Caron Coup de Fouet

Caron Coup de Fouet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You are deep and rich and spicy-peppery-liquid goodness, and I cannot live my life without you and cannot fathom how I existed so far without knowing you.

Over the top? Not for this scent for me. I had a hard time finding a Caron non-urn scent to love. I liked them, but just did not reach for the bottles I had. Then came Caron Coup de Fouet and En Avion, and I now completely understand why Ernest Daltroff was a genius. These two perfumes will be as wonderful 1000 years from now as they were when they were created and how they are now. Perfectly balanced between spice and sweetness, it holds together and sparkles all day long, leaving you longing just to put it on again when it starts to wear off. Coup is the EDT of Poivre, which I have not tried yet, but is at the top of my list to get during the next Caron sale, along with… well, everything else they make in urn perfumes. Anyone want to split about 10 bottles? We can go for the big 200 ml bottles, which should keep us swimming in scent heaven for months. Let’s see, 520 less 20% = 420, so $100 apiece to get 50 ml. A HUGE bargain, y’all!

Notes, from Bois de Jasmin are red pepper, black pepper, giroflore, carnation, ylang ylang, opoponax, sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss.

Putting this on for the first time and sinking into its so comforting, yet compelling aroma is like listening to Leonard Cohen for the first time –compelling, haunting, yet familiar.

And I’ve found a way to make it better! As if! But it’s fun for me because it brings in a favorite independent perfumer.

::: AVA LUXE ::: Love’s True Bluish Light in lotion slathered all over, topped off with Coup. Notes in LTBL are white vanilla, white amber, milky notes, musk. That’s just not really telling the whole story, it’s a marvelous concoction. Everyone’s nose I have passed it under (and that’s a lot, I spread my scent tinglies far and wide) says it is beautiful. Subtle, warm, rich, and it doesn’t interfere at all with Coup’s elegant goodness when used in combination as a lotion, and I’ve decided I must have it in perfume form as well on its own.

Caron created masterpieces. As much as I love the Guerlains I’ve been exploring, they are just different. While I love them both, I do tend to think of the two houses as The Saint and The Sinner. Caron calls to everything in me that wants to be good and honest and true, noble and brave and classy. Guerlain has this underlying call to be just a tidge tarty… or worse.

  • Patty says:

    Oh, just holla, I’ll send you some to try. Never let it be said that I created an unfed lemming. :devil:

  • Marina says:

    Just when I fell in love with Guerlain all over again, because – lets face it- of you, P. and certain Heart-Catcher scent, you move on to Caron. I don’t think I can deal with another lemming right now. OK, who am I kidding, off to look for Coup de Fouet I go.

  • Patty says:

    Oh, I hope so!!! You have to have a Caron to love.:bouncy:

  • marchlion says:

    Okay, okay, maybe this will be the one for me! There must be something in the Caron line I’ll like! God knows, I’ve tried so hard! >sob<