All is Well and a storytelling giveaway

Hey, Posse!

Portia is FOINE!

Just busybizzybuzzbuzz.

So.  No post today.  Except this one, saying there’s no post today.


But if you’re reading this and want a li’l sample or two, tell MOI (Musette) a warm-weather story because it’s flippin’ 10F with a 30mph NW wind, making it Apocalypse Weather.  In March.  That lion is peeling the skin off my face.

The Girl (who still wants to go for a walk, despite the face-peeling cold) will pull a winnah and I will announce whom/who/whose 😉 next week, when I also announce the winner of the previous giveaway.

I feel like Oprah, y’all.



  • Brigitte says:

    Warm weather….what’s that??? Spring can’t get here soon enough…I am sick and tired of shoveling snow off of my driveway!

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    I have no warm-weather story to tell, either, with 8 inches of snow this weekend and more snow predicted this week. We were trapped at home until the snow plow finally came late yesterday afternoon. I need to get my batteries charged soon or I will run out of steam entirely, this winter seems the longest ever!

  • grizzlesnort says:

    I grew up in the southern tip of Texas. I lived in S. Arabia for a year and N. Africa for 2, Iran (in the old days) also. I am done with *hot* weather but I’ll take warm. As in summer in the Pacific Northwest where I live now and the pink season endures for months. Warm as in not drenched in sweat minutes after stepping out of the shower in Houston; warm as in not fried into a locust shell in the much-touted dry heat. Warm, warm as in fuchsias and bleeding hearts before they croak in July. Warm as in nice and tepid. Warm as in lukewarm. That’s fine.

  • Heather Raine says:

    Once upon a time, there was a secret little island called Martinique. Martinique was so lush and beautiful, that it was lovingly called the Isle of Flowers. The western side of Martinique boasted beautiful, clear Caribbean waters lapping over sugary beaches, and hot, sunny days. Its towns bustled with energy and activity, from locals and tourists alike. The eastern side of Martinique roared with wild Atlantic waves crashing up against its cliffs and coastlines, and hidden pockets of calm beach on the Caravelle peninsula. While the eastern side was warm, the refreshing breezes yet flowed over its islets and mountains, soaring through the trees. Towns on the eastern side were more relaxed and laid back, with hammocks and volleyball nets strung among the palm trees towering over coarse-sand beaches, and people sunning and watching the waves with pina coladas in to-go cups from the local beach bar.

    We were there in January, and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since: the soaring mountains, the silent conch shell graveyards forming reefs for the sprawling, tangled mangrove trees, the cheerful flowers growing wild along the sides of the winding road, the friendly people speaking French. It was bliss.

  • Sapphire says:

    We always want the weather we don’t have. I remember taking my boys to Six Flags over Texas one day when it got up to 104. They were carting off the first heat exhaustion victim in a golf cart before noon. We still had a good time. Lots of water and they had misting fans all over.

  • Portia says:

    So sorry crew,
    Back next Wednesday.
    HOT? Bloody hell. It’s still been going gangbusters here in Sydney. I write to you all from my desk in my perfume room. Wearing only my underpants and still sweating.
    It was Mardi Gras parade and Party on Saturday. I frocked up to pillion on the bike, then hosted the parade (of 200 floats) and then we hit the party for some dancing, shows and catch ups with friends. The day was around 36C and it cooled off to around 20C by 3am when we left to go home.
    There’s my hot weather story.
    Portia xx

  • Ann says:

    Sorry, dear, no real warm-weather stories here. But now I’ll be welcoming summer, when I used to dread the oppressive heat. I think after experiencing that “change of life,” plus losing weight and aging, my internal thermostat has gone to cold and stayed there. Staying warm around here doing lots of cleaning and decluttering with DH, along with job-hunting. Hugs to you!!

  • Koyel says:

    This isn’t much of a story, but I went on a cruise from San Francisco (which is near where I live) to Mexico this December. The air on our balcony was chilly in the Bay Area, but as we sailed south, it got warmer and warmer, until by the second day at sea, sitting on the balcony and sipping Lillet became an extremely enjoyable activity. The whole time we were in Mexico, we took breakfast and aperitifs on our balcony, enjoying the December warmth. On land in Mexico, it was hard to remember that it was nearly Christmas! How could Christmas be so warm??

    And then we starting sailing back home, northward…and by our penultimate day at sea, the air was far too cold to enjoy extended balcony time again, and I remembered that it was in fact December.

    And that’s just California, which is warm compared to real places 🙂 I’m a wimp.

  • Coin-op says:

    It’s still winter, I’m freezing and I hate the cold. The end

  • Jennifer S says:

    My best warm weather story happened a couple of years ago when it hit 76 degrees here in the Northeast on Christmas Day. Oh it was wonderful to walk around outside without a jacket on!

  • hczerwiec says:

    Warm weather stories…huh…lessee…I *think* I remember there used to be this thing called summer? It’s going to get into the 30s this weekend, but it’s going to bring a lot of snow with it, and there’s nowhere to put the snow — all the piles are already over my head!

  • Ellen says:

    We had gloriously warm weather in the month of February. So nice that I brought all my houseplants out onto the porch(something I do every year when the weather is nice). Last night the temperature was below freezing and I”m wrapping my plants in blankets. NEVER NEVER NEVER trust good weather in February.

  • Neva says:

    Everything is in bloom around here for the last two weeks. Totally unusual for late February/early March. I feel high like I was in love and I don’t want this feeling to end. I refuse to think that it could (and will) ever change.

  • Tara C says:

    I spend the winter in San Diego instead of Montreal. Take that old man winter! Snowbirding rules.

  • Matty says:

    My cat does that….no way in the cold.

  • Gina says:

    My story? Last year in winter and the year before I was in Mexico. This year, I am going nowhere interesting. So, warm weather will be May or June in Ohio! But, I love in the summer when I let my cats on the enclosed deck they love to lay on the hot pavement and sun themselves. They cry to go out there but want me out with them. i prefer A/C or water.