Merry Merry, and Masque Milano Terralba

Happy Kwanzaa!

Portia just recently wrote about this one, and as soon as I read “clary sage” and “samples available at Surrender to Chance” I was off ordering.

I love clary sage- that herbacious greeness that’s also bone dry is just something that makes me go “squee!” (trust me, not a sight you need to see.) It was something I loved about the original Miss Dior- that almost harsh vegetal greeness, as if baked under a desert sun contrasting with the lush springtime flowers made it a favorite I still lament the passing of.

Terralba goes green and stays green. The dry opening becomes, well, more moist. I do get just a whiff of the green curry that Partia metioned but not enough to make me go “goodness, gracious me” so that’s fine. It settles down into a nice, green, slightly dry but totally unisex scent that I would be very happy with if it showed up under the tree.

Terralba seems to be carried in the EU but oddly, LuckyScent lists other Masque Milano scents but not this one. I suppose at $150 for 35ML that’s for the best, budgetwise. I will leave it up to you, Tonstant Weader, to point me at something that has that clary sage bite, but with less bite out of my wallet..

So I am writing this on the Thursday in the pouring rain before Christmas, which I will be spending at a friend’s house. First, sitting her pooch while she drops presents off at the grandkids (the pooch is a King Charles Spaniel who loves nothing more than to curl up in my lap and snore) and then we will watch movies and eat stuff. Perfection. I hope your holiday was lovely and that you received (and gave) all the gifts you desired.

My sample is from Surrender to Chance.

Photos: my iPhone, Pexels, and Wikimedia Commons.

  • cinnamon says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Xmas. Alas, most green fragrances are not my jam. Like them on fabric though. Ah, diners… I miss proper diners that are just everywhere and do all kinds of interesting things. There was a Mexican place near where my father lived in Brooklyn. All the usual diner stuff plus tacos, etc, etc.

    • Tom says:

      I have to admit that I love them. We used to have a really divey one in my hometown that was run by a tough woman who also ran a charity house for the homeless that survives to this day. At the time we only knew her as the tough lady who could toss a drunk out the front door from twenty feet but still wouldn’t let your eggs overcook. Needless to say we were all on our best behavior at the Red Lion Diner.

  • Portia says:

    Merry Everything Tom.
    Glad you liked the Terralba.
    We did BFFs family Xmas and Boxing days. On Xmas night we popped up to the local club and had a very chill dinner with six mates.
    Jin got the pressies just right, as did my BFF.
    Pretty good Xmas period.
    Portia xx

    • Tom says:

      I did the pooch and presents yesterday. Then drove back with the top down. Then today my friend Tomas was in town from NYC and we went to Norms for lunch (classic American diner food in a 50’s “googie” setting) then stopped at Frederic Malle on the way back. Delightful.

  • Maya says:

    Usually when a perfume says something about herbal or herbaceous I pass it by but a few months ago I noticed that a couple of my samples listed clary sage and I rather liked them. Can’t remember what they were so looked up perfumes with that ingredient and didn’t find them but saw Altaia Atacama listed, which I have a sample of from Luckyscent. It’s a very nice perfume but not inexpensive. It’s strong on me so needs a very light touch. I would happily get a 10ml decant if one is available anywhere. It would last me a long time.

  • Musette says:

    My holiday was lovely – a nice quiet gym session in the am, then a nice, quiet dinner with friends (I cook, they eat – a winning combination)

    Also… um… I totally blanked on the days. Obviously.

    I use clary sage EO in some blends but have never actively looked for it in a perfume. Must remedy that.