased a bottle of Guerlain L’heure de Nuit for myself this weekend (from husband for Christmas, he’s off the hook for shopping)! I also discovered Liz at Ave Parfum and purchased soon to be discontinued Binturong (gorgeous) and samples of her carefully selected natural fragrances. I’ve found a few items for my sister also, I’ll be visiting her for the holiday. Otherwise I give donations to charities.

  • MMKinPA says:

    I admit to buying a couple of things for myself. For small business Saturday I ordered a small bottle of Bee’s Bliss from Sonoma Scent Studio. I also finally ordered a bottle of Tauer L’Eau from Luckyscent. (I don’t think this one gets a lot of love compared to so many of Andy’s perfumes, but it’s something I can actually wear every day at work. I LOVE so many of his perfumes but a lot of them are just a bit too much for the preschool environment!) Other than that I have been working my way through my teenage son’s list. I buy all of the gifts and then the rest of the family reimbursed me for whatever they want to give him from that list. We are skipping adults this heat so I’m almost done shopping!

  • eldarwen22 says:

    Most of my Christmas shopping has been done prior to Black Friday. Instead of getting SDV for myself, I bought Skyn Iceland face stuff. I am still saving pennies to get SDV and waiting until after Christmas to get it. It seems like there weren’t too many good deals this year.

    • hajusuuri says:

      Neiman Marcus had $50 off $200 with barely any exclusions. Combined with the eBates 14% cash back, it would have been a sweet deal for SDV.

  • Rina (USA) says:

    Smell Bent had a rare discount on everything so I put together a Frankensmellie set I’d wanted for a long time. Already shipped so I hope to see it soon. Bought some amazing teas at Teavana before they close the store and got NM to price match a McQueen wool scarf for a song so it was a good few days. I think last year’s sales were better but I had fun.

  • Tara C says:

    I bought perfume for myself at Twisted Lily, Osswald and Luckyscent this weekend. I know there are always discounts at this time of year so I plan to do buying in Nov/Dec. I buy less at other times of the year so it balances out. All my gift buying is done as well. It was pretty crazy at the mall Friday but I had my husband bring me there on our Vespa scooter to avoid the parking nightmare and I had fun being out there.

  • I finally bought Fancy Nights after reading so much about it. I like it-it’s gets better toward the drydown, like so many others. Also got the travel size of Memoirs of a T. Love it, but not sure for work, though (elementary school). Finally, got a little bottle of Auric by Hendley perfumes. Hans was so thoughtful and gave me some Gia, too. He knows I love it!