Filomena August 10, 2018

Congratulations and I wish you many happy and healthy years together!

Tara C August 10, 2018

Lovely vows, I value honesty too. We can only do our best. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Pam August 10, 2018

What a handsome couple! Best, best wishes! That looked like a fabulous wedding.

hczerwiec August 9, 2018

Oh! Heartclench! Love and joy to you both!

Diana August 9, 2018

Those vows, Portia... You both are incredible, I wish you more happiness than you can imagine, you absolutely deserve it.

Dina C. August 9, 2018

I have a really big lump in my throat now, but I want to type to say that I love your scent choices! You chose such beautiful, memorable ones. I think 30 years from now you'll still be glad you went with those ones. What a joyful celebration you had! Love the earnest, sincere quality that came through loud and clear in your vows. Just delightful! Thanks for sharing Portia! :-D

Musette August 9, 2018

Holy snakes and cabbage! Those vows made me get a bit teary! Lovely - in a very loving, pragmatic way! One of the reasons I love you as a couple is you seem to both work to Make It So. You understand that it's not all doves and rose petals, that it involves 'wanting to' and 'trying'. I applaud you for that. And I adore you. xoxoxoA

Koyel August 9, 2018

Congratulations, Portia! I’m so happy for you both.

MMKinPA August 9, 2018

Once again, congratulations!! Your vows were perfect - simple but so heartfelt. So glad you had the wonderful day you and Jin deserved!

Meg August 9, 2018

Happiest, warmest wishes!! Lovely, fun scents to match what looks like a lovely, fun day. Congratulations to you both!!!

Chris Hartnett August 9, 2018

What wonderful pics and sentiments..Congratulations to you and Jin x

Brigitte August 9, 2018

Beautiful.....everything...thank you for sharing your special day with us. Wishing you many many many years of love and happiness together . xxxooo

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