New Perfume 2017 – What did you love?

2017 New perfumes you loved?So of all the things you tried and bought, tried and didn’t buy (but regret not buying) in 2017 would be your Top Two or Three? What’s the one that got away this year, if there is one?

My Top three – Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve or Armani Iris Celadon – an iris will always make my top three faves in a year list.

Cire Trudon – Mortel or Bruma or ?  Hard to choose between three of these!

Third one?  Puredistance Warszawa or Atelier des Ors Must Immortel.

Now all of you will chime in with things I completely forgot!  Hope you all had a great Christmas!  I’ll do a drawing of some of my faves in a sample set for two lucky commenters.


  • Roxann says:

    Happy New Year. I loved Sticky Cake by Commes de Garcon and Nuit de Bakelit by Naomi Goodsir. I probably sampled about 40 this year which is the great fun of finding the best for me. I bought L’ombre dans l’eau as well…… I went with edt which isnt my typical option. It was the first time I chose edt when given an option of edp.

  • Vanie says:

    I know this one isn’t super popular amongst perfumista but I loved Twilly (which I received as a gift). A new one that jumped to the top of my to-buy list for next summer is Arielle Shoshana; so fun! I also discovered and loved L’Ombre dans l’eau, but still can’t decide between the EDP and EDT.

  • jenbat says:

    The only two new releases I got a chance to try this year were Twilly and Gabrielle, and neither of them stuck out for me. I really wanted to try Mugler’s new Aura, but it doesn’t come out in Canada until next year! Instead I spent the year sampling from indie houses like Auphorie, Universal Flowering and Ellen Covey, and those were all new-to-me!

  • Maya says:

    Hey MaggieCat. I do not think “should” applies to gifts. Gifts SHOULD be for fun things. 🙂

  • Clarissa says:

    I have not followed all the releases religiously this year, but here are some I really liked – all of them are deep in the niche category. Nothing from more well known houses
    January Scent project Smolderose and Selperniku
    Areej Le Dore Ottoman Empire
    The Rising Phoenix Yeti Attar
    Unum – the one with the very long name for the life of me I cannot remember

  • Maggiecat says:

    Sorry, still oohing and ahhing over the dogs…this year was a bit disappointing for me, perfume-wise, due in part to the current obsession with tuberose. Bleck. I fell hard for Dame Perfumery Earth Mother, and have the oil. body creme, and cologne now. Jo Malone Star Magnolia was also a hit. Other than that, not much rocked my world. I am contemplating a FB of Coco Noir with my Sephora gift cards (which I “should” save for routine maintenance, but….). Should I go for it?

  • Gigi says:

    I also loved Iris Celadon…enough to sneak a spritz from Nordies for about a week straight then ask for a sample but not flush enough to buy a bottle.

    Was Arbole Arbole released this year? I got some this year and love it, now drooling over Slowdive.

    The Bottega Venetia Eau Des Velours was also a good one but I’m just making due with the original.

    Other than that, I haven’t made much of a foray into the new releases, the sheer numbers are overwhelming!

  • LisaInDenver says:

    I have always been more of a ‘big dog’ lover, but I swear, Patty, you are converting me with all of the French bulldog cuteness!

    Favorite releases of 2017 that I tried AND bought:

    1. DSH Perfumes Foxy
    2. DSH Perfumes Habibi
    3. Jo Malone Cologne Intense Collection Myrrhe and Tonka (this one was a surprise, since I’ve been mostly disappointed by the releases since EL acquired the house)

    Favorite releases of 2017 that I haven’t *yet* made mine:

    1. Aedes de Venustas Pelargonium
    2. Menditorrosa Rituale (a huge surprise, since I’m not a rose person)
    3. Olympic Orchids Chevalier Vert

    Unofficial 3rd category: 2017 releases that I’m just dying to try:

    1. Sonoma Scent Studio Bee’s Bliss
    2. Bruno Fazzolari Ummagumma
    3. Hiram Green Slowdive

    Happy New Year!

  • Sharon says:

    My top fave of 2017 is SSS Bee’s Bliss, it was love at first sniff! My second and third loves in my newly discovered Sonoma Scent Studio line are Incense Pure and Champagne De Bois. Adorable pups!

  • audesko1 says:

    This year I got a bottle of Lubin Black Jade and Chanel #19. That’s the top of my list. Happy New Year.

  • Cindi says:

    Thanks, Cindi

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    Zoologist Dragonfly and Ineke Idyllwild were the best of 2017 for me


    Hello, I also loved Armani Iris Celadon, Twilly by Hermes and Cuir de Russie by Le Jardin Retrouve. Happy New Year to all!

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    This year I loved Tauer perfumes, Le Maroc Pour Elle and Au Coeur du Desert, among others. (It’s funny to me that LDDM seems to get all the love–Le Maroc is still my #1). Some lovely things from an Etsy seller, Alkemia; and For Strange Women, also on Etsy (my favorites are November, Moss & Ivy, and Winter Kitty).

    I think that I’m pretty much done buying perfumes from large corporations with huge budgets to spend lavishly on packaging, advertising, promotion and similar pursuits. Most of what’s out there is illusive and cheap, frankly. Yes, I know there are some real perfumers who make rare, intriguing (and very expensive) perfumes. They do not interest me, either.

    From now on, only small, indie perfumers and purveyors of organic, ethically sourced essential oils and the like. I love and appreciate the work of Andy Tauer, for example, and others who work in the same spirit. Those are the people I will continue to support.

    I have more perfume than I will ever wear in my lifetime. I adore certain vintage ones but in reality, wear them infrequently. Will I be tempted to acquire the tiniest samples of “it” perfumes? Probably, but I know where this is going, ultimately.

    So if and when we engage in another perfume Swapmania, I will have some interesting offerings, and I’ll participate joyfully. Just sayin’.

    I appreciate the Perfume Posse and all who comment. Love those darling puppies!!! XOXOX
    Love to all, and warmest wishes for 2018.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas despite the arrival of cold weather in Denver. I recently discovered Tauer L’Air du desert marocain which will be on my 2018 to buy list. I wish I had discovered it earlier! I blind purchased Tauerville Stories When we Cuddle and it disappointed me. My favorite purchases in 2017 were Areej Le Dore Flux de Fleur; Auphorie Binturong; vintage Shalimar; and vintage Chanel Coco.

  • Maya says:

    This year seems to have been about discovering new lines and finding a few new loves. From Arquiste, both Flor y Canto and Ella – from Mendittorosa, Sogno Reale – from David Jourquin, Cuir Altesse – from Lubin, Kismet (did try Lubin some years ago) – from Zoologist, Bat (not so much a love as fascinated by). Each one of these makes me feel good and brings on a smile.

    Again wishing everyone a really great New Year!

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I haven’t tried much of anything that was released in 2017. I fell for Liu a couple years back and kicking myself for not picking up a bottle.

  • Furriner says:

    My favorites of this year have been Naomi Goodsir Nuit de Bakélite, UNUM Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino Il Volto, and Bruno Fazzolari Feu Secret. Of course I haven’t smelled everything. I’ve kind of burned out on new brands, sadly.

  • Portia says:

    Loved heaps this year but currently wearing Peau d’Allures by Starck. Was that a 2017 release or did it just take forever to get to Australia?
    The new DIORs are very nice.
    Bruma by Cire Trudon = SNAP!
    Perfumery Generale’s Suede Osmanthe was freaking sensational too.
    Portia xx

  • JH says:

    Haven’t tried many 2017 releases but there are two or three I’m impressed with: Nicolaï’s Rose Royale, a gorgeous fresh rose, perfect for summer time; Aesop Hwyl, smoky incense and woody calmness; Tom Ford Noir Anthracite which I’ve tried only once but it’s quite lovely and has made it onto my wish list. Also a few I think are okay, but not stunning in any way: Guerlain Oud Essentiel, L’Artisan Parfumeur Histoires d’orangers, Zoologist Dragonfly.

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Let’s go human! Are you going to pull us around the house or what?? Waiting so patiently. Very cute!
    Tried a few different things but the only one I fell IN love with and feel I need to have is one of the Chanel exclusifs and hopefully a bottle of it will be mine soon! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • Sarah says:

    OMG the DOGS. Forget about all your ridiculously beautiful perfume picks. Can we draw for a pup. Not fussy here-anyone you pick is fine with me. Well then again the black one looks a little shy. Or the grey one seems like personality plus. But the tan ones face is so communicative. So hard to choose. Have to leave it in your hands.
    Happy New Year Patty. May your New Year be blessed beyond measure.

    • Patty says:

      The personalities of the dogs are the opposite of how they photograph. Anya always looks shy in pics because she is always in motion. Super sweet, but just hell on wheels for getting into trouble. Sophie (gray one) used to be super shy and meek, but she has finally come out of her shell, and is the funniest pup I’ve ever had. Cora (cream or tan one) is the mom of everyone, but it’s an act. I catch them all in the middle of some mischief (tearing up something they should not have, usually yarn!), and she turns on her friends and starts trying to discipline them when I catch them and make them stop – like she was never, ever doing anything bad. She’s the worst! The other two just get caught and look at me like what? Cora cares about my good opinion so “puppy lies” to pretend she was never involved. I could never pick a fave, they are so different and each one charming in their unique way. LIke I’ve said before, I have had dogs forever and loved them ridiculously, but nothing prepared me for how these Frenchies would steal my heart in a way I was not expecting. They are simply the best companion dogs for humans ever made.

  • HeidiC says:

    I loved the Iris Celadon too! My favorite buys this year were Cuir de Lancome and Neela Vermeire’s Ashoka.

  • MMKinPA says:

    My only immediate purchase after sniffing a sample was SSS Bees Bliss. Grabbed a small bottle of Twily (as much for the bottle as the perfume). To be honest, did not sniff a lot of additional 2017 releases, but bought a few things on my continuing list – Alahine, Tauer l’Eau. Just got my first sets of samples from DSH and Olympic Orchids, hoping to find something I love as I like to support the indies.

  • Tara C says:

    I can never remember what was released when and what I bought when, but I did like BV Eau de Velours, Mugler Wonder Bouquet, Hermes Twilly, Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa and Mad et Len Petits Papiers.

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Adorable dogs!
    I fell hard for a few old decants this year, and suddenly used them up and bought bottles. Profumum Roma Fiore d’Ambre became a sudden favorite and so did Or de Serail. I have no idea why I didn’t notice them much before, because they are beautiful.
    I fell in love with the Lancôme Roses Berberanza, which is strange because rose is not a favorite note with me, but I’m getting a larger decant before I think of 100ml of anything.
    The one that got away? Lyric Woman. I have been cherishing a bottle of it for years, and as I near the bottom I ordered a sample to make sure there was no reformulation, and damn, it is clearly reformulated. Please tell me if I’m imagining this, but I don’t think so.
    Best wishes to all for 2018.

  • ANN JOSLYN says:

    After testing MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 many times, I bought a decant and am crazy for it in the right weather and mood. I continued my love affair with the Chanel Exclusifs this year, so sad that they are no longer available in decants, though totally understand why. I rarely buy full bottles anymore, I have enough perfume for decades and for my two daughter’s lifetimes as well! I fell deeply in love with Memo Lalibela, but not sure I’m going to spring for a bottle, am savoring my sample. It’s splendid in the single digit temperature we are having today.

    I am an iris fan too Patty, please enter me in the drawing.

  • Anna Egeria P. says:

    Hi Patty, I’m one of the Promise winners. I hope that you got my message with my address. Thank you. Your dogs are adorable!

  • Rina (NOT in Canada) says:

    I fell HARD for Le Labo Mousse de Chene (Amsterdam)! Got the perfume, next year I’ll get the oil.