This Just In: MKK Returns

I received an email today from the House of Lutens telling me that Muscs Kublai Khan was back “for a limited time.” Not “Muscs” but the whole name and it’s to be hoped the whole 100% musk experience. I don’t think I am going to order as I have a bottle still, but you never know..

As for bring it back, it was in there, just buried and with a brief name change. Maybe they listened? Let’s set up chants to bring back Tubereuse Criminelle.

Image emailed to me from SL

  • Portia says:

    Jin is onto his second bell of MKK Tom. They kindly gave him a 20ml travel sprayer when he bought his first and he swears it with great aplomb.
    Don’t tell him but I have BNIC 50ml export of it with the Palais Royale logo, SHHHHHHH!
    Portia xx

  • alityke says:

    It’s bonkers Lutens Fr & Lutens US have different stock to the EU & UK websites.
    Sarrasins was available in the US & French sites just before Xmas. Not on the UK it EU one though.
    It can’t be EU law on ingredients or the French website couldn’t stock it. I hate these lemming creation stock schemes

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    What I am craving is a bottle of Arabie. I just wish that the bell jars were a little more affordable. I did sign up for the Serge Lutens e-mails but somehow it keeps going into my spam folder.

  • Tara C says:

    Just checked SL and indeed ISM is already sold out again. I must have missed the episode where MKK changed name, I have only ever seen it as MKK. It’s one of my husband’s two signature scents (the other is Fumerie Turque). It doesn’t say on the web site that it’s only back for a limited time. He’s not one to splash out $305 on perfume unless he’s totally out so I don’t think he’ll want to buy now and he’s impervious to FOMO.

  • Maya says:

    I got the email too. Now I should finally try it. I’m still waiting for the email telling me Iris Silver Mist is back!!!