9th Day of Violets

On the 9th day of Violets…

I reached into the archives again for a review of Bond No. 9 Eau de Noho.

Listen, we had an argument about who was getting out of their pajamas today and going out to get food, and we couldn’t come to an agreement, so we had By Jeeves bring us food before we perished. Well, okay, we’re a long way from perishing, but wearing pajamas all day is hard work.

  • Qwendy says:

    Were we all doing the exact same thing today? We stayed in ours until 7, then I took a long bath and had to actually go out and forage for food, darn! :rotfl: Did I mention that I spent 2 days in a row in my PJ’s?
    Happy new year!

  • Patty says:

    Victoria — I had actually ignored the Bonds for a while, but now that I’m sampling some of the lesser known ones, I very much like them. They’re not all out there like some others, but nicely made.

    March — hahahahaha! ūüôā

    R — Oh, just wait for a bit, you’ll have your hands on some e.duse this week, promise!

  • mreenymo says:

    Yep, staying in your pj’s all day is hard work…I lasted in ’em until about 2PM this afternoon.

    I’m not crazy about the Bonds, but just re-read your review of E. Duse, and can’t wait for it to come to Barneys (I hope!).


  • marchlion says:

    Well, you’ve already converted me to this scent. Wench. I had to drive over and face the dragons at Saks just to smell it.

  • Victoria says:

    Oh, why do so few Bonds appeal to me? Still, I now have to revisit Eau de Noho anyway. Your violet days are so much fun to follow! I adore this note myself, so I eagerly look forward to new posts.