Happy Labors! Musette’s Musings

Ah, Labor Day.  Such a bittersweet holiday, celebrating the labors of the average working person as well as the end of Summer.  If you’re sitting down, drinking a beverage and looking at this goofball post on your device, stop for a minute and say thanks for the folks who came before, who made a halfway reasonable work day (and a better childhood for a larger number of children) possible.  And give Summer a gentle kiss goodbye.

I celebrated this day by – you guessed it – working!  Not a lot of actual paying work – more actual labor (cutting the grass, doing laundry, etc).   I’ve spent quite a bit of the last few weeks faffing about, lollygagging, fooferating… so now I am paying the Work Piper.  The house is not quite as much of a disaster as it was a week ago and the garden looks a bit less like Mordor – but just.  I am hosting a Digging Party in the coming weeks, complete with beverages and finger sandwiches because I have a lot of work to do out there and a lot of stuff needs to go, to allow me to do the colorblock borders I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  The Circle Border is going to be white and cream, with a touch of red because (and I know I’ve already said this, sorry) I wouldn’t move the crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ for Idris Elba!  Okay.  Maybe for Idris.  But ONLY for Idris, because that plant is. not. my. friend.  But it is gorgeous – and the hummingbirds adore it.

So.  More Musings!  Girlfriends!!!  Even when I have been yoked to some yokel I’ve always valued my girlfriends.  Moving to this teeny town, where everyone has known everyone else (except me) since the cradle meant it was extremely difficult to make friends – nothing personal, just pretty much everyone here has their world already set (been set since the cradle) and I’m not on that radar.  Just as I was beginning to despair of ever finding pals to just have a coffee with, lo! and behold – I met two stunningly fabulous sisters who took me under their wing and we’ve been having a blast!  One of the sisters is an endorphin junkie like me (hers is running, mine is matwork) so we spend a lot of time at races and gyms and omg!  I’d forgotten how much work it is to upgrade to that next level!  But it’s lovely. My abs haven’t been this tight in a decade!  Next month we’re immersing ourselves in Bodypump!  Squee! The other sister and I have a quieter friendship – she’s thoughtful, caring, kind… and she knows pretty much errrrybody in Central Illinois!!  Kewanee (the large town just north of here) has their annual Hog Days festival and every year the sisters decorate a float – and this year, my first Hog Days EVAH!  I was on the float!  Omg.  What a hoot!  The next day I was dragooned into helping them at the giant (trailer-sized) grills – where my line cook experience came in helpful.  5 hours on my dawgs, though, meant I was beat AF – but in that wonderful way when you’ve spent an afternoon in a cool breeze, raking coals and chatting with friends.  Great cardio, btw, raking coals.  So it was a WIN all around!

Bonus:  whilst raking coals and flipping pork chops, my chat with another grill volunteer yielded some intriguing intel – he works in tree removal and gave me valuable tutorials on how to dissolve body parts (his examples were culled hogs but… y’know…) – anyhoo, mid-tutorial he gave me A Look and said ‘y’know… you are paying WAY too close attention to this’……


Come nightfall, I got dragged onto the Ferris wheel!  Have I mentioned that I am an OSHA team leader?  Do you know how unnerving it is being around carnival rides?  No, I did NOT ask to see their safety certs – it was a brand-new wheel and the connections looked sound enough – but my overall focus and glancing once-over (coupled with P asking if I was doing an OSHA inspection) had the carnies a bit nervous.  P reminded me that if we were going to fall we would probably die quickly so stop eyeballing the cables!!!  LOL!  We probably wouldn’t die quickly and it was gonna hurt like hell – but I didn’t want to harsh her mellow.  So I just decided to settle down and fake-enjoy being whipped around on a giant wheel at a decent rate of speed, with the gondola swaying.

When did I forget how to have fun?  Hanging with these women is reminding me how to do that.  In their late 60s, they have a decided delight in life that I am lacking.  Of course, they were also liquored-up on Crown Royal shots, so that might’ve had something to do with it.  As long as they weren’t running the Ferris wheel…

I nearly mentioned William Peden’s short story ‘Night in Funland’ (which I read when I was 10 and have never forgotten).  Because FUN!  I was supposed to be having FUN!  So I didn’t.  Lordt, I am such a buzzkill.

No fun fair food, though.  I looked at a funnel cake… and it looked me right in the eye and said ‘are you sure you can handle a piece of me?’ – and I blinked.   Sigh.  Funnel cake at 9p is not a fun thing.

Today, the actual Labor Day holiday, though?  I’m working.  Whattaboutyouseguys?  How did you spend the holiday?

  • Portia says:

    HA HA HA! About dissolved body parts.
    Fun, I’m pretty sure I can still work up a spark if it when necessary.
    A decade and some ago I was madly in love with a carny. Went and worked with his outfit a few times when he needed a lucky ticket seller. The boys who put it all together were magicians. Sometimes it was gaffe tape and prayers but they knew the limits and the dangers. I’d trust them over most electricians or builders any day. They were constantly learning new ways to make things work, had all the tricks and genuinely wanted it all to be OK.
    Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    OHMAHGERD- I had just read this last night and on the news of course was some story about some carny ride that unexpectedly collapsed. Nobody was seriously injured (bruised and shaken mostly) but ugh. I don’t even like step ladders, much less rides involving heights..

    • Musette says:

      Yikes! Well – don’t forget the danger to those on the ground. I actually thought of you as we were passing near the Tilt-a-Whirl… I immediately referenced that scene in ‘Firestarter’…with the Saudi Businessmen… thought ‘wonder if this would trigger that same memory in Tom?’


  • March says:

    Hahaha I ate a Navajo frybread on Saturday which is funnel-cake adjacent. I don’t eat that much fried food, and my digestive tract was like … nope. Not sure it was worth the drama. I grew up going on those cheesy parking-lot carnival rides and loved them, and spent years going to Hersheypark which I’m assuming is safer but don’t tell me if it isn’t. Also woohoooo!!!!! for the girlfriend action! Xo

    • Musette says:

      LOL!! Mah gutz is TWISTIN’, thinking of that frybread!
      I know what you mean about the carnivals – alas, OSHA training (and IEN safety news) means I’m always on the lookout. Alas.



  • AnnJune says:

    Hello! As a body pump fan for at least 20 years (now 61) I recommend it highly. Synchronized weightlifting to music is so much fun you almost don’t feel it, lol. Have fun with it!

  • cinnamon says:

    We had thunderstorms yesterday and I spent several hours trying to calm the dog down. He was not a happy bunny. We get funfairs during summer in the field next to the farm shop. I have never attended. I remember the ones from New England when I was a teenager — loads of fun, appalling food, and riding the tilt-a-whirl without being scared but screaming anyway.

  • Alityke says:

    I wonder how many perfumisti are the funfair/pool jumping/add other noisy fun here type?
    Maybe the type that enjoys the quiet contemplation of the development of a fragrance just don’t enjoy the mixed media assault of bright lights, loud music played through tinny speakers & the smells of hot grease, fried onions, smoke, charred meats & sweet candy floss.
    My idea of hell!

  • Tara C says:

    We are lying here sweating through a massive SoCal heat wave with no AC. Too hot to do anything but read, listen to podcasts and take cold showers. I did have a pretty nice time at the house of a friend of a friend Saturday who has a pool and invited us to cool off.

    Speaking of having fun, the owner of the house and two guests entertained themselves by doing artistic or amusing poses while jumping into the pool and being videoed to judge the quality of their jump.

    I felt rather old and bemused watching them having fun like kids. My mentality is so far from all that, not that I’m against fun or anything, but my ideas of fun are significantly different from what they used to be. I think I need to loosen up!

    • Musette says:

      That was my thought over the weekend. I don’t think we necessarily need to Do the Thing, more… just enjoy watching others having fun is probably not the worst thing!