Violet Perfume – 1st day of Violets

1st day of violet perfume, we have elizabeth W Violet Eau de Parfum

I know, I know, I’m a day late starting. Too much lasagna for Christmas, I fell asleep early.

Elizabeth W does a really lovely violet perfume. Accented with mandarin, lily of the valley, cyclamen and ylang ylang, it takes nothing away from the violet, but keeps the violet very soft, very floral. Never having heard of this line, the sample came in a swap, and I think I need to explore some more. Lasting power is a little short, but at $29 for 2 oz, you can afford to reapply.

I just put this on the skin to sample, but I think a nice spritzing would be really lovely.

  • Anonymouse says:

    Is there, like, a pine-scented perfume? Kind of a Christmasey smell.

  • Patty says:

    Definitely not HG territory. It’s pretty, it’s nice, it isn’t moving the earth for me or anything.

    March, 5 pounds is all? E.Duse I’m savoring for near the end. I need to snuggy in two tomorrow to stay on track. I’m afraid with the E. Duse that I might talk myself into a bottle once I fully look at it. Eeeek!

  • marchlion says:

    Merry Christmas, P! I just returned from the Eastern Shore 5 lbs heavier. Have never heard of Elizabeth W, but feel somehow that you are damning it with faint praise, given your love ‘o the purple… having trouble combining mandarin & violet mentally, & lily of the valley is one of my least favorite smells. FYI I just applied the E Duse. Only 5 minutes into it but so far, so great. Not a violet for sissies — looking forward to your review of it.:wave:

  • Marina says:

    Mandarin? That might be interesting. I’ve tried several Elizabeth W samples and was quite underwhelmed. But you never know where you next Holy Grail is hiding. In most unexpected places usually.