Amouage Portrayal – and a giveaway

what a gorgeous bottle!

Portrayal is the penultimate offering in Christopher Chong’s oeuvre (at least I think it is – I know of one other to come but…who knows?).  After an amazing 12 year creative run at the vaunted House Amouage, Christopher has left for other ventures and this is a fitting near-farewell.  Portrayal appears on the scene at a very… interesting …time in humankind (I am reminded of the Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’) – in the press release it says Portrayal is about ‘breaking free from the cages of solitude society sets around people because their truths are often seen as shockingly unconventional’

That statement is a bit of a Janus mask – we are more connected than ever seen in the history of humanity but at the same time so many people seem to feel so isolated.  But I wonder if it’s necessary in order to break through the shadows and come out into the light.   Change is afoot and Change can be terrifying – as for unconventional truths, it seems as if we are awash in those, daily; usually very uncomfortable to behold, even though the end result can be a beautiful thing, uncomfortable truths seem to be designed more to be endured than anything.  We’re living in extremely interesting times right now – and all I can hope is that it is the precursor to better times.  For me, Portrayal is an embodiment of the convulsion of change, as it morphs into better times.  It seems to dance – but with an elegant-but- solid footing (I’m reminded of Fred & Ginger dancing to ‘Night and Day’).  Portrayal Woman has, at its core, a Craven Tobacco(a traditional British brand) note – and, while I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke, I LOVE the smell of tobacco!  An undertone of Tuberose (along with Vanilla and Jasmine) gives it a lighthearted, sunny feel, without feeling at all jejune.   Portrayal is for a woman who’s seen her fair share of sorrow – but who accepts that sorrow is a part of Life, as she navigates through the shadows into the light.

It’s something we could all stand to remember, as we also navigate through  the shadows and lights of Life.  And if we can smell amazing, so much the better!

Portrayal Man??  Well, it’s is just Fun as Heck!  Imagine Aventus bebopping with Good ‘n Plenty!  It makes me smile, every time I spritz it!  And I’m happy any time I get to smile!

Want to try them both?  Tell me a smiley story!  I’ll have The Girl (who’s having hip issues but that pawnail is still going strong) pull a winner – and I’ll even throw in an Aventus sample!  Because The Girl said so!


kbennall August 29, 2019

A smiley story: the "Good&Plenty" comment reminded me that a couple of years ago I brought a tiny bottle of Arak back from Jordan for my dad. He is a massive licorice lover, but not a drinker at all - maybe a dessert wine once or twice a year, at most. I wasn't sure if he'd drink it, but I poured him a little glass, and and then put the water in so it turned white and he gasped audibly, and then sat in his armchair just smelling it for hours. I have no idea if he ever even drank it, but every time I walked by he exclaimed about how wonderful it smelled.

grizzlesnort August 13, 2019

I was having lunch at Providore alone and when I dine alone I like to eavesdrop. Well, I always like to eavesdrop. A father and son at the next table were having a heart to heart and dad asks,'so how's your girlfriend?' and son replies, 'just great!' and dad asks, "yeah?' and son says, 'No, really. She's getting married in November!" I had so many questions. :-) Please enter me in your draw!

Jennifer S August 13, 2019

I read about this woman who went into a shelter looking to adopt whichever cat/s had been there the longest and were the ‘neediest’. She wanted whatever final years left to them to be stress free and full of love. She did it with dogs too, often adopting multiples at a time! That is so awesome. As long time, once a week shelter volunteers, me, my husband and our daughter get to know all the cats, those who’ve come and gone and those that are still there and while we do have our ‘favorites’ nothing makes us happier than to see one getting adopted out to their forever home!

Dina C. August 13, 2019

I'm not a fan of tobacco Anita, so don't enter me into your drawing, but here's a smiley story for you: we adopted a dog for the first time in February. Our terrier/lab mutt is about 11 months old now, and so funny and cute. He looks very much like the old RCA logo dog. Recently he has developed a new habit. When I have my morning cup of tea, he demands his morning Nubz bone as if it was a cup of coffee. He knows right where they are kept, walks over there and looks at me like, "Okay lady, I need my morning bone. Give it to me!" :-D

Nina Zolotow August 13, 2019

This story has smiles and also tears and you Musette, are in it!

Kathleen August 13, 2019

I love Amouage perfumes, and after your description now want to sample Portrayal. I wonder what the future will hold now that Christopher Chong has left? I just purchased an older bottle of jubilation 25 for fall/winter wearing. I babysat an 11 week old French Bulldog on weekend, beyond cute! My 3 year old puppy brain Boxer was over the moon excited. Give your girl a hug from me. I’m sorry her hips are an issue. I hope you can find remedy for relief for her. xx

Gina Tabasso August 13, 2019

What always makes me smile is my horse. We have been together for 23 years. He is the love of my life and my partner. When we go on trail rides, I never want to come down. I leave my cares at the door and don't think about where I came from or where I need to be when I leave. I am completely mindful and in the present moment. He has taught me this, patience, trust. We brought each other back from terrible things. It never gets old, seven days per week for all those years.

Koyel August 13, 2019

Why yes, Musette, I do want to try them both! A smiley story, hmm. My little Mischief kitten (who is actually an old lady at the age of 11) loooooves bathtub water. She has a water fountain with constant, clean water flowing from it, but she NEEDS to have water from the bathtub faucet, she NEEDS it. So anytime she thinks we might be headed towards the bathroom, she gets a nutso look in her eyes and her claws skitter on the tiles as she desperately runs towards the bathtub. (We actually give her bathtub water maybe 5 % of the time she does this. You know, to keep her wanting it.) But the little girl is eternally hopeful, and I think she will remain so to the end of her days. How’s that for smiley? It made me smile.

Carolyn August 13, 2019

Hello! Newbie Carolyn here. I love the smell of tobacco because it reminds me of my grandfather, sitting in his favourite armchair, wear an old grey cardigan, and enjoying a good book. I'm a big fan of tuberose, too so I'm intrigued by this new scent. What's a smiley story?