Happy New Year! Welcome, 2018!

Happy, happy New Year, all you wonderful Posse folks!! 2017 was a great year on the Posse and we’re all looking forward to a fabulous 2018 here with our favorite fragrant folks!!

What is/was your New Year like? What scents are you wafting? What kinds of goodies and/or good luck foods are you indulging in? And what are your New Year’s resolutions or little things you do to kick it off?

I am treating myself sumptuously ringing in 2018, and have been (and will continue) enjoying several of my all-time favorites, including Clive Christian C for Women, Le Labo Vanille 44 and Guerlain’s Encens Mythique. Also digging into some of my vintage Must de Cartier scents for a little retro vibe.

On the food front, sharing a bit o’ bubbly with DH (Sprite for my son), a few finger nibbles, cocktail shrimp and some good chocolate. I’m guessing we’ll be skipping the collard greens this year, ha! DH got me a Keurig for Christmas (quite the surprise — he seemed vehemently opposed to us having one); so we might have to enjoy some hot drinks, too.

No resolutions for me, just to keep on keepin’ on with my Jazzercise, Zumba, walking and weight-loss goals. And as always, to try to be a more compassionate and loving person and to continue strengthening my faith.

One kinda dumb, but necessary, thing I started doing a few years ago, though, is to take my remaining batch of checks (does anyone else still pay bills the old-fashioned way or am I the last living dinosaur?) and write the new year on the datelines of at least the first 20 of them. Or until the new year 2018 gets firmly planted in my poor feeble brain.

Anyhoo, wishing everyone a fabulous and safe New Year! Big fragrant hugs to each of you and let’s make 2018 the best ever!!

  • Kate E. says:

    No New Years traditions in my family but I’ll be getting the kids ready to go back to school next week. It has been great to spend time with them after such a busy year.

  • HeidiC says:

    There’s a group of families we get together with, and this year we let the kids have their own NYE party (a couple of doors down, with a cell phone in case) and a grown-up parents’ NYE party — it was fun! I made 4 lbs of fingerling potatoes slightly smashed and roasted in duck fat, and they were GONE. It has been crazy cold in the Upper Midwest, so I went for snuggly — big turtleneck sweater and a healthy spritz or two of Cuir Beluga. Toward midnight, we went back to the kids’ house to count down to the New Year with them, and then sing Happy Birthday to my own little Baby New Year (6 yrs old today!). Happy New Year to all!

  • Maggiecat says:

    I’ve been battling the Head Cold From Heck for the last few days,and it’s freaking cold here in Dallas too, so I’ve had a quiet New Years. My son gave me a big bottle of Dame Perfumery Earth Mother perfume and a tub of the body cream, so I’ve been cuddled up in that. I bought myself some Coco Noir with a Sephora gift card, but I’m waiting until my sinuses settle down to wear it.
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • Portia says:

    Heya Ann,
    Happy New Year!
    I wore Shalimar NYE and early NYD but later changed to Bronze Goddess.
    Perfect for our muggy summer days.
    Portia xx

  • Ingeborg says:

    Checks are kind of dead in Scandinavia, I think. We all use debit cards, credit cards, online banking and there is at least one app for easy payment of smaller amounts of money. The cafeteria at work even won’t take cash, same thing at the doctor’s.

    Happy New Year! We had smoked salmon and later a turkey with stuffing and vegs. Several kinds of sparkling wine, including champagne, so no reason to complain, even if it was a quiet family gathering! Foggy and snowing, so not a lot of fireworks to see last night. Nature looks so pristine and calm with all this snow.

  • jenbat says:

    Oh my goodness that cheque thing is brilliant. I’m going to do it, it’ll save me so much frustration! In past years I have mistakenly written the old year on one in June. Six months into the new year.

  • Tara C says:

    Just having a quiet evening here with the dogs, I am reeking from head to toe of various different things, it’s been a spritz fest!

    I’ve made a few resolutions for the new year, and am actually looking forward to embarking on them. Planning to go to a yoga class at noon tomorrow to start the year off right.

  • Musette says:

    Happy New Year! It’ll be a quiet one – it almost always is (in a good way). It’s due to be -14F here tonight so I see a cozy stay-in.* I’ve been sketching all weekend, working on drawings of The Girl. She’s a bit like Patty’s boy, Buddy, in that you can’t look at her too long. But it’s been fun looking at her from a different perspective.

    * Cozy Stay-In was almost derailed. We had a Carbon Monoxide scare here a bit ago – so all of you who have your homes buttoned up tight – be aware. Check your alarms (the alarm coincided with the beginnings of my headache) and check your vents, etc – ours was caused by ice and snow collapsing the vent well-cover.

    Everyone, have a safe and marvelous New Year!


    • MrsDalloway says:

      Oh no, how scary – glad you’re OK

      • Musette says:

        thanks! it’s that time of year when the very thing that’s designed to keep you alive (your furnace) can kill the snot out of you. That’s why I posted that li’l tidbit, in case it helps save someone else, too! xoxoxo

    • Ingeborg says:

      So glad you are fine! Gas always scares me, thankfully I live in a country where we use mainly electricity, district heating or heat pumps.

      Hope you manage to ccapture your dog’s personality in the sketches.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    Happy New Year! We just returned from our family visit in AZ road trip, so NY Eve will be enjoyed back at home for s quiet relaxing evening. I had a bath with Rose Jam (thank you recommendation on precious post Portia) as soon as I unpacked car, and my fragrance with be Amouage Lyric this eve. Maybe I’ll get some ideas from this post on what to wear for the first day of 2018, haven’t decided yet. We will grill salmon with roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus, my favorite meal ever!

  • Gina says:

    Well, I have been sick; so, it’s been a quiet day while I rest. I wore Penhaligon’s Ostara this morning. Tonight, I bathed and used LUSH R’os Argan shaving soap and body conditioner.