Samsara by Guerlain vintage EdT and extrait

Hey Posse peeps, I madly love Samsara by Guerlain and have a bunch of vintage EdP, EdT and extrait hoarded. You may have read me talk about being a Guerlain squirt bitch as one of my first jobs and buying… Continue Reading

Spritzed Reviewed; 2023 Newbies Grabbed At Random

Heya Posse, Here are some decants from Surrender To Chance that have been sitting here awaiting reviewing. I liked them all a lot but other things keep getting written about instead. So rather than leave them for some far off… Continue Reading

Unobtanium Ultima: Guerlain Djedi

Well, it seems like it’s All Guerlain, All the Time here at Perfume Posse, after all these reviews. But I swear, we don’t chat in advance and plan it- it just sort of happens. This one happened because I was… Continue Reading

Mitsouko by Guerlain. Am I Wearing Too Much?

Hey there Crew, So Mitsouko is not my Guerlain first love but it is the one I wear the most. There’s a whole shoebox of different vintages and strengths in the Guerlain cupboard (Yeah, I know. Bragging is hideous, soz).… Continue Reading

Unobtanium: Guerlain Sous le Vent

The discussion the last week about what to wear to court (I wore Derby, an also discontinued Guerlain that a commenter wrote might be reissued) made mention of Sous le Vent, which was a reissue I purchased at the same… Continue Reading

What to wear: Courting Guerlain Derby

Earlier this year I asked what one would wear while on Jury Duty. Well this week I am not exactly on Jury Duty but I do have to act as semi-defendant at a hearing (more like an intervention, really) between… Continue Reading

Jury Duty: Or What to Wear?

So by the time you are reading this I will be either on, or “on call” for Jury Duty. Like anyone, I look forward to that civic duty with the joy and anticipation usually reserved for dental visits or perhaps,… Continue Reading