Things I’m adoring in April!

flipflops 002.jpgI LOVE these, love them, love them. So comfortable and so much bling. I live in flip-flops from April until flipflopsbead.jpgNovember, and I hunt out the most comfortable flip-flops I can find, and if I can find some that are ultra-cool looking, I’m ecstatic. You can get these at Kelly’s store on eBay. Just order, request an invoice and with that request, include the Coupon Code springflops for 10% off until May 31. You can get the style at the left, with the super-blingy white Swarovski crystals — they come in several other colors of both Havaianas and Swarovski crystals (pink, white, bronze, etc.) or you can get this black pair with black hangie swinging beads shown on the right. Now, please do not be minding my nontanned feet. These look 300% better on a pair of somewhat tanned feet. But you hasta love the blue pj’s. I bought a similar pair of these last summer in Phoenix for double what Kelly is selling them for. If you like bling on your feet (and if you don’t, you should!), you must have a pair of these.

Cavewoman (Patti) guest-posting over at Blogdorf Goodman has been doing the 6799573.gif 30 foundation primers in 30 days. I’m not even la prairie rose.jpga bit that ambitious, so I stopped when she got to the La Prairie Rose Illusion Line Filler. Mostly because I had a $25 gift card and my Saks points for the year to spend and — well mostly just that, plus it sounded wonderful. This primer is amazing, it feels so cool and soothing when you apply it. By the time I get it on and then top it off with my Giorgio Armani foundation, I look pretty good for the day, a little dewy without looking oily, just a nice glow and a smooth face. Everything stays put for the day, nothing goes sliding off to the side. I didn’t realize I needed a primer until I tried this, So if you are of a certain age, I highly recommend getting a primer so your foundation looks like it costs as much as you spent for it or, better yet, that you are naturally blessed with beautiful complexion.

Did everyone else know that using eyeliner all the way through to your inner eye makes your eyes look brighter? Such conflicting advice out there. I had been told for years to never go more than a little past halfway on the eye for either a pencil or eyeliner or your eye would get snapped shut by the heavy color, but I saw Keira Knightly in an In Style picture, and she had her black eyeliner all the way to the corner of her eye, and the notes were that this would make the whites of your eyes just pop out. Did everyone know this changed but me?

Coming up! With Marina’s help, we have been doing a blind smell test. We’ll be posting about that over the next week or so, with the first post up tomorrow!

  • Katie says:

    Those flip-flops are so cute! (And, I’m feeling old here, but remember when we used to call them thongs? I occasionally slip and call them that and get funny looks from the youngins who don’t understand why I want thongs that don’t thwack too much when I walk.)

    You know, I actually use a “flesh” (peachy-pink) colored pencil sometimes to line the inner rim of my eyes – or else a white one if that’s handy. Works for me. Lining my eyes all the way around with dark liners seems to close them off visually, AND WORSE, it makes me look like I’m beady-eyed. I think if they looked brighter and shinier that would sadly only add to the beady-eyed effect. I’m just going to keep on being fuddy-duddy and judicious with the liner, heh.

  • Patty says:

    Orange!!! Oh, I =:) with envy. I need the pink ones and the black with bronze.

  • Marina says:

    Love the flip-flops. And the PJs. I have two blingy pairs, one turquoise, the other …orange! Hee. Can’t wait till summer. Also can’t wait till March’s post tomorrow!

  • Patty says:

    I think you need a new pair or the girls need their own pair. I wasn’t quite ready to do the big nail polish until the feet have a little tan on them.

  • Patty says:

    As long as you don’t make fun of the feet. 🙂

    I love my Target special pajamas, I have like 10 pair of them, they’re the Nick & Nora ones that were so popular years ago, but now available at beeeyootiful Target prices.

  • March says:

    I have black ones with giant CZs, they are soooo fabulous, I got them in Palm Bleach. I wear them with orange polish. But now I think #1 Daughter has run off with them…@-)

  • Christina H. says:

    The flip flops look cool but what I think is really cute are those pajama pants!