Musky Tomatoes

I think I promised a Musky Tomato story.

It all started out because I was making presents for the women in my husband’s office. Some of them were getting a little bouquet of perfume samples, and others were getting lotion because either they or their spouse was sensitive to perfumes.

One couldn’t do any florals. So I have this amazing creamy whipped lotion base that is so fun to throw scent into, so I was making up a couple of tubs of lotion, then making small samples of scent so they can choose one for their lotion or leave it unscented.

I love the smell of tomato leaf, but I understand probably not everyone feels quite the same way. Hmm, tomato leaf and violet? Could work. Anyway, I wanted to make something with the tomato leaf scent just for fun, but I had to add something to it to try and mellow it out, so I put in a little musk and patchouli (mild patch), and, voila, musky, earthy tomato!

My dear, sweet, long-suffering husband came home, and I again forced another smell under his nose to get his opinion on, and he swooned. He loves the Musky Tomato. It’s actually very appealing, but it needs another name, but we can’t come up with anything. Ideas?

  • Cait says:

    Love Apple in Rut?:devil::rotfl:

  • Leopoldo says:

    Love apple in musk

  • Marina says:

    How about:
    Fruit de la Terre (Fruit of the Earth)
    Tomate Musquée (Musky Tomato).

    French makes the most trivial things sound intriguing :wave:

  • marchlion says:

    Garden Patch
    Tomato Patch
    Red Earth
    Tomato Flower
    Green Thumb