Under the weather Sunday/Monday

Sorry, dear Posse folks, but I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Think I ate something that didn’t agree with me and it’s left me feeling rather puny. I’ve got some Sprite, chicken broth and crackers to get me through, however. And it’s a crying shame because Mother Nature has let us out of the deep freeze, dishing us up some lovely weekend weather and here I am stuck indoors. Oh well.

I did dab on a bit of a gentle vanilla to give me a little cloud of comforting scent, but not enough to be off-putting.

What do you reach for when you’re feeling under the weather? Or what are you wearing now that it’s February?


  1. Sorry you are feeling bad, homeopathic Arsenicum Album is great for food poisoning. All I can wear when I’m sick is white musk or a bit of vanilla.

  2. Feel better 🙁
    I usually go for an essential oil, or nothing at all when I am under the weather
    We went from -6F to now expected high temps of 56F today…I am doing a happy dance and will be wearing Paprika Brasil

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I almost always go for a light mint scent if I am feeling ill. Guerlain AA Herba Fresca is a particular favourite

  4. Ginger tea for nausea, peppermint tea for upset stomach. I second the above, a light mint scent would be my choice as well. Hope this passes quickly!

  5. Light Eaux des colognes, preferably lemony ones, are nice when I’m feeling sick. And also nice for Spring-like days (we’re having one too though the reprieve will be short-lived).Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Bummer Ann, get better soon,
    Wearing and Australian Indie, Wean Chai by Teone Reinthal. Spicy and hot. You’d think it would be horrible in the muggy summer heat but it’s a perfect fit.
    Portia xx

    • you know, that’s how Amouage attars are meant to be worn, in the searing heat. I wear Tribute Attar in 90F+ and it blooms beautifully, not overpowering at all, just gorgeous! So your Wean Chai sounds just perfect!!! xoxoxo

      • A LOT like the Amouage Musette, good correlation. I’m an Ubar in thew heat kinda guy myself.
        Portia xx

  7. Ann, petunia! I hope you’re feeling better, soonest! When I feel puny I reach for Chanel No 5. Then I reach for a sedative. So I don’t reach for an ax. I really need to get a grip! lol!


  8. Oh, be well! Whether I wear scent depends on the kind of under-the-weather I feel — if it’s a migraine, then NOTHING.

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