What’s your EBP? Early summer version

emergency EBPAs you all probably know by now, EBP isn’t some kind of official-speak, as in, “Hey, Joe, what’s your ETA to the next delivery stop?” It stands for emergency backup perfume, and it was coined by lovely Posse reader AnnieA, commenting on one of my posts several years ago. It’s something a lot of us probably do without even thinking about it: We apply a scent at home, then put the spray or vial or mini bottle into to-go mode and head out the door. And after a busy day or week — or in my case, sometime even months ? — we forget to take them all back out again.

Now that we (or at least some of us) are in summer, it’s time to share our current sniffages.

As for me, I’ve been grooving on several of the Chanel Eaux: Venise, Deauville and Biarritz. Also am testing a bit of their newest, Riviera, but that review will have to wait for a week or so. And I’ve pulled an oldie but goodie favorite into my purse collection: Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom. It isn’t fancy or complicated, but it is just SO darned pretty. And it feels like a good fit with my retail job (where I can now wear fragrance — hooray!! — although nothing too loud, obviously, or distracting). Plus, the JM Orange Blossom reminds me of home and my Florida childhood, so that’s a nice bonus.

What about you? Do take a peek at the bottoms of your purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc., and share your emergency backup perfume: What vials, decants, bottles, etc., are rolling around in there?

And as always — a word of advice: I try to keep my EBP items in a plastic zip-top baggie (a plastic-lined makeup bag would do nicely) in a feeble attempt at organization, but also mostly because I’m frightened of leakage. Having once had the lining of a handbag stained this way, that’s one fragrance emergency I’m not eager to repeat. And it is nice to have your scent choices all together and see them at a glance, instead of spread out all hither and yon in the bottom of your purse, which is what I used to do, before said accident.

Have a great week, everyone, and enjoy yourselves!!

Amateur Dilettante June 28, 2019

Ha, I just switched out my winter EBPs for some summer (ok spring, it’s been cold up here in the land of cheese) fragrances. This spring, I couldn’t get enough of Chamade for some reason, it’s even the latest formulation which I HATED when I bought the EDP a couple years ago because they toned down the hyacinth/galbanum in favor if the rose, and that vexed me. I was going to sell the bottle but now I don’t think I will. It’s finally getting warmer at the end of June so now I’ve moved in to L’Etrog by Arquiste, my favorite citrus perfume. I have other random things in the box, Unter den Linden, Silences, Ashoka, Ninfeo Mio (another perennial summer Favorite for me). I have a little box I keep in my desk drawer at work.

Pam June 27, 2019

Currently packing small sample vials of Dior Eau Sauvage and Diorissimo, Mona do Orio Nuit Noire, Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist, and a sample from a new perfumer out of LA, Thin Wild Mercury Chateau, 1970 (French citrus, sunset rose, vintage wardrobe, loved-in linens) reminds me a bit of Aromatics. I’vE been wearing Hermès Hiris, FM En Passant, and L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing! I totally Stan Olivia Giacobetti so I’d love recommendations for any of her perfumes. I’m a newbie lover of the perfume world and hugely appreciate your presence!

gentianacraciun June 25, 2019

TDC s Bois d Iris (mini), Comme des Garcons 2 (purse spray), Nicolai Neroli intense (purse spray), Cap Neroli and Patchouli Intense vials, Acqua Nobile Iris vial... that s it for today... Always more than a perfume in my purse, as one is for refreshing in the second part of the day and 2-3 are for testing. Yesterday were the first 3 mentioned above, plus 4 vials of Acqua di Parma blue series... Friday and Saturday I made some layering experiments. The new Silences from Jacomo with woody, leather and Iris fragrances, to bring it closer to the spirit of the original... decants of Cabochard, Bandit, Aromatics Elixir, Infusion d Iris, Chanel 19 poudre, Hiris, TDC s Bois d Iris.

AnnieA June 24, 2019

Have gone fancy with a decant of the Amber from Dior’s La Collection is since I’d like to finish it.

Musette June 24, 2019

I have the same Standbys (vinty No5 and vinty Arpege) which live in my cosmetic case - but I also have a purse spray of my new love, Acqua di Parma's Iris Nobile. Lasts about .32 seconds but omgosh, what a lovely scent! xoxoxo

Filomena June 24, 2019

Hermes Hiris, Chanel No. 19 Poudre, or Carthusia Fiore di Capri. However, I do have to revisit Jo Malone Orange Blossom which was once more or less a signature scent for me back in the day when Jo Malone actually created and owned it (or at least I thought so).

CQ Tipy June 24, 2019

I usually keep some sweet, but not sickeningly sweet, marshmallow perfume I bought at Target as an EBP. LOL It is actually fantastic and works well in the heat.

matty1649 June 23, 2019

Just had a look in my handbag. Found a sample of Live Irresistible Givenchy. The carded sample from SA in dept store. Have now put it in make up bag with other samples and decants.

Kathleen June 23, 2019

I just looked in my purse to see what was tucked into the side pocket. I have sample vials of Tiffany, Lancome Tresor in Love, and La Vie Est Belle from my last Nordstrom visit, and a decant of M. Micallef Yland Ylang from my sister's bottle. I don't ever carry bottles of my perfumes in my purse.

taxi June 23, 2019

I don't often carry a back up to work, as I often drive clients in my car. Nothing worse than being trapped in a car with someone's overwhelming scent. (I wish all my clients were as considerate.) Any daytime backups are usually Prada Iris, Hermes Eau d'orange verte or Jardin en Mediterranee.