Still Alive!

I know, I know, I miss you guys!  I’m moved in, still unpacking. I’m taking my time with it because I want to get things in the right place and not just wind up frustrated and wanting to get done and shoving them somewhere.    Oh, yeah, I’ve done that a couple of times.

I was going to throw a couple of pictures in of the backyard and pool. It’s amazing.  But pics aren’t coming in on this computer for some reason easily, so I just have one.  But a third of the yard is grass/plains.  A third is my pool. The other third is all terraces and trees – an oak and a maple.  I have so much gardening to do now.  First I have to sort through friend and foe and get some weeding done?

Oh!  I have hummingbirds!  She had been feeding them, so I’m on the path. Got my syrup boiled up and have at least one pair still stopping in perching on the bush right outside the window.  I’m hoping to have more come next year.

I love the house, it has all of this indirect light everywhere, so it never feeeeeels dark, but it IS shady.  In all the best ways.  It’s like this cool, embracing shade in the parts of the house you want to be shady, and the front room is just all this filtered sunlight from walls of windows.

I’m still trying to sort out how to arrange my front room. It’s tricky. I may post pictures of the room and the furniture I’m working with for you guys’ help.

Perfume getting me through this?  The only thing I stuck in my purse was some Le Labos. So Vanille 44 and the London one.

Yeah, happy I moved, love my house, love being around my family, and the moving part was hard and long and annoying, but worth it!

Oh, funny part.  You know how when you buy a house, it has someone else’s smells in it?  This house did. So I’ve been doing Fornasetti diffuser oil for like two weeks to make it feel like my smell!

What are you guys up to, anything great releasing this fall?


  • Jennifer S says:

    Isn’t it a great feeling when everything is going right and you’re at just the right place in your life? Lucky you to experience that and I hope that feeling continues for many years to come!

  • Ingeborg says:

    I survived the heat this summer! Waiting for a new bed, new coffee table and new bar stool I ordered earlier this summer.

    Also packing in my office, my admin unit moves into a new building at the end of the month, open space and very limited room for books. We aren’t too sure the organisation is quite ready for this.

    I managed to control my urge to buy a lot in the ferry tax free shop, so only a small set of Hermès bottles from their “garden collection” came home with me after a visit in Finland. For sure I will enjoy the variety. The big goal of this holiday trip was to meet up with a pen friend I’ve been writing to since the 80s. We’have been friends through good times and bad times, so it was really special to meet face to face. We aren’t soul mates, but it still felt good to meet, so relaxed.

    I find your pool must be such a great part of your property, please remember to make good use of it! But I guess you are busy unpacking first.

  • Portia says:

    Long happy times in the house Patty, for you’re tenure and beyond.
    Portia xx

  • Dina C. says:

    Congrats on being moved in, and welcome back to the Posse! You were missed. 🙂 I’m helping my DS pack up his worldly goods today as he prepares to move into his first apartment with friends. He’ll still be local and going to college, so it’s not too sad. But we’re going through every corner of the house asking, “Is this yours?” 😀 I’m wearing a favorite today: Miller et Bertaux Green, Green, Green and…Green.

  • Shiva-woman says:

    I’m in exactly the same situation. We moved last Wednesday, and I’m staring at boxes…. I have been wearing Lemon Liada by Providence Perfumes–fabulously lemony zingy fresh with a slight undercurrent of LOTV

  • hczerwiec says:

    Welcome home, and happy settling in! Still waiting to try the new Chanels, and am mostly keeping cool with No 19 and Pamplelune.

  • Musette says:

    I just popped in to see if you were on board – and you are!!! Welcome back, sweetie! Glad the house is starting to smell like home! That pool is DOINKIN’ FAB! (just made that up – like ‘Sleep is the New Sex’ – remember that one? Me. ) –

    I’m coddling my dahlias and awash in Amouage’s newest, ‘Love Tuberose’. Gawjus.

    If you’re on the hummers’ trapline and you keep those feeders going, you’ll stay on the trapline for forever. Throw up some tubular flowers and they’ll love you – they love my Cleome (which reseeds) and the 88cent sale red salvia, love it way better than the pricey Mandevillia I thought they’d adore. Weirdos. You know what else they love? (and is largely indestructible) – Globe Thistle. Omg. they LOVE it!