Ooey Gooey Goodness

“omg!  your skin is GORGEOUS!” is a compliment nearly everyone likes…right? I mean… nobody wants to hear ‘wow!  your skin looks like Salt Flats’… do they?  I didn’t think so. And as I age I am more and more focused on keeping my skin as supple as possible, all things (age and… well, age) considered.  Since I don’t have a lot of ‘excess adipose tissue’ it’s more of a challenge (y’all remember when that KY nurse told me that, right, as she was poking around my hip and butt?  ‘oh, darlin’ – you have a lovely figure.  I’ll bet you just look amazin’ in a swimsuit, ’cause you don’t have any excess adipose tissue back there’.  But that ain’t gonna help you now… I’m sorry, but this is gonna sting just a bit, sugar’... right before she popped me in my ass with what felt like the Biggest Needle in Kentucky!!!).  So.  ‘No Excess Adipose Tissue’ is great for my shape – but not so good for my skin.  I now take collagen peptides, collagen and more collagen… but for surface plumping? Nothing beats some gooey body butter – or a LOT of gooey body butter.  Or butters.

um… I might like butters just a LITTLE!

I love bathing rituals – love scented soaps and gels, love the feeling of washing away the day (or night) in hot, soapy goodness… and even though I rarely use a lot of soap, the combo of that and hot water isn’t kind to my skin.

Enter the gooey goodness.  I wear it ALL.  Oils – usually start with that on damp skin.  Then I cart some tub of goo to my bedside (or the toilet – a great place to sit when you’re still wettish and covered in oil.  Toilet seats are way more forgiving than sheets).. and I get to working with the goo.  I’m discovering that I enjoy non-branded scented goo almost as much, if not more, than actual perfume – in most cases.  If a perfume I love has a scented goo, I’m IN! But that is for another post.  For those cheap and cheerful gooes (how on earth do you pluralize ‘goo’?)  not associated with a specific perfume, I’ve found that a ‘spa-smell’ is very relaxing.  Rosemary (great for the hair), chamomile (one of my most (and one of A Good Friend’s least) favorite scents.  I can sit for an hour, watching ‘Candice Renoir’ (what a lunatic – I adore her), massaging some spa-ish butter into my adipose tissue.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Blame Tom.  I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up the lovely lemon body wash (it’s lovely, lemony fabulousness) and… omg!  They’ve got the Brazil Nut Body Butter back in stock!  Omg.  Made of decent ingredients, it really does smell like salted caramel and pistachio.  The first scent hit is a bit ‘extra’ but it soon settles down to a sun-kissed skin scent.
  2. Yadain Cultural Solutions (www.yadainco.com) – pretty much everything in their body butter lines (that’s a goodly number of them, up there in the photo) – all Shea butter based, my favorites include the Eczema and Acne butter, mostly because it just smells good – and it seems to do the trick, especially for those pesky milia.  Ditto the Turmeric and Aloe.  The florals are … okay.. I mean, they feel GREAT!  But if I’m going for a non-perfume butter I like a slightly more acrid scent (insert shrug).
  3. Lotions.  Nah, fam.  I go hard in the paint, greasing up my … well, everything.  The only lotion I actively use is No5 and the Amouages but that’s because sometimes the cream can be overpowering, scentwise.  But for every other line, I’m Team Goo, especially the more generic (non-branded perfume types) scents!  Something about those almost-generic scents can be very calming, requiring less emotional investment than a powerhouse perfumed cream does.  Yadain crafts especially for the  skin/hair needs of People of Color but the products are not exclusive to us (Missy March is white as the driven snow and she likes…some.. of their stuff.  The Eczema was an EPIC FAIL for her, though.  She hates the smell.  She said ‘ well, maybe when my nose is fixed’.  Hon, if you hate it NOW….LOL! oh, well.  More for meeee!  I use the facial butters as well, getting the unscented, adding some tea tree oil and slathering it all over my face and body.  I must smell like Spa Girl – but nobody has complained so far…so (yet another shrug).  I highly recommend this line (I pay for mah stuff, like errybody else, so this is just a PSA.  I really do like their line – a lot!)

You’d think, come Summer, that I would lighten up on the goo – but You’d. Be. Wa-RONNNNG!!.  We’re having extreme heat, drought and high winds and it’s sucking all the moisture right out of my skin.  It’s like living in High Desert – in Illinois.  Gee, thanks, Climate Change.  So I’m going through a tub of butter every two weeks (yes, I am that psychopath).  I recently discovered a leeetle bit of crepe on my right bicep!  After shrieking for 3 hours (yes, tears were involved) I got out the collagen and some of the body butter and started the massage.  Between that and the increased Arm Day exercises (biceps! triceps!) I’m getting rid of it – but it’s slow going.  Bette Davis never lied when she said ‘Old Age Ain’t for Sissies’

But… I mean.. really!  What better way to spend an hour… or 5?

What’s your take on skin care?  Are you a goo-er?  No goo? Dry oils?  No oils?  Motor oil (oooh! )… lmk!


btw – I have NOT forgotten last week’s giveaway – M. Jacques got bitten by something and his hock is swollen so he’s not poking anything this week.  I’ll holla on the winner at my next post, promise!  (he’s FOINE, btw – just covered in antibiotic goo).  I just goo’d him, so now I’mo go goo myself – again.

gotta keep ’em shiny!

  • Dina C. says:

    What a lovely scented ritual you’ve created. Love that. I can’t believe how fast you use up those body butters!! Wow. Takes me ages to use up lotions and such. In the past I’ve really enjoyed scented lotions that match some of my favorite perfumes, but of course they’re discontinued now. Chanel stopped making No 19 lotion and other bath & body products for that scent afaik. There was a time when Prada Infusion d’Iris made bath gel, lotion, candles, paper drawer liners, purse sprays, you name it! But now it’s all gone but the actual scents.

    • Musette says:

      Dina – I’m a bit OCD when it comes to my skin (ask March) and I won’t hesitate to reapply – which I do, often. One little ‘fold’ or ‘wrinkle’ (especially after my mat work at the gym) has me running to the goo tub. It’s …challenging. But at least I haz the gooes to settle my nerves ! HA! according to goog(le) the plural of goo is ‘goos’. huh.

  • March says:

    Ha, you know the drill here — humidity’s sitting at 9% this morning. I’ve always been dry and done daily moisturizing, even in humid DC — here it’s a constant battle. And (since I also wear a lot of sunscreen) I’m now washing/wiping that off and reapplying some goo. I love the Yadain tubs you got me; I’m also fond of Trader Joe’s lotion in a pump which is pretty rich, and I have even more intense stuff for my hands, cuticles, feet, etc.

    • Musette says:

      LOL! my cuticles still have PTSD from the first time you guys took me to NM!!
      …and you know I’mo have to check out the TJ’s lotion… grrr!

  • rosarita says:

    Ok, well, I don’t like feeling sticky. I have a couple dry oils I like after a shower and I always have a big tub of CeraVe that I use on whatever still feels dry, usually just my legs. For face I have a bunch of serums and lotions thanks to my daughter the makeup artist who subscribes to a ton of beauty boxes and gives me all the anti-aging stuff she gets.

    • Musette says:

      Honey! For the first 10 minutes you could turn me loose at the county fair and NOBODY could catch me, I’m that slithery. Then it mostly sinks in. Mostly. If it sinks in TOO much, I get nervous and reapply.
      We’re flipside of that coin, obviously!

  • cinnamon says:

    Love me some oils but can no longer use. Clogs everything up. I think I have the opposite issue to you: ie, a lot of adipose currently. I put on weight during a stressful time a couple of years ago and it’s not budging (well, because life hasn’t gotten any less stressful — hoping things will ease once I retire at year-end). Anyway, body gets Aveeno cream with colloidal oatmeal — very soothing. Face gets retinol two or three times a week plus a serum and factor 50 spf. really boring. at least I have perfume and candles … oh, and I’ve never fake tanned. I tan, even though I’m serious white girl (that Spanish heritage), but I haven’t actively done that in decades. So, I’m tea with a lot of milk girl right now.

    • Musette says:

      March got me into using retinols on the regular and I have never looked back! But they do require a lot of sun protection, which I always try to remember (forgetting is… uncomfortable)
      I used to use that Aveeno cream – I remember liking it very much!

  • Portia says:

    Hey Musette,
    Love bubbles in my bath and that’s about it.
    I do have some lotions but they rarely get a wear because I have terrible Psoriasis and it inflames the problem.
    Portia x

  • alityke says:

    I was always a fake tan girl & loved thick, rich gooey buttery ones. Then life turned to turds & I realised I hadn’t tanned since forever!
    Yesterday I went through my stash of fake tans, most had split, gone watery or smelt weird. All binned. The one survivor? The richest, gooeyest body butter fake tan. Popped it on yesterday & it’s worked a treat.
    Face goos? I have a drawer full.
    Im with you on smells, not so much “spa” smells but “hospital” phenolic disinfectant smell – love it!

    • Musette says:

      funny what smells trigger us, innit? That disinfectant smell… not a fan of it ON me but I do love it in bathrooms…
      Tea tree oil, on the other hand.. I think I like the antibacterial properties of it – makes me feel like I’m protecting myself.

      • alityke says:

        Tea tree oil is the perfect relaxing bath smell.
        Such a shame it’s so neurotoxic to dogs

  • Tom says:

    I used to be a no goo guy. But the. I hit, er, 39. And I live in the desert. I’m still more of a lotion person (nivia and other drugstore ones. I wish I had a tub that wasn’t decorative- I suppose it would be useful for bathing a herd of dachshund (even terriers would be too long legged) but it’s pointless for me. Oh for looto winnings- I’d fill one of those wave pools with hot water and vitabath..

    • Musette says:

      that sounds blissful – I’m a shower/steam shower girl but, like you, have a manky tub. And even if I had a fabbo tub… y’know.. my 23yr old niece nearly broke her leg trying to exit their brand-new slipper tub… can you imagine MY old-assed self getting out (or in) of that thing. How do people do it?

      • Tom says:


        I actually would consider a walk in one. You soak everything from the shoulders down and the new ones fill up relatively fast and have large tank under the tub part that the tub fast drains into so you can leave without waiting 15 minutes for the thing to drain before you can open the door.

        I am not quite ready for an electric staircase chair. Yet.

  • Maya says:

    Well you had me laughing. You and I are at opposite ends here. I could never be bothered. I will sometimes put a nice oil in the bath. I like sweet almond oil and whatever organic lotion I have to use on any dry body parts, usually where I got too much sun and don’t want it to turn leathery. And that’s it…….oh, and hand cream.

    • Musette says:

      I rarely ‘bathe’ (manky tub and a deep-seated fear of vag issues, like I got when younger) – but I do love sweet almond oil on wet/damp skin! I get mine in the upscale grocery aisle. Half the price, same stuff!

      • MzChris says:

        FYI-jojoba oil is closest to skin sebum (skin’s natural mantle.) Unless you get it somewhere excessivley “spendy,” like Whole Foods, it’s inexpensive, unscented and works a treat on the whole body. Sinks in fast on damp skin and I have never had issues using it on my face (no clogged pores/milia) as part of moisture layering.