Youth Dew Amber Nude Review


I now have the full bottle of Tom Ford for Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew Amber Nude in my hands. I had smelled this briefly in the store and liked it. Liked it enough to commit to purchase

Youth Dew has been around forever. It was my sister’s first grown-up girl fragrance (mine was Estee Lauder Private Collection because my adored auntie wore it).

Top notes: gentian flower, magnolia, grated ginger, tea, grapefruit and a bare skin accord.

Heart: red carnation, jasmine, ylang ylang and black rose

Base: amber balm, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli heart and dark chocolate.

This starts out very spicy, reminding me much of the original Youth Dew, but not quite as potent, which is a good thing, really. The drydown is lovely, it becomes mellower, there is a leathery feel in there, but still staying a spicy floral. The floral is not sweet or overpowering.

It’s lovely. For those of you that weren’t fans of the original, take another look at this one.