Chypre Shot by Olfactive Studio

Hi there Perfume Posse. Chypre Shot is an excellent name for a fragrance and comes from Olfactive Studio with Leather Shot and Vanilla Shot (OMG! Vanilla is utterly swoon worthy but I gave my sample away to TinaG who it smelled amazing on). The new crowd funded bottle has been enhanced with a rubber/leather(?) slip in the most 1950s medical instrument colour, kind of bloody brown. It’s a captivating look, I really want to hold one to see and feel what it’s like.

Chypre Shot by Olfactive Studio 2018

Bertrand Duchaufour

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Cardamom, Saffron, Bergamot
Heart: Peony, Black pepper, Coffee, Black tea
Base: Oakmoss, Patchouli, Labdanum, Amber

Chypre Shot opens quite warm and amber-ish with a spicy pepper/saffron zing and smooth cardamom overlaying all. Not a chypre in the vintage mode, here a clean patchouli works with hints of moss in the base. What mainly shines through on my skin is the warmth of the amber. Sweet, cozy and slightly animalic labdanum gives lovely depth.

Surrender To Chance has some Olfactive Studio samples

Portia xx



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  1. I just wore a dab of vintage Coty Chypre last night, so was hoping for a resemblance. Ah, well – this sounds like a fun perfume time, nonetheless, and that bottle is FAB!!!


    • WOW! Bringing out the big guns Musette. Was it all the chypre you dreamed? I bet you smelled gorgeous.
      Portia xx

      • Portia, it was………revelatory. Awhile ago I sampled a vial from my friend WAFT by Carol – and …omg. It was one of those ‘ohh!’ moments, every time I sniffed it. This version, while not as perfect as hers, was damb close. One of the most perfect chypres ever created, that Coty was. xoxoxo

        • Oooooh! I ove that it moves you so much Musette. That’s a big deal after a few years of perfumistahood.
          Portia xx

  2. That name is hilarious! And the bottle is way cool.

    • Hey there Hczerwiec,
      Why is the name hilarious?
      Yeah, the bottle is so yum. I really am lemming the bottle even more than the frag.
      Portia xx

      • I know the other scents in the series have “shot” as part of the name (like Vanilla Shot), but “Chypre Shot” sounds like a play on the phrase “Cheap Shot” — it might be an American idiom, but a cheap shot is when someone says something unnecessarily cruel or biting. I don’t know if the wordplay was intended or not, but I guess I’m tuned to it, because my Twitter nickname is “Chypre Floozy.”

          • and you’re right – I kept wondering why Chypre Shot sounded slightly…odd. xoxo

        • OMG! I had no idea. We use Cheap Shot too but it never occurred to me. Chypre Floozy is HILARIOUS once I get the joke.

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