Missy March’s Birthday!!!

So.  I’m bouncing Ann’s post,  because TODAY is Missy March – the FABULOUS MARCH – it’s Missy March’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!  And under normal circumstances I would’ve asked Ann to post it – but!  So here’s what happened:

(phone rings – yes, we actually TALK ON THE PHONE!  fight me): so.

The Bonehead(aka Me) :  March!  Your birthday is on the 17th, right?

March:  yep.  it’s tomorrow.

Bonehead:  Noooo!  It’s the 17th!

March:  yep.  Which. Is. Tomorrow.

Bonehead:  Noooo!  It’s NEXT WEEK!

March. Nope.  TO. Morrow!  Ya bonehead. (0bviously I am NOT to be trusted with a calendar)


omg.  what a lima bean!  So!  This afternoon and all day tomorrow is Missy March Day!  Please join me in wishing her a Happy Birthday!

she likes this kinda cake

maybe almond/raspberry?

Matcha tea sounds lovely!

and a handful of diamonds!  Who doesn’t need diamonds on their birthday, amirite?  Diiiiiiiiamonds!  Big’uns, too!

Tom June 21, 2019

Happy (belated) birthday!

Sapphire June 20, 2019

Happy Birthday to us, March! We share a birthday. Hope you had a good one.

cinnamon June 18, 2019

Have a lovely bday, March, with cake and fizzy wine and perfume!!!

Ellen M. June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday!

Jennifer S June 18, 2019

Hope your birthday was wonderful and wishing you many more!

otamom June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday! :)

Dina C. June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday March! Wishing you a well-scented year ahead! :-)

Portia June 18, 2019

Hey there March, Have a fun BIRTHDAY. Make some wonderful memories. Portia xx

Mother Courreges June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday March!

Pam June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday, March!

Filomena June 18, 2019

Happy Birthday March! I hope you had a great day and wish you many happy and healthy fragrant years ahead.

Kathleen June 18, 2019

Happy birthday March! Best wishes for a fabulous year ahead!

Ann June 17, 2019

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, darling March!! Hope you are having the most fabulous one ever!! Love and hugs, your Posse co-pilot Ann

Tara C June 17, 2019

Happy birthday March, wishing you a great day and a wonderful fragrant year!

matty1649 June 17, 2019

Happy Birthday, March XXX

Sharon C. June 17, 2019

Happy birthday, March, and lots of fun and laughter for the year ahead!

Maya June 17, 2019

Happy Birthday,March!!! Wishing you many many more - healthy ones and wealthy ones and most of all, FUN ones. :) :) ;)