Too Darned Hot

Sorry guys- I meant to write something for today, but it’s been too darned hot. Over 100 degrees on this side of the hill and with violent storms in the North Valley, making things kind of humid. I only went out once and that was just to the local TJ’s- the one with the underground parking, thanks. The idea of getting back into a car with no AC that’s been marinating in the sun in a surface lot was a big “No.” Actually going out was a big “No” in general- Labor day I showered, shaved, put on the spackle and the SPF 10000 fully thinking I would do something, anything to get out on the long holiday weekend. I made it to the garage before deciding to just go upstairs to the AC and watch more silly movies.

I couldn’t even comment on the posts on here because the site decided that any comment from a Mac was spam (right now I am in the office on a PC)

So I doused myself in Florida Water, Jean Nate and Aqua di Colonia Concentrada, drank gallons of watered down Tejava tea, chatted on the phone, and watched movies. Today I was back at work and had to go to the main office for a while and boy is it awful out. I feel bad for people who have to work outside in it. Did you know that USPS trucks are not air conditioned? Feature that one- I let our regular carrier in on how to get into the bathroom in our gym years ago- she’s always so pleasant and I feel like biting people just from driving from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills when it’s this hot.

So if you had a holiday weekend, what did you get up to for it? Let us know in the comments..

Image: Pexels, My iPhone

  • Maya says:

    It’s been a long hot summer! Glad that there are hints of fall in the air, especially in the evenings. Raspberry shortbread cookies sound delicious.

  • Portia says:

    No Labor Day weekend here in Oz Tom.
    Hoping your temps get sensible soon.
    Currently wearing Al Oudh by L’Artisan.
    Portia xx

    • Tom says:

      I’m hoping too- I worry about some of my elderly neighbors on fixed incomes. Sometimes they won’t even turn on the AC b/c of the electric bill.

  • Dina C. says:

    My MIL, 82, had her first big health crisis, a heart attack. So we spent the weekend driving to see her. Thankfully, she pulled through and is slowly regaining her faculties day by day. But it was NOT the weekend we thought we were going to have. Lots of exhausting driving and emotional turmoil. My husband is one of five kids — it was nice to see everyone. And upstate New York was beautiful.

  • March says:

    Ahhhhhh, Death Valley days! (which is what I read instead of North Valley hahaha) I hope it cools off soon! Quiet weekend here, didn’t go anywhere. It was a big tourist weekend and I’m still wrapping my mind around how many folks you can jam into this town — there were 71K people at Zozobra according to ticket sales/drone footage. We rely on tourist $ so practicing acceptance but it does affect where I go, trying to avoid crowds…

    • Tom says:

      Death Valley wasn’t far off. I’d go to the beach (well, near to it, not actually on it) but the whole of LA was there, and the tourists too. Si I stayed close to home, AC, and old movies. And chatting on the phone with GF’s, which was almost as nice as hanging out, and I didn’t have to wear pants.

  • Musette says:

    Yikes! You guys are getting HAMMERED out there – stay safe, sweetie!
    My Labor Day holiday, as you know, involved going to (not participating in) a 4mile race, donning a tiara and riding a float, riding a Ferris wheel… the sort of thing one does on Labor Day. It was lovely!

    What a lovely thing to do for your USPS driver. My house is a known Safe House for any/all of those people, especially in the insane heat of Summer. Chair is on the porch and I am usually always around to offer ice water and cool cloths, should they want them. Dog Not Included, as he is a safety hazard all on his own.


    • Tom says:

      Yeah, it sux.

      I’m surprised more buildings don’t open to delivery people. Ours is cleaned twice a week no matter what so who cares?

  • cinnamon says:

    As Alityke said, our heat wave appears to have disappeared. Now, shock showers, rolling thunder every once in a while, 10-15 degrees Celsius cooler than a few weeks ago. Can’t even recall what I did over the weekend except I know I took the dog for long walks. And I have noticed I have a leak on the inside wall next to the back door… Sigh.

    • Tom says:

      Oh Lordy roof leaks suck. We’re supposed to maybe get storms later this week. I wouldn’t mind (unless we discover a new and interesting roof leak..

      • cinnamon says:

        Thankfully, it’s not the roof in this case — but the post at one side of the door. I think I’m going to have to get someone in to look at it and give advice about what might be causing things. A summer of dry weather and then rain maybe has caused something to shift a bit. Sigh…

  • Alityke says:

    The heat over this side of the pond seems to have broken. Still having warm days though. Just not as warm.
    There seem to be lots of reports of thunderstorms & downpours up & down the UK. I vaguely heard one a couple of nights ago but slept through it. Now it’s cooler sleep is so much easier & having only cat napped for months the sleep is wonderfully refreshing

  • Tom says:

    I posted this on FacePlace

    “ In this heat my usual “heat it up and vacuum it down” dinner habit is off. I’ve been making salads for the last 4 days. Thank goodness the Burton Way TJ’s and the BH Market have attached covered parking. TJ’s provided the chopped salad mix, plumcots, and tabbouleh, while BH Market had the plum and heirloom tomatoes, tangerines and red onion. I chopped and mixed them all (except the tabbouleh), added olive oil and balsamic vinegar then let them sit so the flavors would meld and the acid would “cook” some of the harshness out of the onions. Then toss with the bulgar mix before eating. Really nice and refreshing.

    Of course the raspberry shortbread cookies from TJ’s weren’t necessary, but soooo goood..

    No pix ‘cause I ate it all.”

  • Tara C says:

    Too hot in San Diego as well… stayed inside under the fan (no AC) and only went out once, to visit a friend who has a pool and invited us to refresh ourselves. Can’t wait for this infernal heat wave to be over.

    • Tom says:

      Oof, no AC? My old place didn’t have it. It only really stunk about two weeks out of the year, but it seems like we’re getting more bad days. Nice that you have a friend with a pool- a friend of mine went to the Roosevelt in Hollywood for one of those pool deals. She had a great time.