The Yuck Is That?!

Posse!  I’m recovering from a really nasty C-7 adjacent nerve pinch (OW!!!) so this is going to be quick.  Weirdly enough, this is eased by movement so I’m going back to mopping floors and ripping up Northern Sea Oats out of the garden – go figure.  But sitting long enough to write a coherent post is a Hurtfest.



Introducing The Yucks!  I dunno if you remember the incredible Mr Yuck!?  Well, here he is with his lady wife, to keep us company as we stroll down Yuck Lane, discussing Yuck Stuff.

On to the Yuck!  So… awhile back Tom busted open a whole and entire can of Yuck when he posted about the magnificent mess that is the original Angel by Thierry Mugler.  I was not a serious perfumista when the original Angel came out so I really didn’t pay it much attention except to desperately wish people didn’t wear so. damb. much. of. it.  But I did have some particular yucks, which have stood the test of time.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Pierre Cardin.  Raid. (Raaaaiiid!) Spray a little, spray a lot.  No matter how much you spray I’m that dead cockroach on the front of that can.  I remember being trapped in a 1983 Datsun 280z, driving from St Louis back to Chicago with a good friend (his car) who had marinated in Pierre Cardin.  You know how the house smells after you bug-bomb it?  Yeah, that.  For 5 LONG hours.  Half-life of plutonium, that PC.  Yikes.

Clinique Aromatics Elixirs.  I used to roll my (internal) eyes when folks would talk about getting a migraine from perfume because I am a badass… and I hadn’t yet met Aromatics Elixirs.  She took my shield and sword, ate them… and then ate my lunch.  All while tapping on my left sinus with her velociraptor claw.

In fact, if ever you encounter a velociraptor, just spray it with AE.  I think that’s the only thing capable of killing it!

Opium.  O.Pi.Um.  OpiOMG! is more like it.  This one is not about the fragrance itself – I can intellectually understand the scent – and I appreciate it.  Until it gets on my skin.  And then I cannot get it off, nor can I get it out of my soft palate, where it takes up residence like a squatter in a Berkeley co-op.


Which ones do it for you?  If any of your Beloveds are on this list, my apologies – but mileages do vary, so….




  • Kathleen says:

    I’m so sorry about your neck pain and I wish you relief soon. Having suffered C6-7 nerve pain I have empathy. Movement and heat were my antidote. Rarely is a perfume too much for my nose, but Angel is a huge Yuck for me. A woman that seemed to always work out at the same time as me wore it, and I couldn’t be anywhere near her.

  • Portia says:

    HA! You’re funny Musette.
    Hope that pain diminishes ASAP.
    There’s a note. It’s in a couple of the vintage perfumes and it does all that. I can taste it and smell it at 100X everything else.
    Portia xx

  • Maggiecat says:

    Sorry to hear about your nerve pain. Nerve pain is kinda my thing (very messed up and degenerating spine, multiple surgeries) and I wouldn’t wish neck- related nerve pain on my worst enemy. I hope it resolves soon. Are you a heat or an ice person? Try one or the other. And Salon Pas patches are a lifesaver!

    My yucks? Poison and Amirage top the list I used to work with someone who applied these liberally – I could walk into the lobby and know she was in her 4th floor office. Yuck!

  • Tom says:

    I’m sorry about the pain, but glad that at least movement helps.

    PC in the penis bottle? Wasn’t my personal poison, but then..

    My true yuck was and ever after will be Secretions Magnafique (sp?) from Etat Libre. I do not know why one would like to smell like a milk-fed corpse washed up under the coney island pier after some seroius Freddy Krueger action, but I don’t get out nearly enough apparently. One of the few things ever that truly made me gag that didn’t come from a sewer. The only reason the Gas company doesn’t use this as the warning scent for the normally odorless explosive stuff is that no employee would ever investigate a lead, and you couldn’t not blame them. In other words, I am not fond of it.

    Hope you’re better soon!

    • Musette says:

      You’re not supposed to make The Busted howl,Tom. But howling is movement…so..

      Do you know… I’ve never smelled SecMag…I don’t think. It seemed
      …..unnecessary . Like stabbing myself with an ice pick.

  • March says:

    Mr. Yuck! Haven’t seen him and his lady-friend (Ms. Yuck?) in awhile. You’ve gotten my greatest hits, I think. Also this is very non-specific but I think there’s a generic ingredient in man colognes that’s supposed to signify “woody” or something and it works my very last nerve. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Tara C says:

    I’m right there with you on the nerve pain, having spent a bad weekend with my sciatica. Hope you feel better soon!

    As for nuclear headache-inducing scents, I will mention Amarige and Liz Claiborne, scourges of the 80’s.

    • Musette says:

      Sciatica is the devil’s gift to mankind! Hope you’re better!!
      I need to revisit Amarige…so many on here seem to love it so../s

  • alityke says:

    I need to know which Cardin. I treasure Choc even though it’s down to the last 10 ml.
    AE doesn’t smell if AE anymore it smell of chip fat.
    Vintage Opium is bliss but has the half life longer than nuclear waste.
    Of course YMWV
    Calone! Anything containing calone, synthetic nausea inducing evil incarnate. The scourge of the “lightweight, watery non-scents” of the 90s. How the actual fluffin heck can anything where a single molecule is discernible from Alpha Centauri be called watery?
    And breathe…..

  • Dina C. says:

    EL Youth Dew. There was a dear lady who sang in our choir for a little while, and she was nose blind to her signature scent, so — you guessed it — she drenched herself in Youth Dew. The rest of us had a hard time breathing and singing.
    Second choice: Jessica McClintock. It’s a LotV scent. My coworker used it as her signature scent, and once again, had become nose blind to it, so she would spray a dozen sprays every morning. I could smell her walking down the hall before she hit the office door.

  • rosarita says:

    Oh, Ms A, wishing you freedom from pain! And yes, I remember Mr Yuck. Our Yucks are so different. Pierre Cardin was my signature in my 80s clubbing days. I’ve never smelled AE in all these years and really want to try it.
    My Yucks are sweet violet and aquatics, like Apres l’Ondee etc. Sacrilege, I know. Violet lodges in my sinuses and gets out an ice pick and….you can imagine the rest. And I love the flowers!