Violets for Remembrance: Knize Two, Caron Aimez Moi and Guerlain Apres L’Ondee

Well we had quite a surge of stuff hit the mailbox this week- looks like I will be having posts made ahead for a few weeks. Unless I get lazy, and what are the chances of that happening? Shut up,… Continue Reading

Eau de Cologne Imperiale Guerlain

Hey there Posse peeps. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere then I reckon you are sweltering right now. While I’m down in the cool of winter, which I may have mentioned before is my happiest temperature range. We rarely get… Continue Reading

Turning to Comfort: A whine

Well, the heat is back on. With humidity, today at 80% according to my neighbor. And while it is not going to stop me from whining about it (in an, I hope, mildly amusing fashion) I do have to point… Continue Reading

Birthdays, Beauty Events, and More Whining..

Well, first off, a bit of news: I received an email from Serge Lutens reading that Datura Noir and Clair de Musc have been resurrected in the form of bell jars, available to order from the mothership at $305 for… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday To Me

Props if you have seen the bad 80’s slasher movie with the girl from “Little House on the Prairie.” So today is my 39th birthday. It’s like the 45th 39th, so it’s the Annual Patsy Stone Memorial 39th. Therefore, I… Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

Well New Years has come and gone. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, feeling (blaming? Making excuses?) that the past hew years have been so tumultuous that I would just try to cruise on, keeping my head, and it’s… Continue Reading