Chewbacca Defense


March clearly was looking for perfumes to trip us up in our little experiment from yesterday. You just wait until i get to post mine, I shall have my revenge. The next installment in this series will be up on Monday morning. The final installment will be next Wednesday, though there may be rebuttal posts in between and after.

Gap Scent Editions Spun Orange Blossom — This was just not a bad little perfume, honest, my love and sluttish behavior around Orange Blossoms notwithstanding.

cat in heat.jpg

Dior Diorella — Tried this again, and it could be mint toothpaste in a mink coat, but it is STILL Cat in Heat on my Mink Coat. She done mated on my arm and crawled off somewhere after having sweaty animal sex (The Google hits here are going to scare me now). Expensive sweaty animal sex to be sure, but I still feel the need to have a cigarette or a big honking expensive cigar on her behalf. Found the picture at this site –he has some really great etchings. I think I need that whole Cat in Heat series.

Coty l’Origan — Classic Schmassic. I mean, it wasn’t always, right? At some point, it was a new perfume. It DOES smell like 4711 when you first put it on, but without all the other things clamoring for my attention yesterday, I did note it dries down to a powdery thing.

Lorenzo Villoresi Piper Nigrum — I normally really love incense, but this just smells like incense that has been overmedicated with kerosene. I’m not a Lorenzo fan as far as his scents go, though I want to be mostly because he’s cute and he’s an artiste mostly just cute. I haven’t found anything in this line that I love, only a couple that I don’t detest.

Coty Exclamation! — I think Katie at Scentzilla likes this one too, so I’m in good company. Just a nice, light, refreshing scent, and at $4.99, I could bathe in it on a Saturday night.

This was so much fun, can we do it again?!?!? And we can get more testers next time. I really did feel blind doing this with no reference notes. Usually I’ll do a quick lookup on a scent after I smell it, and it helps clarify my thought, but since I’m absolutely horrible at picking out notes, this was, um, challenging.

  • Patty says:

    Hi, Robin, we’ve missed you! Do you want to play and do this with us next time?

    Hope you had a great time away.

  • March says:

    Hey, P, I guessed right — we both loved the Doctah! Can’t wait to find out what it was, along with that evil juice… Gramma … I am still recovering from that one.

  • Robin says:

    Fell behind while out of town, and just had a great time reading these…great idea, great posts:d

  • Patty says:

    with a passion, yup!!! :((

  • Marina says:

    I can’t wait to find out what Doctah was. I liked it as much as Fox a.k.a. Piper Nigrum and I suppose you probably hate it with passion. :d