No Better Day in the Universe than Today and not a Better Person to be than Me


Mornings when you wake up and the world is just perfection. The sun rises beautiful, burnishing the sky with copper; the weather outside it just what you were hoping for that day; you got plenty of sleep for once; your jeans fit without using Crisco and a shoehorn; combover.jpgyour hair has hit the exact number of days post-haircut when it is adorable and perfect; your children seem to be growing up without outward tendencies of becoming axe murderers, though this it is still too early to tell; you are not overworked at your job, though your coworkers think you are and have not been giving you more tasks, which has given you some lovely goof-off breathing room; you woke up thinking your extra pounds helps with your wrinkles, and that is a good thing; your husband looks cuter than he has in a while – is he doing something different with his comb-over? (see footnote)

This is a day when you wake up full of joy and nothing is in your immediate vicinity to destroy that mood. This calls for your happiest, most joyful perfumes, the ones that will make a bad day brighter and make a great day one of the best days of your life.

Frederic Malle Iris Poudre – This goes on light and joyous and refreshing, like the best of Guerlain´s Apres L´Ondee, but without the rain… and the tears. It´s powdery a bit, and I hate powder, but this slight powder is nice and soothing. It´s what I wish Shalimar smelled like on me.

Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman – I´ve already done a review on this, but this perfume is how I feel about my life, it has everything in it and nothing that is too much. It is joyous and frivolous and full and unique. It is probably the only one, besides MoSaso, that I will wear any time of day or any season. The others on this list I wear more in Spring, Summer and Fall, and not so much in the winter.

Bond No. 9 Eau de Noho – violets and sunshine and meadows, all that is sweet and wonderful about the world, it casts a glow on everyone around me, and they just look better than they did the day before.

De Rosine Un Zest de Rose – a rose on a cloud of happy juice. It is just zesty and sparkly and it feels like it sings to me of dew-covered roses that are perfect in my garden.

Shiseido Myth of Saso – there are actually two of these, Saso and Myth of Saso (or MoSaso as March and I refer to it). Myth of Saso is the sweeter of the two, and I find it intoxicating just in how it makes me feel. That a smell this beautiful and perfect exists in the world is cause for celebration.

Kanebo Nihohi Sakura – a Cherry Blossom fragrance. I have no idea if it smells like cherry blossoms, and it isn´t a terribly complex fragrance, but it is lovely and it is happy and full of life and sweetness, like the nursery at the hospital.

Santa Maria Novella Eva – The Mother Ship of all of my joy perfumes. I´m not even sure if this is a great perfume, and I don´t care. That bergamot and sparkling smell makes every care I have take a back seat, everything is brighter and happier when I have Eva on.

Footnote– Just in case my charming, gorgeous husband happens by, he does NOT have a combover, not that there’s anything wrong with having one, but he would be quite cross with me if I were to leave the impression that he has thinning hair, which it is, but only slightly, but does not require a combover.

  • Patty says:

    Well, it’s not like I was having one of those days today! I wish. Tomorrow, though, I will. Or the next day. I get one about once every two weeks, I’m due. I’ll wear Eva and wait for it to show up.

    March, I don’t know who that man is in the picture, but if W thought for a second I intimated it was him, I’d be sleeping in the basement. 🙂

  • Marina says:

    What Cait said!

  • Cait says:


    This makes me wanna sing, it’s so funny and cheery as hell. You are great, Patty, and you make me want to procure some of these happy smells.:bouncy:

  • marchlion says:

    P, just reading your list made me happy; we share many of the same happy fragrance notes, too. In fact, I have you to thank directly for introducing me to the Noho and the Kanebo (was that related to the Shiseido bender?) and of course the MoSaso! I guess I have to try the Rosine; is there a sample in the candy box? Must go look… thanks for being my sweet-smelling perfume friend. PS Wow, your husband looks a lot older than I would have guessed!!! (I kid, I kid):wink:

  • violetnoir says:

    Oh my god! Patty you are too funny!

    Enjoy your perfect day!