Demi or JLo?

I have to admit, lately I´ve been feeling a little like Goldilocks, since I´ve been looking for “just right” and it seems to be eluding me at every turn. Rhubarb with too much patchouli, woods where there are none, and… Continue Reading

The Body Shop Love Etc…

I must admit, it´s been a very long time since I´ve given anything at The Body Shop more than a passing glance. But, if I can wax nostalgic for a bit, I´ll tell you that years ago, I spent countless… Continue Reading

Jenny from the Block – J.Lo Friday

  Did you know that J. Lo perfume is the most frequently searched perfume term on the internet?  Yup, shocked me too.  So given that popularity and our normal propensity for reviewing high end, niche, obscure scents, we’d like from time… Continue Reading