Happy Boxing Day and DSH Winner!!!

Happy Holidays, everyone.  I hope all who celebrate Christmas had a great day yesterday and those of you who celebrate Boxing Day – well, box away!  I wish I had a wealthy patron to give me a box….oh, wait.  I do.  It’s called customers and it requires that I stop faffing around and get back to work.

Christmas was yesterday – get back to work!


But before I do, I need to let you all know this:  you are so very much appreciated.  I was unable to reply to all the comments on the DSH post (because apparently I have an ‘Invalid Security Token’ that stops me every 2nd or 3rd comment and ow!) but I did read every one of them and it was great because while we write the posts, it’s YOU who make us who we are – I sure don’t want to write into a void.  Plus, y’all are really interesting.  The water-breaks!  The cats in trees!  The trees in laps! The pickles! Such fun!

And when it’s not so much fun, when your heart breaks, ours break for you.

So please know how very much we appreciate you.  You really do matter to us.  Your stories are what make the Posse special.

Unfortunately, we can only crown one winner for the DSH Sample Giveaway

Lawd, I miss them!

and the winner is…….(lame pause)………


Francesca Belanger!


gmail your evilauntieanita with your mailing details and I’ll get that leetle box out to you pronto!


  • Sharon says:

    It was Twilly. I sent a message through your drop us a note link. I’ll try your posse gmail, thanks!

  • Sharon Palac says:

    It was Patty White and I messaged her several times and no answer. Thanks!

    • Patty says:

      Hey, Sharon, where did you e-mail, and can you remind what it was? I do apologize. I always send an e-mail once i get it, though it can take sometimes a few days, and then we sen it out. So it must not have come through perfume dot posse at gmail dot com is the e-mail to send to.

  • Sharon says:

    Congrats Francesca! I won a giveaway here on Perfume Posse but never received my prize even after several inquiries. So disappointing.

    • Musette says:

      Sharon –

      Was the giveaway one of mine? If so, gmail me (evilauntieanita). If it was somebody else’s, lmk and I’ll pass it on. Sometimes things get lost in the mix.


  • Francesca Belanger says:

    I can’t believe I won! So exciting. Thanks so much. Will PM the deets.

  • Tara C says:

    Happy boxing day! It’s also my dear husband’s birthday, so I am baking up butter tarts and I think I’m more excited about his birthday than he is. LOL. Looking forward to a happy new year.