Out of pocket: A working girl heading to college, sort of

collegeHowdy, dear Posse folks!! Not much for you today because of 1) my new retail career with crazy hours has kept me hopping this past week, and 2) we are getting ready to take my hs graduate off to college for his orientation. Goodness, where does the time go?

Hope you all are doing well. Do share with me what you’re up to at this point in mid-June. We’ve had a crop of unseasonably cool weather here, so it’s been nice to sleep with the windows open. Gotta enjoy it because the heat will be here in full force soon enough.

Haven’t been sniffing much lately, but am hoping sometime on our college road trip to stop by a new Chanel boutique, sniff some CC lovelies, check out any new goodies, and report back.

Take care and have a great week!!

  • Amateur Dilettante says:

    Having just attended the college graduation of my step-daughter, sadly the time will fly by even faster somehow!! Wonderful and wistful.
    I hope you son has many good learning experiences (and doesn’t post any of them on social media, but I’m old what do I know).
    I’m in the middle of a life transition (tea station? really, spellcheck?) So I’m purging unloved items (not because of Marie Kondo, I am my own person), downsizing to a much smaller place, and starting a new chapter (or maybe book 2 of a trilogy, or book 3, or maybe 4?) of my life. And obviously immersed in parentheticals.
    May the next year bring you many happy returns!

    • Musette says:

      okay, this comment made me LOL~ the parentheticals are parhysterical! I hope the life tea station is a positive one – but even if not, it seems like you are approaching it with grace and humor.

      Ann, if you do get to a Chanel boutique, try Paris-Biarritz! It’s one of my Summer faves!

      xoxoxo – and thanks for letting me bounce you for Missy March’s Birthday!

      • Ann says:

        I know, too, too funny, isn’t it? Not to worry about the bump — I’m so glad we were able to get March’s birthday on the books! And I love Biarritz, too! We have a new Chanel Beaute boutique that opened north of the ATL and I made DH stop on the way to orientation. No bags, accessories, etc., but all the Exclusifs, the skin care and even men’s skincare and makeup, exclusive to them. They also had a new Eaux scent, limited edition, called Riviera, which was lovely!!

  • Sharon C. says:

    I hope your son has a wonderful, memorable freshman year–so many career choices that weren’t out there when I was his age a long time ago in a galaxy faar faar away…

    The photo does make me a little sad, though.

  • hczerwiec says:

    Because school starts after Labor Day in MN and we had snow days added on, my son just finished 1st grade last week. So summer’s just getting started here — but it’s been lovely so far! Same somewhat cool weather as you, so we’re also enjoying the open windows. We’re looking to sell our house in a year or two, so I’m planning to do fix-up and painting projects this summer to get things ready.

    Have fun sniffing at Chanel!