Armani/Prive more combinations

Yesterday’s post had a mix of Bois D’Encens and Pierre de Lune (which I have now fallen in love with PdL), and Ambre Soie and Bois D’Encens.

First up today…

Ambre Soie/Pierre de Lune
Man, you have to be careful to keep the right rock on the right bottle. At this point, I’m thinking Pierre de Lune could cover up the smell of cat pee. Ambre Soie is no slacker in the potent smell department, being very ambery, but PdL stays with it intially, though the amber asserts itself and warms the cassius and Violet and green notes of PdL. This keeps surprising me, how much what seems like a light scent just comes on strong. So far, this isn’t a great combination, went a little soapy, though the PdL tends to have a soapy phase in its drydown. Perhaps in different amounts, this would work, either more PdL or less Ambre Soie. Will update.

Pierre de Lune and Eau de Jade.moonstone.jpg

I’m not supposed to be doing this one today, but I can’t help myself, I’m thinking these two are going to be great together. ::::anticipation:::::: Oh, tinkly goodness, the notes of the two just wrap around each other and sparkle, it feels a little Eva’ish to me, but with more depth (oh, Eva is shrieking, thinking that I’m saying she is shallow, which she is NOT), in that bright effervescent way Eva has. These two definitely belong together, though they each are lovely on their own. The best combination yet

  • PK Fragrance says:

    layering is agreat idea for perfumes, as long as they are very light fragrances and that the notes do not clash then you will be just fine.

  • Victoria says:

    I agree that Pierre de Lune and Eau de Jade is the best combination, because while I like both of these on their own, I find them a bit too much like soliflores (and for the price, a bit too simplistic). Not that layering rectifies the price issue, however the result is so lovely, I would be tempted to get both. ūüôā

    Loved these layering suggestions!

  • Marina says:

    Antropomorphization of perfumes continues. I wonder if they mind when we talk about them as if they were human :biggrin:

  • marchlion says:

    Oooooooooh. That sounds like a luscious combination. And the pics are just perfect — what is that lovely thing, a moonstone?