Une Amourette Roland Mouret

Well after the holiday with I spent in bed witht he flu (did you know dehydration can kill you?) I finally went to ScantBar. I was trying certi things when I was told we’re all in love with the new Etat Libre. Well of course I had to sample! Notes: from (Etat Libre:) Wood, iris, neroli and vanilla (in the order I smell them.) It’s not the longest lasting thing in the world, but since Etat Libre continues to sell 30ML bottles at usually less than $50 (more of course if you want the larger one>) I think I will need to treat myself to one of these. Back to ScentBar!

Image Etat Libre. My sample was asked for and received from ScentBar.


  1. Tom, I was interested in this until I saw that it had patchouli – I can handle a little but not a lot – did you notice it?

      • It seemed like agar to me, and no, that patchouli isn’t too much at all.

        • actually scratch that. If you hate patchouli you won’t like this a all.

          • Thanks, Tom! I’ll try it if I see it, but I won’t go out of my way to buy a sample.

  2. I like all of the notes! I have never heard of a place called ScentBar…
    Thanks, Cindi

    • ScentBar is the physical store for LuckyScent. They’re at Beverly & Martel in the Beverly Grove section of Los Angeles. They also have a new store downtown.

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