• Great links! Thanks

  • Johnnie Bilunas says:

    Hi, Finding your site has been just absolutely great. I stumbled on to it in a weird way, I am retired, licensed hairdresser, male, married 39 years and I am an avid reader who will read just about anything. Quite frequently my reading leads me to Google as I love to acquire detail. So I am reading, Perfume (full title withheld, It’s a bit stange, but excellent read) by Patrick Suskind translated from German and I am taken to a world that just got by me which is strange because I love women and I might forget your name but I will not forget your hair.
    Anywho, I ordered my 1st samples from Surrender to Chance yesterday and I hope this in’t too odd, but I shared this with my wife and she gave me an old bottle of Guerlain Shalimar and I spryed some on a night shirt and I am intrigued. I believe I have found the most fascinating hobby.
    I have not been through your entire site, but all great stuff and I will be looking for some books, so I can intelligently talk about perfume and fragrance.

  • Marcel says:

    http://www.OnlineParfumWinkel.net , a Dutch comparison site of perfumes.

  • Rico says:

    Perfumica.com- Premier distributor of authentic, brand- name fragrances at very low prices.