Gucci by Gucci EDP

From the Italian fashion house of Gucci comes Gucci Eau de Parfum, a 2002 floral Oriental fragrance. In the development of this fragrance, the perfumer reinterpreted classic perfumes of years gone by. Sensually sweet, expansive essences are threaded through the fragrant tapestry.” Notes of tuberose, heliotrope, orange blossom, orris, vanilla, clove, citrus, cumin and thyme.

How much do I love this fragrance? To the depth and breadth of my soul.  Gucci by Gucci EDP came along at a time when I was so disenchanted with perfume. Everything smelled the same. Floral, oriental, clean, crisp, boring, bland.  Perfume was breaking my heart slowly by its vapidness.  In 2002, the world changed for me when the overzealous sales clerk scooted me over to try “The new, so fabulous scent by Gucci, there is nothing else like it.”  I was thinking to myself, wanna bet?  She spritzed it on, and the combination just drew me back a bit.  I was expecting something like Gucci had done before with Rush, but this was new and different. Kind of spicy and floral at the same time, but not any floral like I had known. My eyes rocked back in my head, and I swooned as I fell head over heels in love with a perfume that a lot of people hate.  Normally I despise most vanilla perfumes (the CSP of the late ’90s was enough to do that to a person), but this one has just enough vanillla to warm it up, but not so much as to take it over the top. Heady and rich, but earthy at the same time.  The orris, cumin and thyme and whatever else they’ve got tucked in there hold all the notes that are so rich and lush in check so they don’t go slobbering all over you like a drunk tart.  As this dries down, it just gets better.   I never get a clear bead on the tuberose or orange flower in this, it’s just blended well enough that I know they are there, but they don’t stand up and say hi, they just keep hiding behind the spices. I knew there was something different out there then.  When a good friend of mine who has impeccable taste sent me the small bottle of it about two months later, I knew how right this was for me.

I’ve read other reviews of this fragrance that say it is sweet, and I don’t get it, there’s nothing sweet in this on me. I keep thinking they must have got hold of the Gucci by Gucci II, which is a pretty enough perfume, but not even close to as original and breathtaking as G by G is.  Someone compared it to that candy concoction know as Organza!  (makes sign of cross) Not even!  This is just deep and rich and so vibrant, it sings on my skin.  That I forget about wearing this from time to time breaks my heart.  When I remember it again and wear it for days on end, it breaks my heart again, sorta like En Passant does, but in very different ways.

It is time to stock up on this little darling and lay in a large supply. I know the cumin is a killer on a lot of people and renders this one totally unwearable, and there is that little musty note that some hate and I love, but it is one of my great perfume loves, and I will defend my little freak to the death.

  • BBliss says:

    Very late to this post – don’t remember this Gucci, but will seek it out as am a fan of “florientals.”

    I adore Safari (by Dominique Ropion) – have worn it for 14 years, as have 3 other women in my family – smells unique on all of us and really works with our chemistry (must be some genetic link there!). We put out the stockpiling call when we see it at Marshall’s or T.J.’s but I will be sad when it isn’t around even through the discounters…haven’t yet found its replacement (actually that’s what started me into niche perfumes – I was so disappointed by all the insipid new stuff). Wish I could pinpoint that magic ingredient or combo that makes this work so well for me, and find it in another. Any suggestions?

  • Katie says:

    Oh that Gucci was so pretty, very strong on the heliotropic notes on me, with that cozy vanilla always dominating. Not perhaps a groundbreaking scent, but entirely beautiful and certainly easy to find oneself in.

    Well, for ones to bring back, I am hopelessly wishing someone will one day figure out a way to re-jigger the old Faths for production so they’re not too expensive to produce. They are interesting, and challenging scents largely, or they are compared to so many of the ones sold nowadays. Canasta I think would find a nice market nowadays, I cannot help but wonder if many men would not fall under the charms of Fath de Fath (original, not the 90s version.) Ach, now I’m feeling all wistful over it – :((

  • Pam says:

    Flora, you are so right about Parfum Sacre being a man magnet. One Sunday last summer I was wearing PS (to church, no less) and thrust my arm under my husband’s nose as he was driving us there. He almost ran off the road, it was such a va-va-voom moment. No kidding. Yep, that’s some good juice, there. Glad to meet another PS lover.;)

  • Flora says:

    I liked that Gucci too – so grown-up and sophisticated! Too bad it’s not around now.

    My pet peeve is when they stop making Parfum (and sometimes even EDP) versions of fragrances and make us only have EDT. I am thinking of Anais Anais here as one example. The Parfum was stunning, and light-years away from the EDT which I also love, but oh, man that juice was FINE.

    My favorite discontinued fragrance? From reading perfume blogs I have discovered that some I thought were gone are just rare now, so that’s good, but the one I really miss is one where the whole line is gone so there is no hope – the original Jean Laporte line, before it became L’Artisan. There was a perfume made of mango and vanilla – I can’t even spell the very French name, but it was remarkable. I am not talking about overly sweet foody vanilla either – it was deep and dark and sexy, the mango was almost supernaturally intense and a bit disturbing (it is , after all, related to poison ivy) and overall it was so different from anything else I had ever smelled that I was hopelessly addicted. I got a lot of compliments on that perfume, and men held doors open for me like never before – and of course it no longer exists! If it came back I would buy a case of it. :((

    P.S the other good one for having men hold doors open for you and all that stuff is Caron’s Parfum Sacre. I don’t know what magic it works, but who am I to question the perfume gods? 😉

  • Jenny says:

    Love it, love it, love it! I remembered the first time I smelled it and was so to speak shocked, it’s absolutly sublime.
    Maybe I’m the only one but I realy don’t like Rush by Gucci, it’s so sweet on a strange way I can’t explain.
    And like Pam I would love to smell the original Chypre from Coty because it was the first Chypre and the mother of all the Chypres to come, I love Chypres.

  • Teri says:

    Hello. I’m a frequent reader but first time commenter. 🙂 I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bemoan the passing of three favorite fragrances from the distant past: Faberge’s Tigress, Coty’s Elan, and Oscar de la Renta’s Ruffles. I doubt whether any of these were truly great fragrances, but they smelled glorious on me and, most importantly, made me feel pretty and confident when I was young and very insecure. For this alone, I will always love them.

    Nice to have a moment filled with lovely olfactory memories!

  • Dusan says:

    Patty dearest, this gorgeous perfume will always be on my top 5 list of fave women’s fragrances, but you already know that 😉 . It manages to be sexy and elegant at once and despite what most people say, it’s sheer perfection! The II I came to like, though much much less than I, because the prominent woodsy base saved it from slipping into the much-hated FF category. My heart broke when I heard they were discontinuing the stunning Emporio Armani Night for men, the morons!
    Sorry I’m late with the e-mail I promised, I’m going through one sample at a time, savouring the scents for reviews 🙂 . I’ll just say I adore the Hermes and Ecume de Rose. Hugs

  • Pam says:

    Patty, I remember you mentioning a Gucci a few weeks back; I’m guessing this is the same one? It sounds marvelous.

    I’d love to smell a fresh bottle of Essence Rare by Houbigant as well as Revlon’s original Intimate fragrance. I wouldn’t give my eye teeth for these, but I’d consider donating a pint of blood!

    Would also love to smell the original versions of Chamade, Chant d’Aromes and Dioressence. I like the new versions, BTW.

    Things I’ve never smelled but would love to—Coty’s original Chypre and L’Origan as well as Millot’s original Crepe de Chine.

    Nice post, P!

  • Marina says:

    I had no idea you loved it so! I don’t actually remember this one. Must re-try!!

  • trinity says:

    Hiya Patty
    My favorite discontinued perfume is Chaos by Donna Karen. I have a mostly full bottle given to me by my husband as a birthday gift. Of course, it was purchased before it was discontinued.
    I remember reading somewhere that this was the last scent that Donna Karen’s husband created for her before he died.
    I have seen bottles of it up on various sites from time to time going for exorbitant prices.
    But, I can’t part with mine b/c it was a gift from my hubby, I like the story behind the scent, and well, I like the scent itself. There isn’t anything else out there that smells like it. I spritz sparingly.

  • March says:

    I hear the Apres L’Ondee parfum was a stunner. Considering how I feel about the EDT, I suspect I would have loved it. (Hey, I was gonna write, I guess I’ll get to smell it in heaven, but I just looked and Dragonfly is selling decants!!! I bought one, will let you know.):x

  • Patty says:

    Victoria, the parfum, oh, dear, that sounds amazing. Is it around at all anymore?

  • Victoria says:

    I love this fragrance, and I am so glad that you mentioned it. The parfum is especially stunning–a vision of tuberose dusted with incense.

  • Rosie says:

    After thought, I remember that Gucci scent. To die for.

  • Rosie says:

    Joy, the old original. You could smell it through walls. I bought EDT last month just for fun,,,not even close to the old one, or maybe my tastes have changed.
    How about that old White Shoulders, talk about sillage (is that the right word?)PEEE EAU. Anyone remember Intimate (fragrance of my high school days)Good grief.

    Nowadays I`m liking Shalini, VL Garafano, who`s its orange blossom (L`ARTISAN)
    Guess I ran off track there, I`d like the real Diorissimo back.

  • Amy K. says:

    It’s heartbreaking when a favorite is discontinued. Stockpile time! The only one I’ve really loved and lost so far has been Fresh Grape & Vine, but now that MUA has broadened my fragrance horizons I’m sure I’ll discover more just in time to kiss them goodbye. I’ll be happy to sign if you want to start a Gucci signature campaign:)

    Oh, I’m also going to miss Flowerbelle Rouse.