Flu and Floods

Sorry about this, but there’s not post for this week. I had that flu that’s going around and I do not recommend it- they almost had me on an IV. Ugh. Then the rains came and I thought it was best that I don’t go gallivanting around in them since I just got to the point where I could eat again.

I will say that Groundwork coffee roasters has the best Earl Grey tea I have ever tasted.

Hope you’re all healthy, and if you do get this stay in bed.

Image: Internets

VerbenaLuvvr January 12, 2018

My daughter had this over Christmas, it was five days of misery. Hoping you beat this quickly!

Kathleen Smith January 12, 2018

Get well soon Tom and stay home and rest! Earl Grey tea is always a pleasure to sip.

Debra January 12, 2018

I hope you get well soon. I have it too. ER on Monday with IV's. One doc wanted admission; another said not necessary. They're running out of saline fluids. The modeling for the 2017-18 was a miss.....they said only 10 percent effective. This is The Worst since one other episode over a decade ago where my temp got to 104 and had nightmares of a green hell. Yep, still remember it.

shiva-woman January 12, 2018

I'm so glad you're relatively okay and not in mud. Stay safe and get healthy. I was thinking about you this week -- I'm in Norcal fire and flood territory, sniffing some Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese.