Best Perfume for Mom on Mother’s Day

March´s Top Five Best Perfume for Mom

This post makes me feel a bit wistful.  My mother died when I was fresh out of college, and I would love to be giving her some new fragrance.  But I´m also happy to be taking a broader view for all Those Wonderful Moms Everywhere.  I have tried to select Best perfume for Mom fragrances with a (relatively) broad appeal, dividing them loosely into categories.  If you´re looking for something for Weirdo Mom, you´re on your own.  Oh, wait  I´m Weirdo Mom.  Okay, this is what I want bottles of:  L´Artisan Fleur de Carotte and CB I Hate Perfumes Black March

Luxury MomPatou Joy.  It smells beautiful AND expensive, making it perfect.  Or:  Patou 1000, if you like a little more spice, or Sublime (a civet sitting on a very expensive floral bouquet,)

Sporty Mom  – Maybe mom isn´t interesting in wafting intense sillage?  How about Christian Dior´s Cologne Blanche?  Plus it comes in that fabulous, huge bottle. Or: Balle de Match by Parfums de Nicolai, a slightly heavier scent (but still light) with citrus, juniper and vetiver.  Or Santa Maria Novella Eva, which is a citrus hug and kiss in a bottle.

Mysterious MomYSL Opium.  No, seriously.  A great fragrance I am finally grown up enough to appreciate.  If the original version is too heavy for you, try the LE that´s out right now, Opium Fleur Imperiale, which is just lovely (mandarin, orange, neroli, apricot, jasmine, osmanthus).  Try it even if you didn´t love Opium.

Classic Mom à¢â‚¬” Chanel Bois de Iles.  The only Chanel that works on me, and the most elegant perfume I have ever smelled.  She will thank you for it. (jasmine, damask rose, ylang-ylang, ginger, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood). Or: Lanvin Arpege.  It has been reformulated from the original, which may have smelled different, but could not possibly have smelled better than this (honeysuckle, jasmine, roses and orange blossoms, vanilla and sandalwood)

Romantic MomAnnick Goutal Passion, because what could be more passionate?  The first AG I ever smelled, and promptly fell in love with. (tuberose, grasse jasmine, vanilla).  Or: Guerlain l´Heure Bleue.  I promised myself no Guerlain, but I can´t resist this one.  Shamelessly romantic, sweeter than Mitsouko, sort of what Apres l´Ondee would be like if it was much stronger. (bergamot, lemon, coriander, neroli, Bulgarian rose, iris, heliotrope, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orchid, vanilla, sandalwood, musk.)  à¢â‚¬Å“One summer evening, Jacques Guerlain was overcome by intense turmoil. It was the suspended hour, the hour when the sky has lost its sun but not yet found its stars. Everything in nature is clothed in a blue light. L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain: an emotion which this perfume alone is worthy of expressing.

Here is my best Mother´s Day Present:

They are the greatest gift I have ever received.

Patty’s Mother’s Day Best Perfume for Mom  recommendations

My two someones that I want to get me another bottle of L’Artisan Fleur D’Oranger (a backup, I really need a backup of this) or a bottle of Serge Lutens Un Lys, but I’ll be so very happy if they remember to make me a card and wish me a Happy Mother’s Day are on the left.  Oh, the old man on the right in that picture is really my youngest son, Harry. He likes to put on his old man mask and go out skateboarding or bike riding and go dancing jigs down the street and make people almost crash their cars.  He’s a piece of work.  The oldest, on the left, is Alex. See how much shorter he is? Yes, the younger one is about 6’4″, and Alex has threatened to cut 6 inches or so off his legs forever. He was the one that was “the difficult teenager,” but he’s turning into such a nice young man.  I always knew that was in there through the years when he was running away and skipping school for weeks on end and hanging out with the homeless kids downtown, manipulating me for everything, but you worry the person you thought you knew is really gone forever.  I took him out to get some boxers and t-shirts at Target the other day, and I also picked him up a bicycle, and he wanted something else, and I walked by it and thought he would want it and asked him, and he says, “Well, yeah, I’d like that, but I wasn’t going to put the manipulative screws to you to get it.”  Wow, that was probably one of my top ten mom moments. There’s  the real Harry without the mask on the right, playing guitar. He’s an awesome guitar player.

They are my boys, and I don’t know how my life would have been as full without them. I know I would have been a lot more selfish person. They taught me to give of all of me and not just the part that didn’t matter.

This post may make it too late to shop for Mother’s Day, but there’s still birthdays and Christmas and Just Because you Love her.  Now this is a harder task than you might think because moms are so different, and, hey, I’m a mom, too, and, like March, I like lots of freaky stuff!  I also came up with some categories:

Perfume to Wear to Make sure you become a Mommy — This is a job for Chantecaille Frangipane. While not my favorite perfume, it does have a softness to it that men appear to like quite a lot.

Perfume to Cover up the Smelly Baby Spit-up Smells once you become a Mommy — This takes industrial strength perfume, while still remaining a good smell, so I’m thinking Donna Karan Wenge or Labdanum. It’s a little sweet as well as comforting, so it shouldn’t disturb the baby, but it will make you forget you are covered in spit-up and up to your armpits in diapers.

Perfume to Remind you you are NOT just a Mommy Taxi Driver — Should be something very feminine and womanly and carefree, like Ormonde Jayne Champaca or Guerlain Mitsouko.  How can a woman be just a taxi driver while wearing either of these?  Chanel Bois de Iles will also work just to make you feel worldly and sophisticated and beautiful.

Perfume your Husband should give you to show how much he appreciates the Mother of his Screaming Brats ChildrenPure Parfum Coco or Pure Parfum Vol De Nuit or one of the Clive Christians or one of the Amouages or some Regina Harris Rose Maroc Oil or Yosh’s Ginger Ciao or just a big, fat gift certificate at Guerlain or Caron.

Perfume for Mom to Wear When she Has Teenagers so they Know Who is BossSerge Lutens Rose de Nuit or Caron Coup de Fouet or Poivre.  The perfected mom of teenagers “I can’t believe you think I’ll let you live while you have that bullshit attitude” look and one of these perfumes will get you the mom of teenagers zen you are gonna need when faced with a snarling ball of nihilistic angst dressed in black that looks only vaguely like the child you once had.

Perfume to Give your Mother that says how wonderful she is as a person, not just a mom
—  Hug her really tight and let her smell your perfume, something soft and pretty like Marc Jacobs or Annick Goutal Songes, and don’t let go too soon, and tell her that not only are you glad she’s your mom, but that you would have wanted her for your friend even if she hadn’t been your mom. It’s okay to lie here, if you have to, just make it sound sincere, and skip all the crap from the past. She won’t be there forever, and it is a different world to live in when that person who thought you so unique that she collected and kept your ribbons, awards, drawings, school pictures and school work is gone.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Get a bottle of some expensive Champagne and toast all the hard work you have put in every single day growing humans.

Please go visit the other bloggers participating either today or this weekend in Best Perfume for Mom on Mother’s Day and leave a comment!

  • sybil says:

    As usual, another great post…and all your kids are so cute…Happy wrapping up Mother’s day!

  • Hi March and Patty,

    I already said it I think, but it never hurts to say nice things more than once,

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  • Ayala says:

    Thank you, Peppermint Patty for this fun Mother’s Day post! I agree about the summer versions of Opium. They are much more wearable. My utmost favourite is Fleur de Shanghai. Fleur Imperiale is similar, but the Shanghai one is the one for me 😉

  • vashopper says:

    Thanks so much for benevolent blogging! I love & read your blog daily. Also, thank you for the wonderful review of 100% Love (More). I love the original & will give my More a try soon.

    Take care!

  • Katie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to two dear mothers. I was hoping I’d have something clever or interesting to say, but nope: so take care and enjoy your day with your kids!

  • Your blog looks great! And Peppermint Patty was a drink I used to make way back in my “partying” days… 😉

  • Monika says:

    Hi. I love this idea and have been to many wonderful blogs in the process of giving you the chance to give a Dollar for me!
    Happy Mother´s day everybody out there.
    What a wonderful cause on such an important day!

  • greeneyes says:

    Another day, another benevolent blogging dollar! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Chris says:

    Good luck with benevolent blogging.

  • Anya says:

    Great post, I’d add for the mothers who have to clean up after kids, animals, hold down two or three jobs and do it all themselves — honestly, is there a perfume good enough for them? Thanks for being a part of benevolent blogging. I often cruise through your great site, stopped to post today. Happy Mother’s Day, one and all.

  • Emotenote says:

    Wonderful post, but you forgot Earth Mother, either Terre d’Hermes or ‘Hot’ Always. (OK so I just think I’m Earth mother, really I’m Vogue mommy in disguise. My minivan is really a Lexus SUV (ahhh someday)

    Love you both,

  • Victoria says:

    Great post! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • StickyKeys says:

    I’m a friend of Katie’s. Happy Mother’s Day! Good luck, and thanks for doing this, it’s really great!:d

  • annieytown says:

    Have a wonderful Mothers Day P!
    I keep forgetting to tell you how amazing your blog looks. I love the new template.

  • andy says:

    Dear Patty
    hehehe… I loved your post and send you fragrant wishes. I will have to store this post for future reference 😉
    Thank you

  • Tania says:

    What a great perfume post! Perfume to cover up the smell of baby spit-up — man, if babies weren’t so cute, there’s no freaking way we’d ever have them.

  • Christina H. says:

    Hi Patty & March!
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!! Love the family photos!Thank you for sharing!

  • Judith says:

    Beautiful post! My mother was a loyal Joy wearer (luxury Mom I guess–but a lawyer as well). For today I’m trying to decide between Rose de Nuit, Poivre (and I see what that says about me:) and Fumerie Turque (more motivated by the weather than by the day).

  • Veronica says:

    Can you reclassify Mitsouko into the Mysterious Mommy category? After all, Mitsouko means mystery. Otherwise I fall into the Mommy Taxi Driver classification – and I am not blessed with issue.

    To those of you who are – Happy Mother’s Day!

  • parisjasmal says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!
    Love your blog and all your cool artwork!

    I hope we all make tons of money today for our charities!

    Have a great day!:x

  • benvenuta says:

    Great blog! Funny and creative. I discovered you only a while ago via colombina`s blog. I loved the Unlabeled Samples Project. Will there be sequels?

  • BBliss says:

    Oh, I just think the Rose d’Amour is lovely – it is very different from the other Rosines, and I *really* like some of those, too (zest, folie, ecume – they each have a little rose-shock-value). But, this one I kept coming back to – it is soft and feminine, sort of familiar and comforting. None of the notes stand out to me – it is a little old-fashioned (like a face cream or powder), but not old lady, still very fresh smelling and it is different than most other things out there – so I don’t think it’s boring. Even though it is subtle on the rose, it lasts all day on me, but quietly – like it’s softly swirling around…

    It kept reminding me of something, but couldn’t put my finger on it. My aunt brought it from Paris for me and I have worn it a lot – she has a better memory than me and says this smells a little like a bottle from my great-grandmother’s dresser. (I don’t remember a bottle, but remember her and her smell, and I think that she’s right, it’s not an exact smell-memory-replication, just vaguely reminiscent.) So, you should smell this and see what it reminds you of or if it’s similar to something you know! This is long, but I find it hard to describe, it just struck a chord with me.

    I’d be happy to send you some, if you tell me how, but since I’m not an expert like all of you I don’t know how to decant, and I don’t have supplies – but, I can send my remaining sample (it was a big one from first-in-fragrance). Just let me know and I can drop it in the mail next week.
    Have a great weekend,

  • Flora says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    I am not a mom, nor do I have one anymore, but mothers do make the world go round.

    Very nice lists, any mother would be just thrilled to get one of these perfumes.

  • Audrey says:

    Happy Mothers Day!! I loved seeing both your kids and Patty’s Mom.Thanks for always brightening my day with your warmth, humor, insights and wonderful comments on perfumes. My little kids (the ones who still think Mom is the greatest)are serving me breakfast in bed, and I will be wearing En Passant.

  • Carolyn says:

    Great post Patty and March! I love all of your suggestions and stories. And glad to see that the lovely Bois des Iles made both lists. 🙂

  • Dusan says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Posse!
    Lovely post, as always. March, such a beautiful photo of your kids, I wanna have a couple of my own just like them, but they’ll be blond fer sure because both my girlfriend and I are fair-haired and blue-eyed.
    Patty, I received my pkg today!!! You’re a goddess!!! I’m having my room redesigned tomorrow to build in an altar to worship you every day :-). Ok, don’t freak out, I’m just so grateful, am writing you a mail tomorrow or Sunday! Mwuaa
    Hugs for all Moms out there!!!

  • Cheezwiz says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

    Thank you for your touching posts. Glad to see my Mom’s all-time favorite Opium was included in your list.

    I’m off to phone her now to make plans for Sunday 🙂

  • My contribution:)

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day both of you!

  • Robin says:

    Great post all around, but got an extra laugh out of “Perfume to wear to make sure you become a Mommy” !!

  • Rachael says:

    I love posts like these. I’m always taking people I know, or fictional characters, and imagining what kind of perfume they’d wear.
    great fundraiser, too.

  • Marlen says:

    Love this post and the scents for Mother’s Day…”Perfume your Husband should give you to show how much he appreciates the Mother of his Screaming Brats Children” LOL


  • Patty says:

    Pam, you’re not out of it. Um, you caught me. I put the wrong dates on of Sat and Sun, so we just moved it, thinking nobody was paying attention, since I’m going to be gone this weekend.

    You have a lovely Mum’s Day too, and your choice sounds just excellent.

  • Patty says:

    And to you, BBliss.

    Oh, tell me about the Rose D’Amour? I don’t have that one yet, haven’t gotten hold of a sample and keep putting off sending for one.

  • Patty says:

    Dale, you had bettery hurry! You can always go with a nice jasmine plant in full bloom, which is what I opted for since my mom doesn’t wear much perfume anymore.

    Tell Heather Happy Mother’s Day, and give your beautiful children an extra squeeze

  • Pam says:

    What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the pics with us, too. I enjoyed seeing the kids and Patty’s mom.

    March, ITA with your choices. 1000, Arpege, Bois des Iles are some of my favs. I put on Arpege this morning, in fact.

    Patty, I loved your choices, too. Especially the Coup de Fouet/Poivre and VdN parfum. And your categories were hilarious.

    Ladies, I’m sorry I missed posting a comment yesterday. I left for out of town very early Thurs morning and just got back in town to my computer. Laws, I was thinking the benevolence posting was Sat and Sun. Am I out of it, or what? Thank you for participating in this fundraiser.

    I hope you all will have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. BTW, I think I’ll wear Rive Gauche Sunday. @};-

  • Patty says:

    Beba, no list is complete without a Guerlain and Caron on it!

  • Patty says:

    Happy Mum’s Day to you, Heather, and it is an excellent choice!~

  • BBliss says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you both – enjoy your days! I love the stories and the lists – scentiment and humor go well together!

    I’ll be wearing Rosine’s Rose d’Amour – since it is like the graceful and serene mom I *strive* to be – ha, ha!

    P.S. And what a wonderful fundraising project…

  • Priscilla says:

    Thanks to you both, Ladies, for these wonderful recommendations. From March’s list, I was reminded that long, long ago, my mother wanted nothing more than a bottle of Joy. I don’t think she ever got one. I may need to rectify that in the near future.

    And thanks again, Patty, for supporting a new blogger, and for the wonderful fragrances. Attrape-Coeur today! Wow!

  • Dale Price says:

    Turn on printer. Print. Run to store. Buy…. :-w

    Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day, too! :d

  • Beba says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! I am happy to see that both of you selected a Guerlain’s among the gifts for Mom.

  • Heather says:

    Nice one gals – I’m obviously a mysterious mum because even now after all these years – I’d still go for obsession.


  • Patty says:

    March, isn’t it weird? My mom let us go through our stuff she had kept, and it was just a treasure hunt. I’ve been terrible about keeping things, I’m just not a packrat, but my boys are always amused at what I do keep. It’s the very odd things that just strike me as the inner workings of their minds spilling out onto a page.

    They are just gorgeous boys. Alex just has that hadnsome, clean-cut face thing going on (quite a difference from a few years ago) and Harry has that Ashton Kutcher long hair ’70s look. He and his best friend, Will (friends since third grade), were loping over to the car after track regionals last night, and they are both just so darn cute, I just got ticled. They are both also shy and totally oblivious to the girls that are swooning over them.

    That last picture is my mommy. I forgot to put that in. She’s a hard one to get a picture of, so I had to quick snap this one when we were getting out of the car and heading to the Botanic Gardens last summer.

    I just adore your kids, I want to scoop them up and squeeze them, they are just adorable.

  • Patty says:

    Oh, Jenny, excellent choice! I love BdV, just a wonderful scent. Your mom and you are going to smell fab!!!

  • Patty says:

    R — Happy Mommy’s Day to you, come up for air from that Fracas every hour or so. 🙂 I”m thinking it will be an Ormonde Woman day

  • March says:

    Patty — you made me laugh out loud (especially with the Who’s Boss entry, I’ll need that soon!) and you made me cry a little too. Those mommies, they are so special, and sometimes soooo taken for granted. You made me cry with your ribbons and awards comment because not that long ago my dad turned all those childhood files over to me, for my amusement, and when I realized all the goofy stuff she saved I just lost it.

    Also, and I mean this in the most respectful, least gross way, your sons? Are kinda hunky.:”> I’m thinking no girl shortages there.

  • Jenny says:

    Aw, what a great post! I love all the stories you weave in. And that’s what I love about perfume–the stories and places and people… Anyway, my own mommy and I decided on Bois de Violette for her, which is a combo birthday/mother’s day/we’re in Paris kind of thing, at that price. My dad thought it only ok (he loved Encens et Lavande, my Serge choice), but the Bois was about my mom just being great and unique (and ok, I know she’ll let me use it too!). Happy Mother’s Day again!

  • violetnoir says:

    And Happy Mother’s Day to you two insanely fragrant mommies! I’ll be thinking about you both on Sunday as I drown myself in Fracas and mimosas!


  • Patty says:

    Love you back!

  • Marina says:

    I love you, girls.
    *embarassed, rans away*