Caron Naimez Que Moi – Love Only Me… and others

A very wonderful friend and fellow perfume enabler swapped a great package with me recently, full of samples of the Carons and some other things I’ve been dying to try. So I’ve been dabbing up a storm showering, rinse, repeat. This is my favorite thing.

I can tell you one sniff of Poivre – the more potent urn extrait of my beloved Coup de Fouet! – almost laid me flat. The same, but not the same, deeper, richer, and I love them both, even though they are “the same.” Yeah, I know you other perfumey peeps will feel me on that. My nickname at work is P-Diddy or paw-dawg or p-dawg. I don’t know why exactly, I’m a middle aged woman, but it really does cause me to borrow my kids’ language. Watching re-runs of “Making the Band I, II, III” may not be helping either.

So I’ve got Caron Naimez Que Moi on today, and THIS is what Aimez Moi was supposed to smell like. More on that later. Carons need at least an hour to settle down, except Poivre and CdF, which seem to go on as the best smelling things in the world right out of the bottle.

Also showing up today were my Shiseido imports of Saso, Murasaki, Tentatrice and Myth of Saso (not sure how this is different from Saso) and one Kanebo Twany Nihohi Sakura (I think it’s the Cherry Blossom one?).

First off, Shiseido’s Saso packaging is just beautiful (see March’s post on Sweet Olive to Saso for the picture and how I came to buy these). I’m not sure yet if Saso got the Russian Olive blossom smell exactly right, my olfactory memory isn’t that good, but I’ll know at the end of May. Regardless, these are some very pretty perfumes that I’m glad I have. I suspect most of these are “drugstore perfumes” in Japan. Oh that I wish our drugstores were full of these.

  • Qwendy says:

    :devil:I’m so pleased! I thought you’d LOVE it, and also that should know what NQM was like……Or et Noir is my fave rose scent EVAH, probably because it’s not really like rose, it’s altogether something else….I love reading how you like these…………………Oxo

  • Patty says:

    Ah, the red-eye bargain. I’ve had a few of those, even though I usually snipe. Once in a while I like the thrill of trying to beat someone outright.

  • Marina says:

    Ebay, Ma’am. Sometimes those sleepless late nights that Marchlion described, spent bidding and watching , sometimes they do pay off.

  • Patty says:

    But I haven’t even put it on yet! Only if you tell me how you came by it so I can turn pea green with envy. :bouncy:

  • Marina says:

    Just finish the poor little sample already. I will send you more! :angel:

  • Patty says:

    I’ll get some together. The best news on these, is the Japanese seller really does price them reasonably, so loving one won’t cost you a Serge Lutens non-export price.

    You aren’t going to tell me how you got the Poivre?!?!? Harumph! I have a sample that I’m just canoodling with daily, and we are way past going steady. Next Caron sale, I’ll restock on Coup and add at least Poivre to my little Caron urn stash.

    March, never fear, I will tuck in some Shania (great stuff!!!) for you. That Saso is really, really nice. You’ll get your little care package too. Bwahahaha!

  • marchlion says:

    Hey, P, don’t forget your Saso buddy in Washington, DC — I picked up some really nice things in the drugstore I could swap for. You haven’t lived until you’ve smelled Axe. Healing Garden, Tabu — let me go check your wish list on MUA…

  • Marina says:

    If I could love you more , I would, but there is no “more” at this point :biggrin: I would love to try those!!!

    I am not saying how I got my greedy mitts on a honking 50ml bottle of Poivre or how much I paid for it, a) out of the fear that I will jinx my future luck, b) because you WILL hate me if I do :devil:
    But I will be glad to send you some, if you like……….

  • Patty says:

    :angel: But I can send you some! They really weren’t that bad on price, so I’m happy to pass some along. I really love the Saso, and the Kanebo Cherry Blossom one seems good too. Haven’t gotten to the others yet. I’ll get you a little care package together.

    Poivre?!?!?!:bouncy: ::::swoon:::: Fresh from Caron, or did you get lucky and win one on the Bay? It is at the top of my list to get next Caron sale.

  • Marina says:

    I am an unhealthy shade of green from envy right now and find it rather hard not to hate you, Patty! (JOKING!) All those Shiseidos *wails* I am obsessed with Japan-only Shiseido scents. You must report in detail on every and each of them.

    At least my Poivre parfum came today, so day not totally wasted…but still…Tentatrice !!! :banghead: