Project Runway 3 about to start!

project runway

They’ve announced the designers for Project Runway 3

and a new season starts July 12!

Oh, how I long for the dulcet tones of Tim Gunn, “Make it work,” “come on, people” and “Hmmm,” along with the finger on the lips and the furrowed brow. This cast is looking a little too attractive. You don’t suppose that this season may be more about what looks good on tv than on the odd characters with true genius intereacting with the lovable Tim Gunn every day?  I hope not. It was so fun to hate the characters like Santino and marvel at how Marla got on the show. 

And Heidi Klum and Seal are expecting another baby!  Such a cute couple.

What I found in my fragrance closet — Boucheron Jaipur Saphir.  A floral amber introduced in 1999, it has notes of peach, cardamom, tangerine, yuzu, magnolia, stephanotis, jasmine, heliotrope, karmir wood, amber, sandalwood, cinnamon wood, resin and vanilla. 

I got this one shortly after it came out and instantly fell in love, forsook all my other perfumes and cleaved only to this for about a month.  My sister smelled it and had the same reaction.  Putting it on again, after I had not worn it in so long, I remember why I fell in love with it.  It had a great beginning, sweet fruit and flowers just tumbling out of the bottle, but the drydown to the woody base is just lovely. It still remains one of my favorites, though in my head I think I thought it was better than it actually is?  Maybe my nose is changing or this bottle is ancient and lots a couple of notes.

Best and one of the most expensive pre-tan lotions is California Tan CT7.  Put this on before you head outdoors, spend 10 minutes in the rays, and it really does help move along your tan and keeps your skin soft and moisturized.  Now, I know I shouldn’t, but I skip the SPF since I only go out for my 10 minutes every other day. Yes, you can yell at me now, briefly, but only for three words, like “you idiot” or something.  The CT7 also smells unbelievably wonderful, I want someone to bottle that as a perfume. You can get it from the California Tan website for the outrageous price of $90 or at the place (and others, just google it) I linked above for $44 or so.  Available in plain or in bronzing accelerator.  Is it worth it?  Yeah, I think so.  It does work, and it puts a ton of vitamans and conditioners back in the skin.  Did I mention the smell? 

  • kristen says:

    Jaipur Saphir! I read this post and immediately dashed to my closet where I found 2 mini dry oil sprays. I thought for sure they would have gone rancid by now, but no! I am now wafting around in a glorious cloud of Saphir. I can’t believe I had forgotten about this one – thanks!!

  • Patty says:

    Another fan!! It is addictive, and they find some of the most interesting people to be on it. Wendy Pepper, OMG, I *hated* her!

    A classic line. Andre was just sublime in that goofy walk and generally cluelessness, loved him.

  • Cheezwiz says:


    More Project Runway Yay!! I actually missed out on PR when it originally aired, but they’ve been re-running both seasons on the Canadian version of Bravo. Can’t believe how addictive this show is.

    Wonder if there will be anyone as talented as Austin Scarlet, as fabu as Jay McCarroll, or as bizarrely compelling/hateful as Santino. I Don’t think they’ll ever match the hideousness of Wendy Pepper again.

    Where THE HELL is my Chiffon!!!

  • Patty says:

    R, I know it could be just how they pose themselves, but those two just look like great parents and totally in love. But I used to think that about Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid — and see what happened to Meg’s lips after they broke up? Ugh.

    I really do love it, but no need to wonder, I’ll spritz some out and send it to you. I think it’s one you would like, it’s more old school, I think, but my bottle is pretty old, and I keep thinking there’s something missing that I smelled in it before — probably just my educated, sophisticated schnoz. Har har!

  • Patty says:

    Santino, will you marry me? 🙂 You guys are funny.

  • violetnoir says:

    Heidi and Seal are super-cute together, Patty. Diane and I saw them at Barneys last July with their oldest. Heidi looked a bit tired and pregnant, but he was just delightful, chatting with the staff and being generally friendly.

    Anywho…that Boucheron Jaipur Saphir sounds beautiful. Is it really?? Tell the truth. 😉


  • Santino says:

    I’m deeply offended. Must go spritz myself with Cacao.

    P.S. Ha! Thought I’d follow Marina’s trick. It’s Ina! :d

  • Patty says:

    You stinker! I was so jacked that Tim might actually drop by. 🙁

    Make it work! I’m just atwitter. Summer TV is fast becoming better than the rest of the year.

  • Tim Gunn says:

    I am so glad you like my dulcet tones, Patty…


    No, it’s not Tim Gunn, it’s me, Marina, I am just being silly and excited about the next show. Make it work, people, make it work!